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Skills You’ll Learn

[Start] Start your own routine

Find hidden routines you've been doing unknowingly and create small, attainable routines

[Practice] 4 tips to make it easier to implement a routine

Revealing know-how that can only keep up with the routine

[Development] Grow into a one-day routine that's perfect for you

Learn how to find the routines that work for you and add them one by one

[Overcoming] How to overcome rutaegi step by step

How to overcome Lutae Gi to revive your struggling self

Class introduction

Hello, I'm Ok Min-song, CEO of MyRoutine, a routine app with 1 million users. At the same time, I'm also a steaming routine that has been practicing 30 to 40 routines for over 1200 days.

But was it really that I did this well from the beginning? That's not the case at all. In fact, when I first started managing my routine, I didn't know it would last this long. Actually, I'm a person who has done MBTI and P over and over again for 3 days.

In the past, I was a person who needed to do well and did a lot of things I wanted to do well, but I didn't have enough time or stamina.. Every time I did that, I felt frustrated and tried to make a goal that would be difficult even for days into a jaw-tock routine. For example, waking up at 6 a.m. every morning, or studying for 2 hours every day after work. The will was strong, but the result was a fiasco. I'm glad it was three days; in fact, it was hard to keep up for two days.

After so many decisions and failures, I decided to change my approach. I'm in a hurry, and I've come to acknowledge that setting big goals doesn't mean getting results. Even if it's small, I have to start with what I can do now to see a change.

This time I started small. I chose a morning that didn't start as heavy as I woke up at 6 in the morning, and read for 5 minutes every day rather than studying for 2 hours. That's how I started making 5 minute changes that I can keep making today, a week, or a month from now. Then, little by little, changes began to pile up. When I woke up, the goals I wanted to achieve by waking up at 6 o'clock every day or studying for 2 hours a day had already been achieved. I just did it small, slowly, and for a long time. At some point, the routine became strong on my side and helped me live the life I wanted without having to worry about it.

So guys, is changing 5 minutes a day a difficult method that no one can do? Or was I just exceptionally lucky? It's not both! Anyone can change 5 minutes a day, and the fact that small changes are followed by big results is something that has already been proven in numerous studies in habit psychology.

The problem is not the will, but the right method. With me, you can do it too! I'll teach you everything from one to ten how to manage a real routine that makes a big difference with little will. 5 Let's start today with a 5 minute routine that brings desired success to your life. At some point, the basic physical strength of life will improve, and there will be people living the kind of life I want:)

Course effect

  • Create a routine that suits your taste/goal/level (level of difficulty) in the most trouble-free way : You can create a good routine that is perfect for you, not just a good routine that appears on YouTube, and a routine with the most reliable method that has already been proven without any method. In addition to breaking through in 3 days, I learned the know-how to create a routine for the life I wanted and applied it myself.
  • Put down impatience or remorse, take a step forward and make people believe in me today : There are many things I want to do or do, but instead of blaming myself for not being able to keep up with my body, I'm taking a step forward today. I came to believe that I could do it too because of the accumulation of those steps one step at a time
  • Learn the know-how to consistently implement and check and update mid-term routines : Know why you should start and continue a routine, and create your own motivation for steadiness. You'll also learn when to add a new routine to make it the easiest to continue
  • Help me change my life in the direction I want by continuing the routine I need and suit my needs from time to time throughout my life : The routine became a daily routine, and I was able to know and add the routines I need right now in every moment of my life. It became natural for me to practice the routines I wanted and that helped me, and I came to understand empirically that this helps me in my life.

Recommended target

  • A person who wants to get away from a helpless day and make a pleasant change through small actions
  • People who have a lot of things to do and want to do but don't have enough time and stamina
  • People who want to manage their day in a more organized manner
  • People who tried to create a routine but failed (think they failed) due to lack of will

What makes this class special

Create your own one-of-a-kind routine

The routine I'm going to create in class isn't suitable for anyone except me.

I'm going to focus on what I want and what I'm good at, and create a routine that helps me live the life I want. Just in the order below!

  • [First time] Routine motivation recharge: The more you know why you do it, the better you can do. At the beginning, you'll learn why you should do a routine and how a routine will change your life. And it's also the easiest and surest way to start that routine!
  • [Middle] I'll learn how to keep up with the routine and grow my routine by adding new routines. The better you do with the routine you've started and the more you add new routines, the closer you'll be to the life you want, right? A routine is the best way to take care of yourself and develop yourself at the same time.
  • [end] We'll define the typical pitfalls we face when managing a routine and learn how to avoid them. Now that I'm so good at starting, adding, and continuing, I'll also tell you how to make good use of my routine as my lifelong partner.

The ultimate purpose of the routine we're going to create in this class is to build the day I want and create the kind of life I want to live. And the first step in creating that life is a routine that changes your day today! After three days of trial and error, I've gone through countless trials and errors, but now I'm going to tell you every single one of them after over 1200 days of easy digestion of various routines. In the most obvious way, let's make a real difference that you can feel right away today. Because those changes will accumulate, and eventually the life you want will unfold.

Let's meet in class!



Minsong Ok

Minsong Ok

CEO of MyRoutine Ok Min-song

Hello, I'm Ok Min-song, CEO of MyRoutine, a daily routine management app that makes your day like you. I'm dreaming of a world where everyone can find the kind of life they want and continue to live, create their own routines with good colleagues, and spread the word about routine management know-how. I hope we can help those who want to create the life they want through small actions!


- 2017 ~ CEO of Minding Co., Ltd. (My Routine Production Company)

- 2020~- Launching and operation of My Routine, the No. 1 routine management app in Korea

- 2022 “I decided to change only 5 minutes a day (33rd best seller for self-development) published

- Seoul National University, Department of Business Administration, Department of Anthropology (double major)



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