12 chapters · 8 hours 16 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

iPad, Procreate
6 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Face drawing

  • Create your own character

  • Compose a story

  • On the other hand, draw on Instagram

  • Create moving characters

  • Create an Instagram account

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Procreate

Learn the basics of using procreate (procreate).

Organize your thoughts into an Instagram story

Learn how to organize the thoughts floating around in your head in an Instagram storyline.

Create your own character

Learn how to make a character that looks like you.

Instagram cartoon drawing

I will complete an Instagram episode of my own.

Explore engaging content

Explore engaging content by looking at content insights from uploaded authors.

How to grow and manage an Instagram account

Learn how to grow an Instagram account and tips for managing it steadily.

I would like to introduce Shun's Instagram class.

Hallo I am SHUN (SHUN), an artist who communicates through writing and paintingIt's.

What led me to start Instagram

When I posted my first Instagram, I was in the middle of auditioning to be an actor. At the same time as my dream of being an actor, I couldn't give up my career in painting. The work I planned to portray these concerns between dreams and reality was my first Instagram. Like that On May 13, 2019, I uploaded my first manga with the title “I'm not on stage, but I'm an actor” I was able to do it.

Achieved 10,000 followers in 5 months on October 14, 2019

It was a curious start, but at first, people were less responsive than I thought. I made up my mind to keep trying even if there was no response, so I tried to continue somehow, but I quickly got tired. Eventually, I began to quickly grow my account through various methods, such as trying out different content or hosting events.

At some point, I began to be frequently exposed to the Instagram algorithm, 10,000 followers in 5 months I was able to achieve faster growth than I expected.

Shun's Instagram account with 40,000 people as of August 2021

Currently Instagram account with over 40,000 peopleIt has grown into. Despite not having a huge number of followers Thanks to growing into a well-branded Instagram account We are receiving many collaboration proposals. The number of followers is important, but what's more important is finding your own attractive color. My account has achieved great results in that regard.

Things that happened while drawing an Instagram cartoon

📓 Publish

It was like a signal for an Instagram account “I'm not on stage, but I'm an actor”was published on December 25, 2020. I uploaded about 5 episodes in pilot form “Chuya Jindam” Furthermore, it was published on December 21, 2020 after revising and supplementing a few plans with the publisher.

🏢 Collaborate with various companies

Many large companiesI worked collaboratively with (C*, *Tae, Dang*Market, Moon*, Watt*, etc..). These works, which are usually done together in the form of “advertising toons,” are the most stable source of income.

💝 Various experiences to try for the first time

Publication illustrations, government projects, classes, lectures, TV program appearances, etc. I had the first experiences in my life. These experiences can also be a source of new Instagram content.

I'm going to let you know something like this

✏️ How to draw

Content called “Instagram” is better than “well-drawn pictures” 'Charming painting'et 'A fascinating story'is much more important. More about how to do characters than detailed skills Is it possible to blend my personality and charm wellWe will focus on informing you.

📄 How to tell a story

Since there isn't a single person who has lived the same life, Each person's most personal story can be the most engaging content. I'll teach you how to process your own story into a form that many people can relate to.

💻 How to grow an Instagram account

I finally finished my own InstaToon! Well-created content is important, but it's also important that many people watch it, right? I looked at the content I uploaded myself together, and analyzed the content that was responsive and the content that wasn't Explore what is attractive contentIt's. Also, when I first opened my Instagram account, I used it Tips for growing an accountI'll let you know what to listen to.

A bowl of hot kishimen noodles,

Ready to make it?

For me, my Instagram account is the biggest platform for promoting my various works, a diary for sharing complex thoughts, and a sponsor that brings me income for steady creations. Well-groomed All of this is possible with just one Instagram accountI will.

In this class, I will teach you step by step, from how to fix complicated thoughts to how to create your own characters and draw Instagram cartoons that resonate with readers.

The goal of this class is meCreating your own Instagram account and completing an Instagram episode where your own characters come to lifeIt's. If you follow me well, I'll be able to meet myself as an Instagrammer by the end of the class!






I'm Shun Shun, the artist.

Hallo Artist SHUN (SHUN), who works mainly on essays, illustrations, and webtoonsIt's. I've been running the Instagram account @shunyoon since May 2019, and as of August 2021, I have had over 40,000 subscribers with my Instagram “Shuntun.”

I'm actually A person who majored in musicals while dreaming of becoming an actorIt's. After graduation, I needed a stable source of income, so I focused on Instagram work rather than doing various things related to painting.

As a result, I was able to access many opportunities while drawing on Instagram, and as well as collaborating with various companies, I also published two books as a comic series. In the meantime, I've written books such as “Just because of this,” “I'm not on stage, but I'm an actor,” “Chuya Jindam,” and “It won't go according to plan!” There are such things. “I don't stand on stage, but I'm an actor” and “Chuya Jindam” are books that were actually published on Instagram from my own account.

For me, my Instagram account is the biggest platform for promoting my work. At the same time, it is also a place that brings stable income through collaboration with various brands. It's also a diary-like space where you can freely unravel the miscellaneous stories that might pop up in your head.

I just do what I want to do, but I can spontaneously become a brand, earn income, and even find peace of mind. This kind of story, which sounds like magic in a way, is possible on an Instagram account.

I think the most personal stories are the most universal stories. Why don't you just leave the many private thoughts in your head unattended and try cooking with me? It's something you just don't know. By the end of class, it may be a bowl of warm kishimen noodles that can be read slurping and slurping.

Just follow along. From how to create your own unique character to how to run an Instagram account, I'll tell you everything.





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