2 chapters · 45 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

To Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
1 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Cinematic travel videos

Skills You’ll Learn

Video production tips from travel creators

Learn video production tips unique to travel creator Equally.

Installing and setting up the YouCut app

Install the YouCut app and set it up for video editing.

Clean and rhythmic cut editing configuration

Learn how to edit cuts and compose, which are the first steps in video editing.

Cinematic color expression and correction methods

Learn about Equal's movie-like sense of color expression and correction methods.

Secondary video processing method for social media upload

Learn how to do secondary processing to share the created video.

갤럭시 탭 S7/S7+로 '나다운 나'를 만나다!

▶ ︎ Meet “Your True Self” with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+!

Class Just For You! Learn With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

My True Self, “Traveler”

Hi, I'm travel creator Ikkually. I introduce beautiful travel destinations in Korea and overseas through videos with good composition and beautiful colors. I work as a producer of Youtube chanel "" and as an individual creator as well.

Video editing For those who find the preparation process difficult Video editing know-how using devices with maximum portability and convenience, such as the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+I decided to plan a class because I thought it would be nice if I could deliver it to you.

Traveling, looking at myself one step away

What does traveling mean to you?

For me A “trip” is a time to discover a new selfI think it is. Traveling isn't a great thing that only a few people can do, and it doesn't change as many things right away as you might think. Instead, as I accumulate those experiences, I feel that I am strengthening myself as I move forward towards something.

Through making travel videos, I gained the strength to move forward unwaveringly no matter what kind of wind hits me, from external obstacles to internal fears. Start making a travel video to capture your memories while chewing on your trip for 101 won right now!

Discover Your True Self With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

“I definitely need to make a travel video this time!”Aren't you just making up your mind and just can't get started? For those who have been hesitating about video editing for a while, this class will help make video editing easy and fun. Most of the time you buy a good device, you can't use it properly. The specific editing method is also important, but above all, I think this class will be very helpful because I can understand what I can do with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+.

In this class Take out a saved travel video and make a movie-like travel videoDo it, Share on social mediaI'm going to show you how to do it! From clean and rhythmic cut editing to movie-like color expression and correction methods, to secondary processing methods for social media uploads! If you follow me step by step, you'll have created a wonderful travel video before you know it.

Cinematic Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Life

Video editing is a very detailed job, so the display is important. It's easy to edit videos through the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+'s large screen display, and at the same time, you can refine what you want to express through the video. Even the color reproducibility that expresses the same colors as in the Equal Mascot movie! Learn how to edit travel videos with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ right now.

Everyday life is like a movie,
A person who lives by sharing good things
It's equalization.





Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

Work Hard, Play Stunning

Another window showing you and my daily life

Work & Play introduces the Galaxy Tab S7 with the strongest performance ever, which supports everything. Freely express your own thoughts and inspirations with the amazingly new S Pen, Samsung Note, and various Creation apps, and process tasks quickly and accurately in an optimal work environment such as a PC with Samsung DeX and keyboard book covers. With an upgraded 120 Hz large screen and 4 AKG speakers, you can enjoy your own content realistically. Meet your own daily life on a large tablet screen now.

My daily life, my world

Large screen display showing as it is

Smoother and smoother screen movements

Thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen responds instantly to moving fingertips. Watch the fast-moving screen without interruption.

An S Pen that's more than a real pen

You can write and draw like a pen with greatly improved response speed, a soft nib that reflects your font, and a comfortable grip even when held for a long time. Its strong magnetism makes it easy to attach to the side and back of the tablet, and it even has an air gesture function, making it more than a real pen.

With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
Discover who you are!

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