To tablet/clip studio
7 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 5 hours to complete one class project.

  • Attractive character head illustration

  • An eye-catching bust illustration

  • Illustrations using layouts

  • Illustrations that include backgrounds

  • Reverse atmosphere illustration

  • Illustrations using clew materials

  • character goodnote sticker

Skills You’ll Learn

Make your own Good Note sticker

Make your own cute character as a Good Note sticker and try it out.

Try 200% natural use of Clutu materials

I will draw natural illustrations using cool materials.

Using layouts effectively

Learn about layout schemes commonly used for attractive illustrations.

A production hidden in the picture

Learn the hidden directing in the picture and improve the quality of the picture.

Basic character head drawing

Draw your own charming character using the provided human body frame.

Basic usage of Clip Studio and shortcuts

Learn the basics of using Clip Studio and shortcuts for quick tasks.

Even if you're not good at it, you can draw attractive enough illustrations!

Hello, writer Oyster riceIt's. I draw a variety of pictures, from character designs to illustrations. In this class, let's take a look at the important points you need to know if you're just starting to draw.

If you start later than others

I am I started drawing later than othersI did. At the entrance exam school I entered late, my starting line was pretty slow. I had a limited amount of time left, and I didn't think I could keep up with my efforts. Then I suddenly realized it. If you started late, that much The fact that the method must be specialEul.

I draw with Clip Studio and tablet

I am Clip Studio and Wacom tablets, occasionally an iPadI'm also working on it. Clip Studio has a variety of brushes and materials Various pictures easily I can draw Also Set shortcutsThis painting program is highly recommended for beginners because of its ease.

In my class From the basic functions of Clip Studio and the rough stage to drawing and coloring, the final stage of completionWe will let you know until In addition, efficient shortcut setting, The appeal points of my paintings, Easy to learn background basics, correction tips to improve quality, etc. I had Special point drawingLet me introduce you to

Find important points in the picture.

When we study, first Important pointsI'm thinking about where is. That's the point. The same goes for picturesI think so. An important part of every picture. The moment you make that part attractive, that picture Born as an attractive illustrationIt's about doing it.

If it's pretty in my eyes and in the eyes of others, it's a big deal!

It doesn't really matter how long you've spent on painting. The purpose of painting is only one, If that picture is beautiful for both my own eyes and the eyes of others, it's great! The more beginners who take their first steps in painting Excessive basic knowledge is not fun, but fear and heavinessYou can come up with. Let's start painting by simply getting to know each other step by step.

I will complete the picture at a fast speed

I'm more and more at the introductory stage Fast work is recommendedI'll do it. Long hours of work quickly become exhausting. Mainly used by professional writers hotkeyWith a clip studio that can be used in practice Helpful featuresLet's complete the picture using. Classmates that are slow and full of temporary storage filesRamen attention!

Let's easily learn a background that was only difficult

It's hard for people to draw, but does drawing a background just feel more difficult? People and natural backgroundsIn this class, we'll lay the basics to draw. Mainly used by professional writers From the color of the background to the composition and angleWe will let you know easily.

Let's create a variety of atmospheres

If you always draw similarly How to draw a variety of moodsLet me tell you about The atmosphere ranges from a shimmering, sunny atmosphere to a dark and dreamy atmosphereLet's direct it. You'll really be able to catch the atmosphere you're looking for in it.

An attractive illustration even if you just draw a face

It's hard to draw a human body, so if you only draw faces but always end up with a similar mood Use directing for a different feelI can give it to you. Of the viewer How to lead the eye If you think about directing, even if you don't have a human body, you can create an attractive illustration of your own.

Draw your own stickers and try using them

How exciting would it be if I used Clip Studio to put a cute character in my diary with my own hands! I designed the stickers and characters I wanted and applied them to the “Good Note” applicationI'll show you how to use the sun. The feeling of complementing my paintingsYou'll feel it. Hobbies and painting overlap Let's make a new picture!

Even if you don't have a human body, even if you don't know the basics

Now your drawing is ready to grow. I can draw an attractive enough picture even as it is now. You all join me in this class The power to move towards a finished paintingI hope to get it.

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Illustration drawing to draw an attractive picture


Learn about Clip Studio


Let's draw a basic character face


Lightly drawn human body


Let's draw attractive hair


Let's make more useful use of Clutu materials


Fast and high-quality coloring


Illustration with the same composition and anti-war atmosphere


Let's improve the overall completeness


Make your own Good Note sticker


At the end of the class




I'm Oyster Bap, an artist who perfects rather than perfect.

I liked looking more than painting. Every time I saw a variety of pictures, I felt so beautiful and beautiful. Actually, it wouldn't be easy to create such a wonderful work. However, I want you to know that the moment you act rather than think makes a big difference.

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