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9 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • 'Selling well' character concept book

  • Merchandise character design

  • My character's various poses

  • jump animation

  • Hi anime

  • Flying animation

  • Run animation

  • dancing animation

  • hug animation

Skills You’ll Learn

Designing popular characters

Tips for creating popular characters
We'll let you know with a free example.

Planning a “selling well” concept and message

Discovering “best-selling” ideas
I will tell you how to plan a spring tail for all purposes.

Create attention-grabbing character poses

Add the various charms of the characters!
I create my own poses and expressions of emotion

Efficient animation addition

Learn how to double the character's appeal and reduce work time.

Learn how to make emoticons

Practice design examples with Photoshop/Procreate/Clip Studio.

By a professional emoticon artist

Know-how to “sell well” emoticons

With emoticons Pay twice Receive

If my salary comes in twice

How good would it be?

Even the income from the second salary

What if it's bigger?!

I've thought about a side job at least once

A must-read for office workers!

It's OK even if it's a poop hand,

Create emoticons that you can start right away

More than 8 KakaoTalk emoticons!

In the 7th year of the pro N job, Bom Tail artist

Know-how to “sell well” emoticons

Let's get started now.

 봄테일 이모티콘 수익, 1년 4천 2백만원 이상

▶ ︎ Spring Tail emoji revenue, 42 million won or more per year

Hello! I'm Bom Tail, a KakaoTalk emoji artist. An ordinary office worker who has never copied emoticons The know-how to earn a salary for a large company, starting with graffiti, I'll let you know all of them.

Tired of working overtime every day, I started drawing characters as a hobby for 30 minutes a day. The initial start was smooth, but it suffered a painful failure due to successive declines in rankings. But I didn't want to give up my creative work.

After researching “best-selling emoticons” in the emoji market without sticking to my own preferences, I became an artist running backwards in the ranking of emojis in the top 20, 10, and 5.

People who say “I also want to come up with a best-selling emoji with my character” aren't satisfied with making emoticons, but really Second salarySo that you can get it! Here are some emoji trends and know-how we've learned over 7 years.

Do we need a new breakthrough?
Create an opportunity to change your life with emoticons

Why are most 'emoji' classes

Wouldn't the results be the same as I wanted even if I followed them?

It's an obvious fact,

Learn about the program and instructor's styleupon

This is because the content is focused.

The important thing is not “approval of emoticons”

Will it become a “best-selling emoji” after launchupon

It depends.

인기순위 50위에서 4위로 수직상승!

▶ ︎ Vertical rise from 50 to 4 in popularity!

Create top-selling emoticons

From the top 50 to the 4th place in 10,000 years! I will generously share the know-how that has been building a reverse running record in popularity rankings for 7 years.

Even if it's Red Ocean,

It's okay if you're new to emoticons

For those of you who are just starting out with emoticons, here are just the essentials.

“After all, the program is important, right? 🥺 What kind of brush should I use?”

A: A lot of people ask, NO! It doesn't matter the program or the brush! For 7 years, I too have only used the “basic features” of the program. The point is not a good program Emoticons that buyers can relate toIt's about making.

Nevertheless, for those who are starting out for the first time, I will teach you in my course using three programs: Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio. without wasting time, Select only the “necessary features” for emoticons I'll let you know, so what if the program that the instructor tells me doesn't suit me? You don't have to worry about it.

*** When I work, I use Photoshop as the main (PC), Clip Studio (PC) and Procreate (iPad) as a sub.

*** You can take a class once and buy your favorite program.

“It's too difficult to approve emoticons.. 😥 And isn't it Red Ocean already?”

봄테일 일정 관리

▶ ︎ Bom Tail schedule management

A: Yes, of course it's not easy. Even though it's easy to make, it's hard to sell well. That's exactly why An artist with a 'systematic process' who has studied the emoji market for a long timeYou must learn from.

Sparkling! A lecture by an artist with a successful case with an idea, and a lecture by an artist with a successful case with an outstanding picture. Cases like these are hard to apply to my characters, so I might go a long way. In my class, I will analyze trends and teach you how to create your own working system, so anyone can apply it according to their own situation.

“I've listened to a lot of lectures, but it's hard to execute because I just want to.. 😭”

By major lecture Examples you can try out yourselfI will give it to you. I don't just follow the guide

So that you can create your own creations! We'll give you a roadmap. Classmates who have carried out missions meticulously will prove their results with emoji sales, right? 🤩

You're going to learn something like this

1) Highly finished emoticons that can also be scribbled

From professional artists' research methods to sketching know-how! I'll show you the secret to creating competitive emoticons.

2) Easy to start creating your own character

Once you've chosen the direction of the emoticon to challenge, it's time to create a character! Popular charactersTips for making with free examples I'll let you know.

3) Create trendy emoticons

How to read trends in any field! Let me tell you how to design a versatile spring tail that has experienced various concepts

4) Basic skills applicable to any program

What if the program I told you about in the course doesn't work for me? Don't worry I'll teach you how to catch fish yourself with the right tool for you.

5) Add movement to emoticons!

Know-how to double the character's appeal and reduce work time. We'll show you how to take care of both efficiency and quality.

6) Beyond emoticons to brands

Creating a 'character brand' with a story and a worldview. I'll show you how to create character content to make steamed fans.

7) How to propose emoticons to increase approval rates

Are all professional artists' emoticons approved? “NO!” From why emoticons aren't approved to how to retry, I'll tell you the secret that the artist found in his own way in the 7th year!

봄테일 이모티콘 전자책 리뷰


Verified 99% Satisfaction Class

Many readers gave praise Spring Tail emoji e-book! I'll show you a video from A to Z, even the parts I couldn't capture in the documentation.

Spring Tail Class Benefits 💖

“Special” benefits for classmates who have begun a profitable creative path

✔ ︎ Original digital files by Bom Tail, where you can unravel the work of a professional

✔ ︎ Bom Tail artist's working system template that can be applied directly to my routine

✔ ︎ A collection of sites and apps you can refer to when creating emoticons

With my character
Become a creator who makes money!



Introducing the Bom Tail Emoji Class

1. Become a best-selling emoji artist!


2. Emoticons, the secret to selling 10x better


3. I'll guide you through the program and coaching tickets


4. Procreate 5.2 update details



Raising an emoji artist core that leads to monetization

1. My character is cute, but the real reason I didn't respond


2. Production routines leading to monetization for professional artists


3. Differentiation strategies to become popular emoticons


4. KakaoTalk emoji market interpreted by professional writers



Designing characters that are marketable

1. Emoji character design that catches your eye one more time


2. Hands-on: Character drawing with Photoshop


3. Hands-on: Drawing a character using Clip Studio


4. Hands-on: Character drawing with Pro Create


5. Cultivating character design skills that lead to sales


6. Do people like characters if they're pretty?


7. Character detail know-how used in action


8. Story content of characters making steamed fans



Create an emoji idea that sells well

1. How to find “selling” ideas without sense


2. Create a tastier idea to make fans


3. When an idea gets stuck, it's frustrating! How to pierce


4. How to create an emoji set that doubles responsiveness



Emoji design that enhances completeness

1. An attractive design method for creating graffiti as a design


2. Self-check for best-selling emoticons


3. Great font usage for my characters



Animation basics for best-selling emoticons

1. Photoshop animation for beginners


2. Pro-create animation for beginners


3. Clip Studio Animation for Beginners


4. Strategies for creating compelling animations that stand out from competitors



Highly satisfying animations that increase payment rates

1. Efficient animation know-how to reduce work time


2. Exercise: Let's do a jump animation in Photoshop


3. Hands-on: Animate dancing with Clip Studio


4. Hands-on: Animate a hug with Pro Creator


5. How to create tasty text/effects animations



Suggest emoticons that will increase approval

1. An emoji proposal process that focuses only on the core of professional artists


2. Running after approval of emoticons that work in practice


3. Beware of non-approval! A professional artist's approach to reducing failure


4. How to survive after the launch of the emoticon that survives in the market



The next step for emoticons, a strategy for maximizing profits

1. From emoji artist to character brand manager


2. Creating character content that creates fandom


3. Create a roadmap for artists to grow into adepts


4. How to become an artist attracted to companies and deal with external collaboration


5. I'm not satisfied with just one emoji! Revenue diversification strategy



Congratulations to the class stubbornness

1. Let's join the path of a creator who makes money






I'm Bom Tail, a KakaoTalk emoji artist.

I tried to be an emoticon artist

I started drawing characters for the first time.

Releasing more than 8 emojis over 7 years

After building up know-how, I'm currently developing the “Mersong” character brand.


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