3 chapters · 2 hours 11 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

With iPad and Pro Create
3 Class Projects

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Everyday Toons, Instagram Toons

  • Create a character

  • storytelling

Skills You’ll Learn

Create your own character

A very easy way to express “I”
I'm going to create a character that looks exactly like me.

Am I a genius? storytelling

If you change a simple everyday life with your own lines and subtitles
“Big hit, I was a genius”

Same words different expressions

I'll show you how to write and express text with pictures.

Coloring is also easy

A coloring technique that can be beautifully expressed in a short time!! I'll let you know.

Difficult looking but easy background

High difficulty using ProCreate (?) Super simple background decoration

Don't you want to remember everyday life in a special way?

Everyday cartoons (Instagram toons), which can be easily found on Instagram, are not just for people who live a special daily life. While drawing Making everyday life special That's right.

Stories, characters, and even painting skills!

There can't be something special and fun every day. I'll show you how to become a real writer and create and direct fun lines. Depending on my mood, it can be one chapter or multiple chapters

Let's learn the story formula.

Let's also draw a character that looks exactly like me in a circle. There are so many secrets hidden in that seemingly simple character. But it's not difficult. It'll be easier than Gugudan.

The most common question asked by students is that the top 3 problem is that it is difficult to draw objects.

There's also a way to draw things! I'll also learn to “see and draw,” a special object unique to Hagun.

I'll help you draw whatever you want to draw.

“It's too burdensome to draw multiple people.”

“It's so hard to draw hands.”

“I don't know how to express it.”

I took notes on the questions that many students asked during the online and offline classes. And I planned a class. Where to draw one more line on the picture, where to draw a speech bubble, where to write effect text, how to use layers to make edits easier, etc.

I created a shorter but more powerful class by adding the methods I learned by bumping into my bare body for 7 years on my own, and even the parts I thought were lacking. I'll help you draw whatever you want to draw!

Let's draw without strength!

Painting isn't a competition, it's a game. If you want to learn painting and become a hit artist and want to ride a Benz, you can go home.

Painting is complacency, and we're writing a diary. On the commuter bus like the main character in the movie

I'll make it easy for you to draw great pictures without worry. I put a lot of effort into effectively incorporating those things into the class.

Let's meet in class!






I'm Hagun Hagun, the artist.

class 101I met him for the second time through.

After working as a webtoon writer, I opened a class at Class 101 in early '21

Currently, I'm serializing everyday toons on Instagram

As a freelance writer, I am hosting outsourced, online/offline classes.

My first time was very late. I started painting when I was 35 years old.

I didn't major in art, so I started painting in a variety of ways on my own.

It took me quite a while to draw the picture I wanted to draw.

In the old days, there was no information, so it wasn't easy to learn painting unless it was a school or school

I remember it was harder to get a direction these days because there was so much information.

People who are painstakingly drawing, saying, “I'm bored, but I want to draw a picture”

I hope there will be more.

The picture-like everyday life of communicating with people through warm and small stories is also for all of you

I created the class hoping it would unfold.

I'll meet you in class ^^

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