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Skills You’ll Learn

Focus your mind! Breathing method that makes your brain sparkle

When you can't concentrate well and your mind is in a state of mind, let out your old energy and refresh

Relaxation breathing method for a slumber reservation

Use breathing techniques to synchronize your body with your breath and give your body a relaxing gift

Direct to Morning X! Breathing method for running to the bathroom

How to remove toxins by activating pure internal organs immediately after waking up

Proper breathing

A routine that improves breathing habits for a more energetic day

Move your body based on the breathing method you've learned

The experience of massaging your own body with breathing

Breathing method to become a superman

Learn how to hold your breath while holding your breath

Breathing I'm still doing
Changing my body and life just by breathing
only one class

We breathe for a lifetime

You can change your life just by breathing better

Humans are the only animal with malocclusion problems out of 5,400 species of mammals on Earth. As a result, respiratory diseases and breathing problems occur. “Breathing” is the key to a healthy life, which governs the lives we miss. We present a new perspective on breathing together from the moment we are born to the day we close our eyes.

Things you can do every day without spending money

Uses 200% of the brain and body in 10 minutes a day

You may be shocked while taking this class. “Why haven't we been able to do this before?” Because you might think that.

You'll feel like learning how to breathe and start a new life. It's not just a feeling. You will learn how to wake up organs, activate the brain, and improve all the efficiency of your body through proper breathing. From then on, you'll be able to start a new life that feels like you're really awake.

“Just 10 minutes a day” in a tight day and busy daily life
The efficiency of work and the depth of rest will also change.

We'll point out your fuel, your breath

This is Enzo, a breathing model.

I spent 5 years studying “how to live” by traveling the mountains and seas all over the world. At the end of my trip to the six continents, I moved my mind to an inner journey rather than external stimuli. In high mountains where oxygen is scarce, I was taught that the “body” uses breath as fuel, and in freediving into the ocean with my breath, I met a great sense of peace that comes from within.

I would like to teach you 'how to live better' using the know-how of 5 years of experimenting and studying with my own body. No special preparation is required. Because you're breathing right now. Let's get started right away.

Dramatic changes in the morning caused by breathing techniques수강생 후기

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Your daily life will be refreshed the moment you wake up in the morning. After waking up, it activates organs that haven't woken up, making the beginning of the day full of energy. Yesterday is the end of a tiring and unenergized morning. When organ function is activated, bowel activity can also be controlled. Each of these parts is the power of breathing to take care of my body.

Controlling an automated body

Principles of breathing

Our body's activities: digestion, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. are automated. At this time By controlling breathing, we control our pulse, blood pressure, and even internal organs You can do it.

When we cry, our body takes care of it and takes a deeper breath, and when we suddenly feel nervous, our body stops breathing by itself. In this way, the muscles that control breathing and breathing control our bodies without knowing it.

Just as you have experienced feeling dizzy due to taking the wrong breath, on the contrary, you can clear your mind through breathing. By learning how to breathe, we can intentionally bring us benefits.

Principles, theory and practice

To make it my own by repeating it easily

This is your first time, so don't be afraid. I'll teach you how to slowly learn and repeat each breathing skill to make it your own. I feel my body, which has been breathing my whole life the way I have been breathing, changes to giving me a moment each day. You'll never want to breathe like you used to. No, you won't even remember it.

When your body is heavy in the morning and you're tired from sleeping or sleeping, when you can't sleep, when you can't concentrate well, or even when you have toilet problems, you can choose to eat according to your condition and situation.

If you breathe while awakening your body and brain together, you will experience these changes.

  • Improved concentration to be able to immerse yourself in life
  • Improvement of physical ability to reduce fatigue
  • Improving intestinal health by going to the bathroom better in the morning
  • A healthy sleep that makes you fall asleep

To be able to sleep deeply at the end of the day

Give the gift of cozy relaxation

Our body feels a little stress just by being in front of a traffic light or in front of a pedestrian crossing. After a day like this, both body and mind will be exhausted. At the end of the day, give yourself a cozy time with yoga breathing that physiologically stimulates parasympathetic nerves and relaxation breathing that reduces the freediver's pulse so that you can melt and release body tension and stress.

Bringing breathing techniques into everyday life

A daily routine to fill your life

If you take a class once and practice once, it won't be easy for us to change the body and breathing habits we've been using all our lives in an instant. 10 minutes lightly after waking up, is that too long?! Please give me 5 minutes. Here's a morning booster routine that you can do on your own.

Once you get used to 5 or 10 minutes in the morning
Like taking it out and eating it when you need it
You'll be able to take stronger, deeper breaths for longer

While holding your breath, you learn how to hold your breath, and try to breathe with each part of your body. Look at the differences that occur depending on where you focus your breathing, and even if you try to unravel the stiff part, you can open your heart and feel your emotions come alive.

Along with meditation the breathing method I learned,

Time to focus solely on myself

Now that I have learned how to breathe, I will try sitpasana meditation, which focuses only on the changes in mind and emotions that occur while sitting and the senses of the body, rather than a kind and warm directed meditation. A short time without doing anything can be awkward and difficult, and you might say, “Why are you doing this?” However, if you have a sense of accomplishment and luck that comes later, you can have a valuable opportunity to get a glimpse of your inner world.

My first Vipassana meditation was with flying bugs in front of the Red Sea. I watched the sticky wind, the noise around me, the discomfort in my lower back, and the feeling of wanting to move my body for some reason, and just getting itchy spots.

It was an amazing experience where these things finally disappeared and I was met with serene peace. Even the leaves shaken by the wind that I met on my way home were new, I want to share with you an experience where I felt blessed to be alive.



Breathing techniques to make your day sparkle even more

1. I'm happy to be able to breathe together, I'm Enzo, a breathing model.


2. Breathing? What kind of class is it? : How breathing affects us


3. Are you doing a good “breathing exercise”?



“Human,” the animal species with the most stuffy nose on the planet

1. What should I do about changes in the skull and posture and breathing in modern people?


2. Yoga and breathing in oriental thought


3. Increase lung capacity in 20 seconds



[Good Morning] Breathing to start the day

1. Morning X Restroom Direct Breathing Method


2. Deeper and hotter: activating internal organs



[Morning] Focus your mind! Breathing that awakens the body

1. Breathing techniques to make your brain sparkle


2. A monk's practice of waking up the body


3. Deepen - from head to toe!



Review with a routine

1. [Routine] Breathing directly into the bathroom to wake up the intestines


2. [Routine] Breathing with the mind that wakes up the brain



[Good After Snow] 5 minutes at lunch time, breathing to rearrange the day

1. Did you eat well? Breathing that helps digestion after meals


2. Fill oxygen instead of caffeine blood transfusions, increase concentration, breathing



[Dinner] When it's hard to fall asleep - a relaxation gift for the body

1. Sitting breathing - matching body and breathing


2. Breathing While Lying Down - Being One with the Floor and Giving the Gift of a Cozy Sleep



Increased lung capacity! Breathing as a superman

1. Freediving breathing theory


2. Feeling Alive Here and Now - Breathing Practice 1


3. Breathing to raise oxygen levels in the body - Breathing holding exercises 2


4. [Routine] Practice holding your breath



[Yoga 1] Have a great day without breathing!

1. Learn to breathe yoga before moving your body


2. Freediver stretching to increase lung capacity


3. Breathing into the side lines of the body - standing position


4. Breathe into the side lines of the body - sitting and lying down



[Yoga 2] Refreshing a stiff body - breathing into your back

1. Breathe into your back - ready breathing


2. Breathing into your back - Practice



[Yoga3] Energize your emotions and body - Breathe into your heart

1. Breathe into your chest - basic


2. Breathing into the chest - deepening (approach in the position of a queen pigeon)


3. Lie down and breathe into your chest



[Yoga 4] Breathing when there is no energy

1. Lie down like this 1 - Pelvis


2. Let's lie down like this 2 - legs


3. Bow down like this



[Meditation] Inner Journey through Breathing - Upper Pasana Meditation

1. Meditation Class Guide


2. Breathing meditation


3. Meditation to leave for a while - India


4. Relaxation Meditation/Mind Relaxation Meditation - Tibet


5. Meditation to watch your breath and control your mind - Myanmar


6. Mindset for sleep meditation



Stubborn, congratulations!! I'm so happy to be able to breathe together

1. A summary of tips applied to real life


2. Get started today with the energy



Suriya Enzo

Suriya Enzo

Hello, I'm Enzo, the breathing model;)

I'm so happy to be able to breathe together.

For 5 years, I've been studying “myself” by traveling the mountains and seas all over the world.

In high mountains where oxygen is scarce, I was taught that the “body” uses breath as fuel.

In freediving where I had to hold my breath, I found great peace in the ocean, from within me.

After studying breathing like this, yoga came naturally to my life.

One day of yoga is a happy day, and I feel more full of body and mind than ever before. We share happy energy by teaching yoga and diving.

Breathing is something we do all the time, even if we don't care about it, and it can even become more uncomfortable if we are conscious of it.

Using this tight breath, you will be able to enjoy an exhilaration that you have never felt before, and you will also experience the serenity of being in the ocean

Breathe together for 10 minutes a day, and you'll have a refreshed morning, a restful night's sleep, a fresh taste, and even a good trip to the bathroom.

Let's give a gift of caring time for myself with this fuel called “breath” together.



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