7 chapters · 4 hours 46 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

How to conceive and design character concepts

From concept drawing to composition.
Train on how to design a solid foundation

How to apply to the face and body according to differences in figures

Understand the characteristics of semi-due diligence/casual/due diligence
Complete a semi-live-action character by reflecting the characteristics

Check the reason for the blockage in coloring

How to apply perspective and boundaries and
Learn how to use layer settings for coloring

Picture diagnosis and finding supplementary points

Contrast, ratio, coloring, and even the use of small items
Improve the completeness of the picture by comparing before and after layers

Class introduction

Do you know what I need in my paintings?

Can I go beyond the character creation stage with my skills, what basic skills I lack,

Have you ever wondered why you don't like the finished picture?

If you don't know where to start developing your paintings,

Please draw a character illustration with me.

Not only the basic skills that are essential for completing a character illustration, but also determine the completeness of the picture

Features, body, and details. I've selected only the parts where it's easy to get lost and difficult.

For me, painting is a creative pain, but it's a diary where I can express myself however I want.

This is because I capture my situation, feelings, and concerns every time I draw one work at a time.

The moment you draw, your eyes glow, and this immersive process maximizes your concentration

I'd love to work with you.

The purpose of this lecture “Complete the work together.”

You might think it's too long until completion, but the experience of drawing until completion and multiple revisions

It will make your drawing skills different.

Don't be afraid if you join me With the ability to do everything from masterwork to ability to create,

You can make your way from artist to artist.

Course effect

  • You will be able to plan and create characters beyond master training.
  • You can create your own character through a step-by-step character creation process.
  • You can find complements in your paintings by comparing your paintings with well-drawn ones.
  • You will be able to do creative training on your own, from conceiving ideas, implementing concepts, and even how to revise them.
  • Know the difference between semi-live-action and live-action character drawing and embody the drawing method according to the drawing object.

Recommended target

  • A person who draws at a beginner level who can create masterpieces
  • Semi-live-action - Those who want to draw all the casual characters well
  • People who think the picture is less complete, but don't know what parts to supplement
  • Those who want to make more use of Photoshop

Pre-course notes

  • Please install Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher programs and tablets.

Three reasons why this class is special

❶ Lectures that accurately point out skill stagnation levels based on practical experience in game design and experience as an academy instructor

It contains my own know-how of building a career in the game industry and being able to quickly become an incumbent lecturer and come this far. Find the reason why your drawing skills are stagnating, train, finish the stagnation period, and complete a complete painting.

[Real student examples]

❷ Photoshop becomes a habit even if you don't memorize it separately

Before memorizing the Photoshop function keys first, we'll help you learn them naturally while drawing. I'll show you how to improve drawing efficiency by using Photoshop faster than you understand.

❸ Observation ability to draw like a real person, share pictures, and diagnose my drawing skills · Acquiring comprehension

We put aside all the complicated theories and designed it so that people can observe, understand, and learn about other pictures while drawing and sharing them with each other. As much as focusing on your own paintings and drawing well, looking at your own paintings objectively and finding supplementary points determines the improvement of your skills. Be confident in your drawing, listen to the class, and share your drawing as you draw!






I'm MK working as an incumbent lecturer at Game Academy.

I met many students on artwork, portfolio creation, etc., and shared their basic skills for completing paintings and their concerns about improving their drawing level.

I prepared this lecture with the intention of solving such concerns and guiding you to draw like a professional.

I hope classmates watching the lecture can embody their own character drawing method.

[Main history]

  • Current) Academy Artwork Instructor
  • Former) Original 2D character artist of the game development team



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