About the class

This course is MOS (Microsoft Office MOS) Word Core qualification preparation courseIt consists of content about. Through this class Word Learn about the features used in Core courses. First, understand how to create a document by learning about Word's paragraph, table, reference, and object insertion and formatting features. Afterwards, you will learn a sense of practice by solving practical mock tests.

What is MOS?

It is a test that proves that you have the ability to use Microsoft Office programs at a high level, and is certified directly by Microsoft International certification examIt is. There is no written exam, and only a practical exam is evaluated, and if you get 700 points or more based on a score out of 1000, you will be recognized as a pass. Currently, you can freely select courses from the 5 programs in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Outlook.

Course effect

  • MOS Word You can improve your skills by solving each type of core problem.

Recommended target

  • MOS Word General public and university students whose goal is to obtain a Core qualification

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