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Skills You’ll Learn

Create a unique handwritten wallpaper

Two ways to use our handwriting to create a custom wallpaper for each device

Animated text content

Animated content creation with animated handwriting

Animated handwriting intro video

Three ways to make an intro video animated with our own handwriting

Handwritten card news

Create multi-page card news content

handwritten logo design

Create handwritten logos and convert them to fit delivery types

album cover artwork

Album cover design using handwriting and procreate features

product poster design

Two ways to design posters using product images and handwriting

movie poster design

Movie posters made with only handwriting and an iPad

About the class

various tasks for monetization,

An iPad is enough

Hello, I'm Filim.

There are so many places where we can use our handwriting. From menu boards for new small stores to logos for large corporate products, there are many proposals that require handwriting at this moment, and they are waiting for the right workers.


Just a few years ago, design work was a difficult field for non-majors to tackle at first glance, but now anyone with an iPad can take on the challenge. Rather, I think of it as a field that is easier to access than any other side job. As far as you know, the road is open, and now is the time to prove the power of the ambitious iPad you bought for more than just a hefty ransom.

Don't leave it to others anymore!

Through the class, I will teach you a variety of ways to work using handwriting, such as special handwritten content, card news, logos, album covers, and various posters. Don't leave the many letters you need for your precious business or the businesses of those close to you now! In addition to saving on outsourcing costs, don't give up on the valuable experience of leaving your own letters here and there in meaningful spaces:)

Furthermore, you can even monetize by performing commissioned tasks yourself!

Course effect

  • By combining the various functions of ProCreate, we can express our letters at a higher level
  • You can get to know ProCreate, an essential iPad app
  • You can learn customized handwriting skills that can be used in a digital environment
  • You can create your own unique content to promote your own writing
  • You can learn various practical tasks for monetization

Recommended target

  • Those who want to prepare for the easiest potential side job
  • Those who want to create great text content by combining various functions
  • Those who can't use the iPad they bought ambitiously
  • Those who want to make special use of characters they will use for a lifetime

What makes this class special

How to use our letters composed of actual practice!

This class is a great way to promote our account and my writing Content creationSince then, many requests have actually occurred Handwriting practiceupto Composed of various practical exercisesIt's done! Even in real life, you'll be able to experience that you can do a lot of work without any problems than you think. Don't be afraid to try it out!

From basics to monetization, improve your skills step by step!

Classes can be taken in segmented stages so that beginners can gradually improve their level of completion and develop their skills.

Even beginners can take on the challenge! It is more helpful if you take the “Basic Course” Level 1 and the “Usage Course” Level 2 first.

[Class configuration]

- Step 1: Basic <Philim's iPad Handwriting Basics Master Class>

- Step 2: Use <iPad handwriting know-how to improve the completeness of film>

- Step 3: Application <Actual iPad handwriting to monetize Film>

제목_없는_아트워크 21.jpg

A small opportunity caught without letting go
It also changes our daily lives.
It's a small challenge right now,
Let's make a great difference together?





It's a film that captures emotion in square letters. My main job is an ordinary researcher, but I fall in love with the charm of writing, so I live a double life as an office worker during the day and a calligrapher at night. As I wrote every day simply because the writing was good, I received a lot of attention on social media, produced many students, and published many books. I believe in making a big difference in our daily lives when it comes to small decisions in one moment. I'm running today to share this fascinating hobby with many people who need a change just like me before:)


We are creating various text content and writing classes,

book <10 minutes a day, Philim's handwriting class>, <LINE FRIENDS Handwriting Class>, <LINE FRIENDS Elementary School Correct Writing Class>, <LINE FRIENDS Elementary School Students>, <Words by Ann the Red Head, Writing with Calligraphy (co-authored) >has been published.

Through class 101 <Philim's Deep Pen Calligraphy Class>, <Philim's Handwriting Correction Class>, <Escape from bad writing in 10 minutes a day, handwriting correction routine> They also share wonderful hobbies with many students through classes such as.



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feellim 크리에이터 링크

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