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Children's first money study, mom's table economics class


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Skills You’ll Learn

Fundamentals of economic education

You will learn the principles of economic education and how to apply the economy in a fun way to children.

Economic education in everyday life

From pocket money to seed money making, communicating with children and nurturing financial independence

Learn about economics in daily life through newspaper articles

I will be able to connect my child's interests to the economy by searching for articles

The importance of investing

Even becoming a capitalist with seed money! I will try to achieve small goals.

The rapidly changing world of investment

Learn about everything from the investment methods we know well to the latest investment trends.

When my mother was a kid,

About economic education

How did you learn?

Most parents in our country are not independent about economic education (money).

Ironically, many parents say they want to raise our children rich and can't teach them how to do that.

The reason is simple. Because we didn't get that kind of economic education either.

If we want our kids to be rich

From me as an adult! From me as a parent!

You must know the economy right away and have the mindset of a rich person.

If I look at the economy with a rich mindset, our kids will learn naturally.

If you dream of financial freedom,

I haven't achieved it yet, but If I want my child to enjoy as much financial freedom

With that in mind, now is the right time for economic education.


Mom's ticket economic instructor

This is Dream Sam

크리에이터 소개

▶ Creator introduction

What is the best education for our children?

Are you going to teach me how to catch meat, bring it to me, and eat it deliciously,

or A guide so that you can learn how to catch meat on your ownAre you going to be?

As a mother of one person and an economic instructor, I am always researching what is the best curriculum for children's economic guidance.

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

While teaching children, I thought about how to make them naturally experience the difficult economy, and this time I participated as a researcher in creating a microcosm of the economy with games that children like. We are working on educating children by incorporating the results of our own research based on this board game.

Please enjoy the economic education of our children, enjoy playing games, and make it a useful place.

Children who have had indirect experiences also shine through firsthand experiences!

The economy in the palm of your hand!

They don't teach at school

Economic knowledge

Learn by playing games!

From children who only look ahead without dreams, children with no economic knowledge to adults!

I can't make you rich with this game

At least by playing this game, you'll naturally get interested in the economy.

Experience income and consumption, and learn about cash flow in a microcosm of the actual economy,

Guide children to future economic activities by dealing with keywords from across the economyIt can be.

Chapter 01 Fundamentals of Economic Education

#유대인의 Economic Education #돈 Learn the 3 ways of studying #즐겁게

Before teaching the economy to a child, the mother's job is for the mother to do it first. Learn from stories of people who know the basic principles of economics and have already succeeded.

  • Jewish economic education : Did you know that many of the rich people we know are Jews? I take the time to learn through their education.
  • 3 types of money studies : Learn how to manage money through the 3 principles of money.
  • Learn money and numbers while having fun : Understand economic trends through economic board games.

Chapter 02 Economic Education in Everyday Life (1) I am the owner of money

# Economic communication in everyday life # Economics of pocket money

Did you know that natural economic education is possible when shopping or recycling if your mom is a little more careful? In fact, I'm going to tell you about the economics of everyday life through the stories of the child I taught and my child.

  • The economics of pocket money : Shall I sign an pocket money contract with my mom? Plans, actions, and consumption checks required when filling out a pocket money statement
  • Income activities in daily life : I don't generate income from the work I have to do on my own.
  • Use of newspapers and internet news : How should I read it?
  • I'll make seed money : It instills the seeds of raising my child's financial IQ.

Chapter 03 Economic Education in Everyday Life (2) Let money work for itself.

#주식 #투자 # capitalist #증권계좌 #투자트렌드

You can play new games linked to compositional reality, such as jobs, stocks, and real estate.

In addition to getting to know the economy through games, I also link practical classes linked to reality.

  • stocks Where and how should I invest?
  • Investment propensity checklist - Mother and child may have different tendencies. Let's set the investment direction through a simple check.
  • Latest investment trends - Investment trends are also changing due to rapidly changing social phenomena. Learn about emerging investment trends.



I tell my parents.

1. 3040 I tell my parents. Economics, who should learn?


2. Here's a kit for learning about economics in a fun way.



Fundamentals of economic education

1. Let's learn about the principle of economic education through Jewish education.


2. Is Jewish economic education possible in my country?


3. The 3 principles of money study - how to earn well, how to spend well, and how to collect well


4. Learn about money and numbers while having fun - knowing the economic flow increases your financial IQ.



Economic education in everyday life (1) I am the owner of money.

1. Communicating with children in everyday life - 1+1 teaching method


2. The economics of pocket money - I mean I need money.


3. Income activities in daily life


4. Why newspapers are essential in economic education and how to use them


5. Let's make seed money - let's collect it well.



Mom's Table Economic Education in Everyday Life (2) Let Money Work for Yourself

1. Please raise my child as a capitalist. - I water the seeds I plant.


2. What are the investments?


3. Checklist of parents' propensity to invest and child's propensity to invest


4. Start by opening an account now


5. In action!! The latest investment trends



Congratulations on your stubbornness!!

1. Money won? Don't think ~*



Thinking Tree

Thinking Tree

I'm Dream Sam currently teaching Korean, math, and NIE to children, and working as a lecturer specializing in external economics.

He also appeared on a panel on Seoul Economic Affairs TV, completed the Cash Flow Coaching Dealer Course, and completed the Economic Instructor and Dream Expert Course.

We are always researching what is the best curriculum for children's economic guidance.

I also participated directly as a researcher in the Don't Worry board game and application book of this course.

We are working on children's education by incorporating the results of our own research. Please enjoy the economic education of our children, enjoy playing games, and make it a useful place.

Children with indirect experience also shine through firsthand experiences.




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