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About the class

I speak with confidence to all those who are stressed because of their voice at school, at work, and in their daily lives. Voices can be changed with effort. I don't have to go far; I'm the living witness.

In the era of self-promotion, if you want to share your story, content, and insights with more people, change your voice right now. Doana will find your true hidden voice. Join me now. Just 'do' it!

Course effect

  • You can find a voice that's right for you and that's easy to hear.
  • I can look back and correct my usual wrong speech habits.
  • By effectively communicating your content, opinions, and ideas in a good voice, you can achieve various social achievements such as employment, turnover, promotion, and relationships.

Recommended target

  • Students who want to have a good voice in the employment process, such as face-to-face or non-face-to-face interviews and interviews
  • Office workers who want to be recognized for their performance with a highly focused voice, even with the same presentation
  • The era of 1 million YouTubers in the blink of an eye! (Prospective) creators who need media-friendly voice training to promote their own content to the world
  • People who usually have voice complexes

3 reasons why this class is special

If you know it with your head but your body doesn't, I'll give you various real-life tips that can become a habit.

When I was preparing to be an announcer, I was a loud person who didn't know how to make a sound that was easy to hear. Various examples, practice, and some action (?) of the voice know-how I have built up until I became a person who broadcasts live every day through various trial and error We will teach it to you through

There are various voice needs, and I'll tell you how to create the voice you need.

We will show you how to create a good voice and practice for students, office workers, creators, etc.

How to train the voice of an incumbent announcer?!

What kind of effort do people whose job is to speak do for a voice? Aren't you curious? Confidently unfold your own story to the world through voice lectures from current announcers!



Announcer DO

Announcer DO

Just 'do' it! Hello, I'm Doji Eun, the announcer who says if you do it.

There is only one thing I can say with confidence in a world where nothing works according to my wishes. Voices can change acquired. This is because it is proof that I am alive, along with the examples of various learners I have met. Since I've changed, you can change too. We will solve your voice concerns based on our experience of broadcasting live every day for about 3 years. So just (just) let Doji Eun ('DO') teach (it) together!


  • 2019.06~2019.07 Medical Information Program <Health Information Show Doctor Talk> Announcer
  • 2019.07~ (current) Main anchor for the opening broadcast of Seoul Economic TV
  • <Gas Station Concert>, <Seo Kyung's Chiefs>, <Jurin-i from Sangam-dong>, <Best Tradingman>, <Taste of Investment>, <The Essence of Actual Trading Season 2>, <The Essence of Actual Trading Season 2>, <High Profit Operation Time>, <Instantly Captured Trading Signal>, etc., many live broadcast programs are underway
  • 2020.09~ (current) CJB Cheongju Broadcasting (Cheongju SBS) Radio <Good Morning FM JOY> Fixed Guest
  • 2020.10-2021.04 Cheonan TV <Weekly Comprehensive News> anchor, <Our alumni are the best! >&<The people who made Cheonanan> announcer

Main teaching areas

  • Voice, presentation, IR pitching, storytelling, etc.

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