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Skills You’ll Learn

Naver influencers more powerful than power blogs in the past

Do you know a time when the power blog was powerful? It was a time when I was treated, sponsored for services/products/restaurants, and even received manuscript fees! It's possible even now. If I were to become a Naver influencer ^^

It's so hard to get approved as a Naver influencer!

Naver influencers who don't get approved no matter how many times they try! I'll share my know-how and strategies ^^

Influencer approval completed! So what now?

Our goal is to monetize influencer blogs. You too can become a blogger for 100,000 won per post ^^

Steadiness is branding

Naver likes a blog that is constantly active. Ana's trip will be with you so that you can continue to grow!

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About the class

Korea's leading platform, Naver, selects people who can continuously create high-quality content and assigns them the title “influencers.” pastI think I can say it's a power blogger of. I started a blog in my early 20s because there was a way to go to restaurants for free, but now I'm an influencer and I'm using it as a tool to generate revenue beyond experience.

Naver treats influencers differently than regular bloggers. Not only are most of the posts I currently publish easily exposed on Naver, but because of that, they are in a favorable position for exposure, and various suggestions come in. If you know that blogging is a tool that earns more than your salary even if you don't work for a company, you'll want to try it out too. In addition to revenue, you can also build fandom. It's so great, but it's a pity to see so many people give up because it's quite difficult to get certified as an influencer. Would you like to try out as a Naver influencer with me through this class? ^^

Naver influencers

Em Chae-yeon (Anna's Trip)'s earnings revealed!!

The above profit is not the income I received from belonging to a company, but the income I earned from working when I wanted to work freely according to my will. The value of my hourly work is not 10,000 to 20,000 won. After I raised my own value to 100,000 won or more I've become a person who works less and earns more than before. Of course, it all started with Naver influencers ^^

Recommended classes

  • Small business owners and single entrepreneurs who want to increase sales
  • Office workers who want to start a side job with an influencer blog
  • Those who are curious about the process of creating personal branding
  • Those who are curious about the blog monetization process
  • Those who want to earn 100,000 won or more per post

Course effect

  • You can easily learn about strategies to become a Naver influencer in a short time.
  • You can become an influencer who can register only an influencer account and actually receive 100,000 won per post without ending up with monetization activities.
  • I highly recommend it to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who want to increase sales.
  • For those who need their own blog with personal branding, I've included all the tips that can be used 200%.
  • As I went to work, I learned about the world of blogging where you can work as a side job or earn more than your salary.

6 reasons why this class is so special

You think I can't do anything? You just have to follow my instructions!

In Korea's first Naver influencer course, I'll share how to quickly get approved as an influencer by setting up an influencer field that is perfect for your strong content.

❷ I became an influencer! So what's next?

We'll walk you through the 5 steps needed to grow as an influencer in detail based on persona, statistics, tone & mood.

❸ Writing method that favors exposure

The higher the inflow, the more data that can be created continuously while blogging will accumulate. To do that, we'll make a list of how to write high-profile articles and learn writing techniques!

How to set up a 15 minute blog where you can express your field of expertise

I'll learn how to set up a blog for 15 minutes where I can express my field of expertise at a glance. Reorganize the categories, skins, and front page, and set up a collection of banners, widgets, links to other posts, and one-page links that make me visible even after reading a single post.

Processing and posting one content on another social media

You'll learn how to process and post a single piece of content on a blog, YouTube, and Instagram. This is because Naver influencers are also looking at other social media platforms that operate in the same category as the content I'm currently serializing!

Generate revenue of 100,000 won per post

It's not the end of being an influencer! I'll tell you everything about gathering fans with a little more effort, keyword challenges, toktok checks, and monetization where you can easily earn 100,000 won per post.

Notes before taking the course

  • Please prepare a Naver blog account!
  • If you have an original blog account and haven't used it, we recommend creating a new account before proceeding.
  • This is not a blog course that only sells blogs, but a course that simply deals with strategy. Please note.





When I was a poor college student, “I want to eat food for free!” This is Dino from Naver influencer Anna, who is in her 9th year since she started the Naver blog with one desire:)

While working as a Naver influencer, I got more supporters, part-time jobs, etc., so even if I didn't go to work, I thought, “I think I can eat and live with this! I was hopeful. I suddenly resigned from my job as a marketer and became a knowledge entrepreneur and solo entrepreneur.

I wasn't approved as an influencer from the beginning either. I failed the first screening and passed the second time. I think many of you will probably go through trial and error just like me. I'll analyze why I failed the screening and share my own tips for getting approved quickly! Let's all be influencers who enjoy and earn money by being treated to what we want to do and enjoy! Hurry up, go!

아나의디노 웹사이트

아나의디노 웹사이트





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