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About the class

The story I, as the planner, wanted to tell
Whether the audience hears with their mouths or not
It's the real standard for deciding whether a project wins or loses.

The know-how unique to Ground Seesow, which leads the exhibition trend of the MZ generation, will be revealed for the first time in Class 101. CEO Ji Seong-wook will directly introduce the story behind Ground Seesaw, which attracted a whopping 42 viewers to the <YOSIGO YOSIGO > exhibition despite restrictions on indoor personnel due to the pandemic.

It contains the background behind the birth of Ground Seesaw, insights gained through stories from each exhibition, and vivid stories from practitioners in various fields of planning/design/marketing/MD. I've captured all the stories behind the exhibition that you enjoyed watching.

Course effect

  • You can learn about Groundseeshow's unique exhibition planning method.
  • You can hear everything from the planning stages to the behind-the-scenes stories of the exhibition that you have enjoyed watching.
  • You can hear stories from Planning/Design/Marketing/MD practitioners at Ground Seesaw.
  • If you're a prospective planner, you can get practical advice you need to know.

Recommended target

  • Those who enjoy the Groundseesaw exhibition
  • A person who dreams of being an exhibition planner
  • Those who are curious about the exhibition planning know-how unique to Ground Seesow
  • Those who want to learn about successful content planning even if it's not exhibition planning

Pre-course notes

  • This class was created in 2023.

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ 1 million visitors a year, Groundseesow

Exhibition production know-how revealed for the first time

For the first time in Class 101, I captured all of the exhibition production know-how that had not been revealed until now. I will explain it easily so that even first-time users can understand it without difficulty.

We will share the know-how of the exhibition production process step by step, including the background behind the birth of Ground Seesaw and how they found a breakthrough during the coronavirus pandemic. As IP-related businesses have recently surfaced, I've also easily included information about licensing that many people may be curious about.

You can even check out the behind-the-scenes story of exhibition production that anyone who likes exhibitions on a regular basis may be curious about, even if you are not necessarily interested in exhibition planning.

❷ With the CEO of Groundseesaw

Vivid stories of practitioners in each job

Prior to shooting the class, I received a variety of questions you were curious about on Groundseesaw's Instagram. Through this class, I vividly captured the questions you usually have through interviews with the CEO and the practitioners of each job.

Learn more in depth about exhibition planning and the concerns of entrepreneurs with the required competencies through the practitioners and representatives of each job at Groundseesaw, the hottest exhibition agency in recent years.





Ground Seesaw is Korea's leading cultural space brand that is visited by 1 million people a year. <Yoshigo Photo Exhibition>, <Accidentally Wes Anderson>We will continue to provide exhibition content from a new perspective, such as exhibitions, and fill your everyday life with happy moments.



그라운드시소 홈페이지

그라운드시소 홈페이지

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