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With iPad and Pro Create
14 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Basic character drawing

  • Facial expressions with a variety of emotions

  • Essential postures for drawing everyday toons

  • Fruits and vegetables with vivid expressions

  • Animal friends with a variety of poses

  • Diverse character drawings

  • my own calendar wallpaper

  • Your own universe filled with your favorite things

  • View photos and draw

  • One-cut comic with the voice of the heart

  • Changes in composition according to the direction of the line of sight

  • A four-frame comic that is good for self-esteem

  • My own business card

  • A postcard that reminds me of a scene from a movie

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Procreate Core for Beginners

Learn to use only the features you need without any clutter.

How to unravel the thoughts in your head with pictures and writing

Solve complicated thoughts in a calm and simple way with a few everyday cartoons.

Express your emotions with simple pictures

I can easily draw a variety of facial expressions and decorate characters without difficult theories.

Core character pose drawing

Let's draw basic, essential postures that you can keep using once you learn them.

How to make a simple and cute abstraction of a photo

Practice drawing pictures by simplifying difficult poses.

Draw everyday cartoons as easily as a diary

I find materials in everyday life and learn how to draw casually.

How to go beyond imitation and create your own character

I create my own unique character, just like no one is the same in the world.

Create business cards and postcards with just one iPad

Create business cards and postcards with your own pictures without complicated designs.

And writing, how to make a thin and long hammock

As a 9th year content creator, I will share my annoyance and the know-how to keep writing.

Are you curious about the annoying story of eating and living with pictures?

Kwh반가워요 클래스메이트!

▶ Nice to meet you, classmate!

Hello, sharing my story in various places”Writer and shoveling master”, fineThat's it! I'm a painter and writer who likes to discover and express the little sparkles of everyday life. Since 2012, I've been working for various companies as a content company. I suddenly had the courage to quit my job before I was 30 years old, so I left the company and entered the freelance world, and I've been working hard until now.

A picture that starts lightly, like a diary

Actually, I've never learned to draw, and I don't draw seriously or in depth. Just something funny, funny, annoying, angry, or frustrating Talk about your feelings with picturesMost of the things I wrote because I wanted to do it, so I really As light and fun as a diary I wrote it. I never thought I would be able to eat and live with this style of painting and writing.

귀찮_lawy.drawing 인스타그램_일상 드로잉

▶ bothersome _lawy.drawing instagram_daily drawing

But after working on it for a long time, I think I've learned little by little. Even if something doesn't seem amazing, it's just mine Small messages from everyday lifeThe fact that they can empathize with someone as much as any work of art, and that I write a diary about my thoughts and feelings every day My self esteem and selfThe fact that it strengthens, and That itself is upI think it can be.

The meaning of expressing everyday life

I always needed a resume to join a company. And I was only able to write clear and definite things on that resume, such as school, company, and career. What I felt after trying to express myself for a long time Anxious and imperfect myselfIt means that if you can express it, you can meet things that match it.

One sheet a day, steadily

Would you like to draw with me?

왼쪽 2015년에 그린 귀찮 캐릭터, 오른쪽 2022년에 그린 귀찮 캐릭터

▶ On the left, a precious character drawn in 2015, on the right, a precious character drawn in 2022

What's even better is that if you write and draw like that every day, at some point The fact that pictures will be easier to draw, and that you will be able to draw a wider range of picturesThat's it. Today's painting looks very easy and simple, but at first it took a long time to draw a simple picture, and the result wasn't as natural as it is now.

With iPad and Pro Create

I draw anytime, anywhere

What tools have you ever had to express your thoughts? iPad, Apple Pencil, ProcreateLet's draw our own thoughts freely together? While I'm listening to my class, I'll draw together every day, even if it's not a big deal. After taking the class An area where you can express your thoughtsIt will be much wider than before.

I'm the one who says “precious” The easiest character to drawYes. Let's all draw your own easy characters with me. You don't need to draw well. Only then can I paint for a long time. Capturing the charms of me and the people around me Create your own charactersLet's do it and draw it.

To be able to draw anything,

Character exercises with a variety of facial expressions and poses

So before drawing your own character, let's first draw a random character of your choice. Whether drawing is not difficult, and how easy it is I'll let you know. It makes the characters feel like they are moving Various expressions and posesLet's draw.

Sometimes softly, sometimes colorful

Pastel colorsAnimal friends of Since, Bright colorsWhile drawing even the fruit friends of The feeling of choosing and painting colors that match a variety of materialsLet's practice. Just look at the difference between the two pictures, right? From the sketch stage Feeling of ZenI gave it a different one. Like this, I Express the desired atmosphereLearn naturally by drawing various things so that you can do it.

Your own content that tells a one-of-a-kind story

귀찮_ 드로잉 작업물_1

▶ bothersome _ drawing work_1

My class consists of cute pictures and short text Your own everyday content I'm going to show you how to make it. A little more A blog created to be easy and easy to readI think it would be nice to think of that! Instead of a keyboard and photos Handwriting and drawingI'm going to express it as.

What's different about that? It's like the difference between a Gothic style and a hand letter. Hand letters are clunky I feel so much betterDoesn't it sound like this? It's also fascinating. If you want to express yourself but don't know how to get started, I invite you to an annoying class. Express even the smallest sentence in a way that catches your eyeYou'll be able to do it.

To be able to draw steadily every day

I've been creating social media content for a company for about 4 years, and even after I quit the company in 2017, I've been working on content production for almost 8 years now. What I've learned after working in the industry and as a freelancer for a long time Consistency is the most important part of content successIt's Iran. In order to do something steady It shouldn't be difficult. If it's complicated or huge, you'll feel burdened and stressed, and it's hard to last long.

Express everyday thoughts in short words

It doesn't stop at creating characters, Talk with your own materialsShall we try? It would be nice to create content about great experiences from the past, In order to keep going, I need to be able to create content from the scenery I saw during the day today or the thoughts I had on my way home from work. with me Discover the trivialities of everyday life and express them in writingLet's try it.

I draw a picture that matches the text

귀찮_ 드로잉 작업물_2

▶ bothersome _ drawing work_2

Compatible with the text short cartoon with minimal drawingI'm going to make it. You don't have to write in handwriting. You can write down what you've written as text in handwriting, compare the feeling, and choose the one that suits you better. To be able to decide which parts to cut and what details to add when the whole story comes out How to tell stories effectivelyI'll also let you know.

Pack a lot of things you like

Once you've gotten used to drawing characters, why not complete a space illustration with your favorite objects on a single sheet? Drawing a picture means Reinvent what I loveI think I can do it. Books I read yesterday, cool beer, cute pencils, etc. Draw small and cute objects and color illustrationsLet's try it.

I fill my surroundings with my own characters

With a character I created cell phone wallpaperIna Postcards, business cardsLike cute goodsLet's make it. You can do it with just an iPad and ProCreate without complicated editing programs. These are trivial things, but after taking this class, you'll want to create something else. Imagine filling your surroundings with things you've created. someplace I feel that my self is strengthenedIs this going to take?

Let's do a series with my own story

Do I have to get paid to write the series? Upload every day at a fixed timeIf you do, it's a series! Naver Post, Facebook, Brunch, Instagram, etc. Advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of various content platformsI'll let you know. Choose a location that's right for you. Small tips for a steady seriesIt also makes a big release!

A to Z where you can eat and live with content

I have serialized on platforms such as Naver, Pikicast,, and Cosmopolitan with a wide variety of stories, such as everyday cartoons, cooking pictures, and travel stories. I do a lot of work, such as making commercials, publishing books, giving lectures, appearing on broadcasts, working on book illustrations, selling goods, classes, emoticons, etc. A story about eating and living with my paintings and my own writingI'll also tell you about them.

And this is an aside,

The team leader I met a long time after leaving the company said that.
“If you hadn't bought an iPad then, you might have kept going to work.”

That's right. When I met the iPad, everything became easier. Create content faster and more easilyThis is now possible. Do you feel like the area you can do is wider than before? Expressing and sharing my thoughts in a cool wayThe time has come when it has become so much easier! Do you have an iPad but don't know anything? I'll show you how easy and simple it is to show the world what you think!





Hi, I'm bothered.

I write and draw pictures. They also give serials and lectures. But I'm not really good at anything. I'm not good at writing, painting, or lecturing. So I'm not a full-time artist, cartoonist, illustrator, or lecturer. I don't have enough 2% to get involved in a job, and it's ambiguous to just say that I'm a freelancer. That's why shoveling is bothersome. I've been doing a lot of work, and I think I'll continue to do that.

Author of the essay “This Life Is Not Ruined - An Annoying Retirement Diary”

2020 KakaoTalk Emoji 'Annoying Tikon' Writer

2019 Airbnb Travel Writer

2019 Forrest Guest Writer

2019 ST UNITAS Guest Writer

2018 Live Guest Phil Jin

2018 Pikicast Guest Writer

2018 Cosmopolitan Guest Writing Team

2018 Naver Star Editor

2017 Naver Post Content Mentor

Collaborating with various companies such as Naver, Samsung, Milly's library, Shinhan Group, Mungyeong City, and Yanolja



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