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Skills You’ll Learn

Free drawing

Let's spend some time getting to know sketching before drawing a great picture!

My own painting, Deform!

Let's study facial proportions and learn deform through emphasis and omission.

A production that brings out attractive pictures

Stop the meaningless composition and layout! Learn basic directing.

Stop memorizing wrinkles,

Before memorizing clothing wrinkles, let's understand the shape of clothing and understand the principles.

Practice! Complete your own illustration

There is no fixed order for the pictures!
Let's improve the degree of perfection regardless of the order.

The foundation that holds the picture firmly!

Learn using basic, simple shapes that even beginners can easily understand.

Hello, I'm illustrator WZeck.

Winning work">

Pixiv Contest <Pride of Eden Fanart Contest> Winners

When I was a kid, drawing with only my senses, For me, painting was like a fun game. At the time, I loved drawing pictures, posting them to the community, and getting compliments.

One day after spending years drawing only familiar composition and colors, I realized I wasn't able to draw the picture I wanted. Progress was slowing down more and more, and at some point, I became afraid of even the color I was confident in.


Application model

No matter how tall you build a castle, if its floor is made of sand, it won't last long. The years that have passed away from the basics are bound to return to a major slump later. This class will be able to give a great answer to those who are in such a slump and continue to paint with a sense of emotion.

The first way to bring the person in my head to the canvas,

Mastering Shaping

If you look at it in a way, drawing an abstract figure in your head on a canvas can be viewed as a process of switching from 3d to 2d. Examples of typical shapes in this class are a sphere, a rectangular parallelepiped, and a cylinder First introduce three-dimensional shapes, then introduce how to study human body sculpting on your own by referring to portraitsI'll do it for you.

Let's draw the human body with understanding

If you've learned how to shape a human body, you'll understand and analyze muscles before practice. Have any of my paintings ever looked awkward? What kind of posture would you like to draw, but aren't there any cases where it's not easy to draw? I'll show you in detail, from the upper body muscles to the lower body muscles, and the areas you need to pay particular attention to. Learn the principles of muscle and apply them to painting.

according to my taste! Various deformes

Since the invention of the camera, the way the artist expresses his personality in painting has become even more important. In particular, what stands out most about the artist's personality is the painting. In order to find my own drawing, I'll first learn how to draw correctly. Learn the actual facial proportions and check the deform that suits your taste by changing the deform levelI'll try it. Look forward to the process of not just drawing along, but finding your own through theoretical lessons and applied learning!

An illustration structure that draws attention

Putting the artist's intention into the illustration, that is, directing, is important when it comes to creation. This class is easy to understand, even for beginners! Simple illustration direction and layout composition theory classThis is going to happen. Let's take a look at the fun of putting your own intentions into pictures.

A special correction method? A special brush?

Of course, the more you draw, the more your skills will improve, but there will be a lot of trouble in the process.

“Why do some people rush to draw, but I have to go back and forth to shovel my paintings to get to completion?”

It was a question I always heard until I seriously studied the basics. “Why is my drawing different from someone who is good at drawing even though they use the same brush?” I think I kept looking for only obvious shortcuts.

However, the correct answer Not a special skill It was a solid basic instrument. A foundation I've been turning away from over and over again, a name that passed by without knowing! However, basic lessons that only require you to draw along are always boring. We don't just draw along You'll learn principles, practice, and how to observe. Develop the ability to easily understand basic skills that can be difficult and digest them with your own pictures.

Few draws, but the effect is excellent My own efficient We'll share all the ways to study!





Hello, I'm illustrator WZeck.

Pixiv Contest <Pride of Eden Fanart Contest> Winners

I majored in animation and content and completed an internship at a related company, and I am currently conducting feedback classes on other platforms.

Being the ultimate master of sensory shadowers, I eventually accepted the gap in basic skills and spent a lot of time studying the basics.

I'll share all the effective ways to study, from being a sensible shadower to becoming a solid illustrator. Don't hesitate any longer to complete your own painting!





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