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Class introduction

In the midst of a flood of services and an increasing number of customer contact channels Optimized Customer Experience (Optimized Customer Experience) must be a prerequisite for service success. To this end, CX planners must be able to analyze and respond to problems that occur at each stage of use of the service in advance, and perform various actions to eliminate factors that adversely affect the customer experience.

This class provides a clear insight into customer experience for everyone who wants to create a good service and customer experience, such as a simple CS manager, an incumbent CX planner, and a leader planning to build a CX team in a company. There isn't always a right choice for a CX strategy. There are only choices that make it right. Competencies and mindsets required for CX plannersI'll share what it is with all of the classes.

Course effect

  • You can learn service operation policy planning know-how that customers are impressed with.
  • You can learn know-how to maximize the efficiency of outsourcing customer center operations
  • You can learn VOC analysis know-how based on practical data.

Recommended target

  • CS industry workers who dream of a career transition as a CX planner
  • Practitioners and team leaders who must establish a CX team and design all work areas from the beginning
  • Job preparedness students dreaming of a career in service planning and CX planning

What makes this class special

Practical class that will be your LAN line shooter

Aimed at the easiest course to understand CX planningI will. It is not an abstract lecture centered on theory, a course that only CX staff can understand, but a course that can be taken regardless of rank or year. Data-oriented, from how to set CX success indicators to how to set KPI indicators for each VOC level Provide practical references necessary for CX planningI will. In addition, based on various offline lecture experiences, I included the concerns of business CX planners and career development directions in the class, so you will be able to get hints about the direction of my career from newcomers to business owners.

▲ Examples of KPI indicators for each VOC level

This class is based on the winner of the Brunch Book AI Class Project.

✏️ Winner of the AI Class Brunch Book Project by Beyond Eyes




Beyond eyes

Beyond eyes

Hello CX planner,

I'm the creator Beyond Eyes.

I have been in charge of CX planning in e-commerce for 5 years.

As you all know, in recent years, it has become so popular among companies that it is said that CX is what is essential when calling for customer-centered thinking. though The reality is that it is very difficult to find examples of companies or strategic research on CX carried out in actual business.

Five years before I joined the company, things weren't much different. Even the word CX was unfamiliar, and when I explained my job, people immediately asked, “Counselor?” “Counselor management?” 'VOC management? ' I only understood it to a certain extent.

I myself also think of CX as just an advanced concept of CS, and I wasn't sure about a clear definition of the concept and how to solve it in my work.

I was cramped and tried to fill my lack of knowledge by attending an MBA during my corporate life.

I decided once again that the best textbooks come from organizing the experience and know-how gained in the field, and I began to write down the courses I had done at work in my company notebook one by one. All of those processes that were confusing, bumped into, and made mistakes.

And that record led to brunch.

After working for 5 years, I came up with my own concept of what “real CX” is, a station where I can tell what CX I have seen, and what is a good CX even though there is no correct answer. I really wanted fewer people like me to get lost because they couldn't even grasp the concept of work, so this came together as a lecture.

So this course is for CX (preliminary) planners who are still struggling to find answers somewhere today

We aim to be a small hope.

Customers can surely have a wonderful experience with your service

For those who need to create a CX planning practice book, I'll tell you the most realistic story:)

beyond eyes

beyond eyes

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