Create a Virtuber model with LIVE2D illustrations
1 Class Projects

It takes about 1 week to complete one class project.

  • virtual model

Skills You’ll Learn

Animate an illustration with LIVE2D

Add physical effects to give quality to movement

Use natural shaking effects to give quality to models

Run it with Vtube Studio

Real-world model testing and facial expression control methods

About the class

① What are the concerns of the students taking the creator's class?

People who are interested in virtual YouTubers (virtual YouTubers). Those who want to know the process of how it is made.

For those who have the ability to draw characters but don't know how to work on illustrations considering LIVE2D ability or application

I was able to make it.

② How can students with these concerns get help in class?

You will be able to understand what process is used to create a virtual model.

You will be able to create your own models yourself.

You will be able to create illustrations necessary for LIVE2D production.

③ Let's summarize the creator's class in 2 to 3 lines based on what we've written so far.

For those who are usually interested in virtual YouTubers and want to try creating, but are unsure about how to make it, I'll show you how to take charge of production from beginning to end by yourself.

Course effect

What will you be teaching in class? (at least 3)

Character design know-how.

How to work on character illustrations for LIV2D.

LIV2D production methods and technical tips.

So what can students learn or get from the creator's class? (at least 3)

Ability to design characters.

My virtuber model that I was in charge of from beginning to end.

Course effect image

  1. If students have any results to take after completing the class, please post 1 to 3 related photos.

Recommended classes

① Who are the students you'd like to recommend Creator's class to?

-People who are interested in virtuber and want to try making one.

-1 Those who are curious about how to become a model maker and what kind of work they do.

-People who can draw but don't know how to draw or move with the LIVE2D tool.

-People who have all the basic knowledge but want to check out other people's production styles or tips.

② What do students want to learn in class? Please fill out the form considering the situation and level of the students!

-How to design unique characters and how to create exclusive illustrations for LIVE2D work.

How to finally create your own one-person virtual by applying LIVE2D to an illustration and running it.

Notes before taking the course

① What should students prepare before attending the creator's class?

  1. Do I need any prior knowledge?

  2. -Skills that allow you to easily handle drawing tools such as Clip Studio and Photoshop

  3. Are there any programs or PC specs I need?

  4. -There is no specification limit, but the better the specification, the faster the operation and storage speed of the art program.

  5. If there are any programs or PC specifications you need, please also tell us about the creator's work environment.

  6. CPU: Ryzen 2700X

  7. GPU: RTA2070

  8. RAM: 32G

n reasons why this class is special

Class differentiation

① What is special about the creator's class? Please answer any of the questions below. Feel free to ask anything other than your questions. (at least 2)

  1. What's unique about creators? (Credibility, proven teaching ability, successful experience)

  2. A virtual model maker who is responsible for both illustration and LIVE2D.

  3. Is there anything special about the creator's curriculum? (originality, scarcity, organic, etc.)

  4. I have experience as an original game artist, so I can find tips for designing unique characters such as game characters.

  5. Are there any course reviews after taking the creator's online or offline courses?

  6. X

  7. Are there any student benefits offered free of charge in the creator's class?

  8. X

② Have you ever created a class in Class101? If so, what are the differences compared to the previous class? (omit if not)

Class differentiation image

  1. If you have a picture of the creator working hard on a lecture or activity, please post it.

  2. If you have an image where students can get a glimpse of the curriculum, please attach it. (e.g. recipe examples, portfolio template images, etc.)

  3. If you have a physical image of the student benefits offered free of charge in the class, please post it.

  4. X

  5. If you have any other photos related to the above, you may also attach them.

  6. X

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Parassol’s Virtual Character Illustration

More Drawings  |  Parassol



Hello, I'm Parasol, the creator of a virtual model


Applying LIVE2D to character illustrations


Adding physical effects to movement


Virtual characters, additional possibilities




I love imagining and drawing the personalities and looks of characters that would appear in a game!

However, even a character created after a long period of imagination is just an illustration that people only touch on for a moment.

From this point of view, even though it takes a lot of time, the virtual model adds facial expressions and actions according to the concept I had planned.

It's incomparably rewarding to be seen by people in a much more attractive way for a long time!

For those who like to make their own characters and want to make them move on their own

Based on my experience when I first studied, I plan to share with you some of the things that were difficult because I was stuck!

I'm creating this course with the hope that it will help weak but serious people like me and be full of charming characters!


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1201 North Market St. Suite 111, Wilmington, DE, 19801