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Skills You’ll Learn

Techniques for visualizing survey results

You will learn how to visualize in PPT so that you can clearly show the analysis results of your hard work.

Learn the analysis frames essential for writing a plan

You will learn concepts, procedures, and visualization techniques by selecting only the analysis techniques necessary for writing a plan from a number of analysis techniques.

Learn the chart visualization techniques needed to write a plan

You will learn techniques to visualize charts and graphs that express data analysis results in the form of reports.

About the class

An essential planning skill for office workers who want to grow as tomorrow's caretakers!

A practical book that extracts only the practical skills necessary for business planning <A practical planning book coveted by everyone >I will give a lecture with. Among the techniques used in planning book theory, methodology, structuring, Excel, and PowerPoint, it's a must for business! Only necessary practical knowledge will be selected and taught. It is designed so that you can learn the feel of an actual planning book while checking writing know-how one by one with a full plan book (PPT). You can meet live lectures online from the comfort of your own home or train.

Course effect

  • When I write a plan, I'm a chore who doesn't think about how to write it.
  • I can understand what a planning book is and how to write it.
  • You can understand the analysis techniques necessary to write a plan.
  • You can learn the OA skills needed to write planning documents.

Recommended target

  • An office worker who doesn't have a sense of what a planning book is
  • An office worker who has tried to write a planning book but wants to make a plan that satisfies his boss
  • An office worker who is always looking for a template or sample when given a report/planning task
  • An office worker who has taken a planning book course but doesn't know what to do first when given a planning book job
  • Office workers who want to create a clean PPT rather than a colorful PPT

Notes before taking the course

There is nothing special to prepare, but I hope you will work with an open mind to absorb new knowledge.

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ A must have! Understanding the practical procedure for writing a plan

Since the course is taught with a full planning book, you can learn what to do first and what to do later when writing a plan.

❷ A must have! Understanding OA technology

From the Excel and PowerPoint (PPT) functions, which are essential tools for office workers, you can use busy time efficiently by selecting only the functions necessary for creating planning documents.

❸ A must have! Acquire PPT visualization skills

The end of reports and proposals is documentation. When documenting, make sure it's legible. The technology required at this time is document visualization technology. The examples used in lectures are visual PPT templates that can be directly applied to practice.



Work Life Blending

Work Life Blending

We specialize in writing reports (proposals, plans) and visualization techniques (Excel, PPT, OA) that make results stand out, which are essential for becoming a professional.

After going through companies specializing in strategic planning and research and development, I am currently working as a technology commercialization consultant at a patent corporation. I have experience writing numerous reports such as proposals and plans while carrying out projects such as government policy planning, R&D planning, and new business planning for over 15 years.

He is also currently working as CEO of TIEN and an adjunct professor in the Department of Business Administration at Soongsil University. He has served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Data Literature and Informatics at Dongwon University, Chief Researcher of Derby&I, Chief Researcher of Ed Research, and General Manager of Inno, a Patent Corporation, and has worked as an advisor and evaluation committee member on a number of occasions.

  • Currently CEO of Tian
  • Currently Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at Soongsil University
  • Former Patent Firm Inno, Head of Technology Commercialization Division
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Department of Data Literature and Informatics, Dongwon University
  • Former Chief Researcher of Edison Research
  • Former Chief Researcher of Derby&I
  • benthic <A practical planning book that everyone covetes>
  • Attended many universities and institutions including Kyung Hee University, Konkuk University, and Korea Institute of Ceramic Technology



일잘러탐구생활 티스토리

일잘러탐구생활 티스토리

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