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Skills You’ll Learn

How to monetize comics and content

Earn money from your pictures, such as publishing, selling goods, comics, and emoticons.

How to draw a cute and fun four-frame manga

After learning how to direct a manga, let's try to complete a cute four-frame manga.

SNS webtoons digital coloring

Learn the process of drawing and coloring characters and backgrounds in comics.

webtoon space background drawing

Learn how to draw a complex background in a simple way and create the feeling that it's full.

How to draw cute cartoon props

Let's draw cute props in cute cartoons instead of in dramatic characters.

How to draw a 10-frame manga about my daily life

Let's complete a 10-cut social media webtoon with my honest story.

How to make use of tension with bizarre polarizing

In a tense scene, you can't miss the drama! Let's learn about polarizing.

How to run your own social media webtoon account

Why don't you upload social media webtoons about your daily life to Instagram and Facebook?

Hello, I'm Nan Hee, a manga artist.

After drawing comics about my difficult college life and honest everyday life after graduation, I am constantly uploading them to social media. Precious stories of everyday life that only I can seeI drew it as a manga, and many people liked it.

A special way to remember small everyday life

Being able to give warmth and fun through my daily lifeI think it's a big advantage and appeal of this social media webtoon. It seems like a lot of equipment, but in reality, if you only have an iPad, you can easily draw! If you spend a little time at a cafe or travel destination, you can complete a comic.

A new hobbyIf you want to enjoy comicThose who wanted to learn, or continue to draw manga revenuesI definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to create!

Draw a webtoon with your own concept with a free app

iPadIs It can be said that it is a very suitable tool for creating SNS webtoons. Not only is it easy to edit and save, and easy to operate, but you can draw anywhere. Vivid ideas that come to mind in everyday lifeThere's no tool as convenient as an iPad to capture:)

When drawing, the most important thing is to keep drawing easily and casually. Especially for those who are new to drawing, there are times when buying a paid app is burdensome at first glance, or they can't use it much even if they buy an app. whereupon Free appsphosphorus MediBang PaintI'll help you feel free to start your own manga with!

Make your debut as a social media webtoon writer right now!

It's much better to express small things that happened at school or work, the feelings I felt while raising children, and my sincere thoughts in pictures rather than writing them down VividDo it individualityI can show it like that. Have fun without getting bored even when you look back over time Appreciate memoriesYou can do it.

Beyond drawing comics and recording memories through classes with me, Debuted as an SNS webtoon writerHow about trying it out? It's about recording your daily life in comics and posting comics on Instagram and Facebook.

Even generating revenue from my favorite hobby

How to not just draw a picture and finish it, but with a manga revenues createI'll also show you what I can do! publishing, Outsourced comics production, Paid comics Sales, drawing youtube Channel management, KakaO Talk Emoji suggestions, Goodies From production to sales & entry. We will give you all the information you need.

Hana, make me the main character

A free digital drawing app MediBang PaintAs the main character personageI'm going to make one. I'll show you how much fun it is to draw characters that look like you and the important people around you.

2. Draw even a simple human body and props

Once you've completed the characters, it's time to enrich the story Various actions and propsI'm going to have time to draw. I can effectively show my personality, and I can vividly capture various situations and scenes I face in my daily life. Desserts from your favorite cafe, how I feel like I'm doing my assignments today, etc. Make special memories by leaving pictures of everyday life that have passed byLet's make it with.

3. Learn the basics of manga directing & storytelling

If you only know this, you can rep manga directing techniques! Before drawing webtoons, first of all, the basics of manga directing A method, and an attractive one that people can easily relate to story MockeryLet's learn until Maybe I can make my seemingly normal everyday life into a fun content no matter who sees it:)

4. Express an anecdote I've experienced in a funny comic

After that, it's time to play! Fun that's too much to remember alone anecdotes comicI'm going to draw it with. If you draw a comic about your own story that you only had in your head, it's very meaningful to be able to organize your own memories.

5. Easy and simple drawing of 4-cut comics & 10-cut comics

After drawing a manga with my own anecdotes, 'Like'Of a 4-cut manga & a 10-cut manga that sings How to directFrom empathyLet's learn how to add. It's the most suitable way to post on social media, and it's even more engaging because you can capture stories at a glance!

Finally, going beyond a hobby and working as a popular social media webtoon writer

Now run your favorite social media account, such as InstaToon, Facebook Toon, etc. Earn money as a hobbyShall we try it? I will reveal all the know-how to use my manga in various ways, such as how to gather subscribers, and the production and publication of goods!

Becoming a social media webtoon writer isn't as difficult as you might think!

I recommend this class for those who want to draw webtoons, or those who want to learn basic manga writing techniques but are not comfortable with the school! The basic iPad drawing I did The offline classes ended in just 10 minutes. So that you can easily create your own work even if you are not familiar with painting I'll let you know one by one.

Let's try my own manga drawing experience together

This year with me Open an SNS webtoon accountDo it, Challenge to generate revenueLet's try it! It's a great hobby, and everyone An opportunity to discover new valueIt's going to be. Memories are extra! Then I'll be waiting for you in class 101:)





I serialized social media webtoons featuring me as the main character on University Tomorrow, KT&G Sangsang Univ., and KakaoTalk View. She appeared on JEI Talent TV “Randomly Follow Nan Hee's Digital Drawings”, and “Randomly Follow SNS Webtoons (PC ver.)” by Gilbet Publishing House and “Really, Really Easy to Randomly Follow iPad Drawings” have been published. I'm always looking forward to meeting my classmates. I'm ready to share all my tips!





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