Skills You’ll Learn

Decorate your own space

Decorate your own space with the objects you've created

A detail-up method to improve your skills

I'll tell you how to improve your skills

Animation work

Add movement to your work

About the class

Hello, I'm Yoo Jeong-seok, a pixel art designer. I've been working as a pixel art designer for about 5 years from 2017 until now, participating in various indie game graphics work, and I've shared my experience and know-how to pixel art beginners at the Game Academy.

What do you think good graphics are? Unlike other complex and difficult design tools, I think pixel art is a wonderful genre where even beginners can easily follow a world of imagination. If you experience the world of creative graphics that only pixel art can create, the desire to create good graphics will naturally arise.

Through this class, I'll take you to the stage where you can find your own style and work without just drawing along. If you spend enough time practicing the basic techniques I'll teach you, you'll be able to fully digest any style.

Course effect

  • Using simple tools, you can represent objects in a top view.
  • Learn how to organize a space by dividing layers.
  • You can create various objects and place them on the desired background.
  • You can create animations with minimized frames.
  • Learn the skill of adding detail to objects.

Recommended target

  • People who are interested in pixel art
  • Those who are worried because it seems difficult to draw
  • Those who want to learn drawing but are burdened by purchasing a tablet
  • Those who want to change a different style of work with dots
  • People who like dot games

What makes this class special

❶ The world of dots expressed using only Aseprite and the mouse

In this class, we'll only use a paid program called Aseprite and a mouse. If you are comfortable with a tablet, you can use a tablet, but it's not necessary, so anyone can get started right away without burdensome expenses. Aseprite is a program dedicated to pixel art and has an intuitive interface. I'll share the efficient work methods and know-how I use.

❷ Decorate your own space using objects

You can learn how to easily approach and draw anything from simple objects to hard-to-express natural objects. I'll show you the principles and methods, look at references, and teach you how to do your own pixel art.

You will learn how to express various spaces using the basic work methods you learned earlier. You'll learn how to express with a top view and organize a space. Create a variety of objects and place them on the background of your choice. Your own dot space is created. As you practice, you can create more diverse and complex spaces.

❸ Animation created with sprite sheets

Create sprite sheet animations. Animations can also be produced with the Aseprite program. I'll teach you a simple animation that's difficult to get started with. Even with a few sheets, you can create a fun enough animation. Add vibrant movement to your pixel art.

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Hallo I'm Yu Jeong-seok, a graphic designer for pixel art and games. With 5 years of experience in pixel art production and teaching, I teach classes that you can understand even if you don't know painting at all. We will find the strengths of each student through the experience of creating various painting styles and help them create the desired style of pixel art.

As an Asprite program expert, I'll show you my own way to easily create without using complicated features. The classes are organized so that even first-time users can easily create the pixel art they want.


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