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2 Class Projects

It takes about 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Illustration from concept to coloring

  • Illustration with background using brush

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

Concept and idea sketches

Before drawing, I'll teach you how to design a concept for the subject you want to draw

Detailed portrayals and nominations

I'll tell you how to color each part of the face in detail and how to select candidates to improve completeness.

Edit photos and create backgrounds using brushes

How to create a background using matte painting techniques and how to create an atmosphere with a brush

How to check your balance and save points

I'll tell you how to check the tone and contrast of the picture to make the subject of the picture stand out.

Framing a picture using a 3D program

I'll teach you how to efficiently frame a character using 3D drawing

๐Ÿ˜Š Nice to meet you, creator!

Please feel free to talk about the creator's class in the class introduction. A class introduction page will be created based on what you have written. If you include as many different content as possible regardless of format, it will be very helpful in understanding the creator's class.

Before I introduced the class, I shared it with you Class introduction writing guidePlease be sure to read it. The intent of the question and examples are included, so you'll be able to fill out the interview paper below more easily!

๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ Text and special characters cannot be inserted into images to be attached to the class introduction. Please be sure to check this when choosing an image!

About the class

โ‘  What are the concerns of the students taking the creator's class?

The classmates I join my class are due to factors in various environments and situations

I think there are many people who find it difficult to attend specialized schools.

While studying on my own, I keep thinking about whether the method I'm doing is right

I have a lot of basic information, but I don't know how to work efficiently in practice

I think you'll be frustrated.

โ‘ก How can students with these concerns get help in class?

If the creator experiences firsthand and learns the techniques used in practice

You'll be able to improve the quality of your paintings efficiently, and you'll be able to create more complete illustrations.

โ‘ข Let's summarize the creator's class in 2 to 3 lines based on what we've written so far.

This is a class where you can select only the core techniques for improving quality in order to cross the boundaries of beginners.

Teaching about painting depends on the style of the person teaching, and there are various methods. However, it

Our time is precious to get to know them one by one. To a class that can improve work efficiency and improve completeness

Try to complete more works in the time allotted to you!

Course effect

โ‘  What will you be teaching in class? (at least 3)

  • I'll show you how to use the details of the characters to color attractive and vibrant characters.

  • I'll show you the background and effect using matte painting using photographs and shape brushes.

  • I'll show you programs and how to use them to increase work speed and efficiency.

โ‘ก So what can students learn or get from the creator's class? (at least 3)

  • You can draw vivid and attractive faces with detailed portrayals of people.

  • Backgrounds and effects that seemed difficult can be drawn more easily using tools such as photographs and brushes.

  • You can create atmospheric illustrations with various editing/correction techniques that enhance the degree of completeness.

Course effect image

  1. If students have any results to take after completing the class, please post 1 to 3 related photos.

  2. If there are no results, another image describing the class would be great.

Recommended classes

โ‘  Who are the students you'd like to recommend Creator's class to?

โ‘ก What do students want to learn in class? Please fill out the form considering the situation and level of the students!

Notes before taking the course

โ‘  What should students prepare before attending the creator's class?

  1. Do I need any prior knowledge?

    Basic usage of the Adobe Photoshop program (basic)

  2. Are there any programs or PC specs I need?

    Installing Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher, installing a tablet

  3. If there are any programs or PC specifications you need, please also tell us about the creator's work environment.

    Adobe Photoshop 2022, XP-PEN Artist 22 (2nd Generation) LCD Tablet

n reasons why this class is special

Class differentiation

โ‘  What is special about the creator's class? Please answer any of the questions below. Feel free to ask anything other than your questions. (at least 2)

  1. What's unique about creators? (Credibility, proven teaching ability, successful experience)

    I wanted to start painting again after 10 years, but I couldn't find an environment where I could go to school

    I also spent a lot of frustrating times studying digital painting on my own. Like that

    As a result of always thinking about my paintings, receiving sober feedback from people around me, and trying various things

    I learned a lot of tips that I can use in practice.

  2. Is there anything special about the creator's curriculum? (originality, scarcity, organic, etc.)

    I'll give you the work know-how and tips I've built up after various trials and lots of trial and error, from self-study to being outsourced, in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can apply them directly to your own paintings.

  3. Are there any course reviews after taking the creator's online or offline courses?

    The student who took a 1:1 course with me online has never done digital drawing for a long time

    I gave up drawing because of my vagueness and frustration about painting, but now I have gained confidence

    I am now able to prepare my own personal commissions and outsourcing portfolios.

    (Attached are photos of the students' changes before and after class)

    [The right side is before the course, the left side is after 4 weeks]


    [Discord room for 1:1 lectures]


    [Character concept setting: student work]

์บ๋ฆญํ„ฐ_์ปจ์…‰_์ˆ˜์ •3.jpg [Current student work]์ˆ˜๊ฐ•์ƒ_ํ˜„์žฌ.jpg

  1. Are there any student benefits offered free of charge in the creator's class?

โ‘ก Have you ever created a class in Class101? If so, what are the differences compared to the previous class? (omit if not)

Class differentiation image

  1. If you have a picture of the creator working hard on a lecture or activity, please post it.


  2. If you have an image that can prove your review of the course, please post it. *Images with lots of text cannot be translated, so please write your review!

    [1:1 Online Course Student Reviews]


    The only thing I really earned money from painting was a wish I had...

    Thanks to the high quality of the classes that are always motivating and that I can't put it into words that they are full

    Even if I look at it, I think I've grown a lot lol thank you so much!!!!!!

    Until then, I actually hadn't even thought about doing anything, but now I'm preparing to become a freelancer

    I'm so proud and happy with myself, thank you so much!! Thank you for the next lesson!! โค

    ํ›„๊ธฐ ์นดํ†ก.jpg

  3. If you have an image where students can get a glimpse of the curriculum, please attach it. (e.g. recipe examples, portfolio template images, etc.)

    [rough > base/lighting settings > complete]


  4. If you have a physical image of the student benefits offered free of charge in the class, please post it.

  5. If you have any other photos related to the above, you may also attach them.





My sister is an illustrator who draws pictures to continue growing in the future.

I've loved manga and game illustrations since I was a kid, and I drew when I had time.

However, in order to just do what I liked, the reality I faced came first.

At the young age of 19, when I had so many dreams, I had to choose a career path where I could get a good job rather than fulfill my dream.

The reality of not being able to draw my favorite pictures in the future is a great sense of loss and frustration

I had to become an adult with wounds in my young heart.

However, as the year went by, my desire for painting grew even more, and after a long period of time had passed since I stopped painting, I felt that if I didn't try at least once, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

I made up my mind to paint again and tried to start randomly, but

Since many years have passed, painting techniques have evolved a lot in the meantime, and the form of work has changed a lot.

However, I wasn't in a situation where I could go to a specialized school to learn these things, so I chose to study on my own because I wanted to sleep and play a little bit more than others. As a result of studying digital art on my own and trying to grow using a lot of trial and error and sober feedback as a mentor, I was able to try various things that can be done with pictures, such as mobile game backgrounds, NFT, picture exhibitions, and drama concept illustrations, and now I am preparing classes like this.

While studying on my own, I always think that I have come too far back to paint again.

I have experienced that studying painting alone is not an easy path, so I would like to share the know-how and efficient techniques I have built up so that I can easily learn the know-how and efficient techniques I have built up over time in the hope that I won't go through a difficult process.

It's not as huge as I thought. There is only a long way to find what you need one by one.

If you shorten the time in the process of finding a method even a little, you can produce more results

You can take on a variety of challenges. I hope you learn useful tips for drawing and make them yours. I always cheer for your path.







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