6 Class Projects

It takes about 1-2 hours to complete one class project.

  • 1Bit Pixel art

  • 2Bit Pixel art

  • 8Bit Pixel art

  • Pixel portrait

  • Arcade game titles

  • pixel art character

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw 2BIT art

How to draw sensuous pixel art using only a limited number of color gadgets

An easy way to shoot pixel art with an iPad

How to draw pixel art using PIXAKI

Draw a portrait

How to draw a portrait like an NFT series

Create a color palette like an arcade game

How to make your own color palette and tips for using it

arcade typography

How to create pixel art lettering that looks like a game title

pixel character drawing

How to draw a stylish pixel character

About the class

Hello, this is Pixel Artist Picture Pants.

Starting with the 2018 Illustration Fair, I have been working on pixel art by participating in various projects of idol groups such as EXO, TXT, and NCT127 planned by major entertainment companies.

In class 101 I've already done two pixel art classes, but this time Pixel art that anyone can easily draw with an iPadI'm going to teach you Organize a curriculum so that you can learn much faster and more simply according to trends Students who are trying pixel art for the first time can make great works by taking my class!

Course effect

  • You can draw minimalist casual illustrations and portrait-style character illustrations with pixel art.
  • You can create title graphic works in the style of arcade games.
  • You can work as an NFT artist by drawing pixel characters like the NFT series.
  • You can create your own goods with pixel art you've created and sell them to people around you.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to start digital art with an iPad
  • People who are interested in NFT and want to apply pixel art style to their work
  • People who like dot games
  • People who want to give interesting pixel art pictures to their friends

What makes this class special

❶ Easy and fast with iPad and PIXAKI apps

It's a pixel art class that anyone can easily start with an iPad and PIXAKI app without purchasing additional equipment or installing complicated programs. You can draw anywhere, regardless of location, and with a simpler structure and casual style, the time required per work is much shorter and faster.

The PIXAKI app is the easiest to use and most effective pixel art tool on the iPad, and I covered it for the first time in my class in Class 101. When drawing pixel art on an iPad, I've tried all the programs that can be used, and I think PIXAKI is the most intuitive and adaptable, so my classmates will be very satisfied.

❷ Debut as a pixel artist with trendy works

With the popularity of retro style, there are endless opportunities Pixel art is one of the most popular genres because it can be easily accessed and used in a variety of ways even by people who have never learned to draw.

The character works are very popular You can work as a pixel artist in the NFT market, draw portraits of friends around you, and make gifts or goods. Like me, you can work on fun graphics by participating in various external projects. Make your dream of a trendy artist come true with your own unique pixel art!

  • Videos of this class and other related materials (including course materials, designs, and their works) are intellectual property protected by relevant laws and regulations such as copyright law, and cannot be copied, transmitted, displayed, or distributed without permission. If you violate this, you may be subject to civil and criminal liability in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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Congratulations on stubbornness!


Studio Pants

Studio Pants

Picture pants, a pixel artist who loves space and bright colors.

I work on my favorite scenery with pixel art and create stationery goods.

I am mainly active online by participating in offline shops and illustration fairs on Grapolio, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

I've always been interested in games that stand out for their pixel graphic design.

From classic games to recent high quality pixel games.

I drew a few pixel pictures when I was a kid, but I forgot about them for years after that.

Time passed, and I had to do assignments during my college major classes, but I was overwhelmed because I didn't have a tablet at home.

Meanwhile, when I immediately looked for a digital drawing method that I could do with a mouse, I noticed pixel art that I've always liked.

After that, I took intermittent dot shots with my laptop and mouse, which was the beginning of my work.

Right now, I'm focusing on my favorite pixel art work and creating my own universe.




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1201 North Market St. Suite 111, Wilmington, DE, 19801