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Profit of 150 million won from stock investment,

It is possible to exceed the “employee salary”!

[Personal account details that were actually bought and sold in 21 years]

[<Ant is still today 5> Account details sold at the time of shooting]

The above account is a personal account that was actually sold in '21 years ago, and an account that < ant bought and sold today 5> at the time of filming.

<Personal account> I was able to make a profit of 100 million won or more during the past year, <In the case of a shooting account>, the broadcasting station provided it while filming for about 2 months The principal amount of 5 million won was called 11.65 million won, and we were able to achieve a profit of 133% compared to the principal amount.

Isn't this the end? “1st place” out of 7561 people,

Stock Investment Contest Yield Achieved 172%!

A simulated investment competition for university students who were interested in investing in stocks and wanted to win an investment competition,

We were able to achieve 1st place out of 7,561 people in a simulated investment competition held over 8 weeks.

The yield of the mock investment competition was 172%,

Broadcast shooting yield of 133%

Are you curious about the secret?

💁‍♂️ Even if you make a profit, Big loss in one go The one who does it

💁 In practice Brain trafficking, only stop-loss The one who hits

💁‍♀️ As a long-term investment Continued compound incomeThose who want to release

💁‍♂️ Stable profit by subscribing to a contestThose who want to release

💁 Those who want to make a profit by investing a small amount of time

💁‍♀️ Those who don't like losing their accounts

If you first start investing in stocks and first come across short-term investments, you may make money at first, but the more you do, the more you lose money.

First, gain a lot of experience in stocks through long-term investment, and then if you gain some experience, you can learn the know-how to make a profit from short-term investments, so we recommend that beginners focus on long-term investment first.

<Medium- to long-term stock investment> In the class
My life teacher in stock investing,
My father, who is a full-time investor
<Stock investment and children's economic education> Special lectures will be held.

Nice to meet you!

I started investing in stocks when I was in middle school

I am 'Hong Ink', an investor in the 12th year.

Influenced by my parents, who are full-time investors, I have been interested in the economy since I was a child. Therefore, I first started investing in stocks when I was in middle school with the pocket money I collected little by little, and since stocks are more fun than games, I have been investing for 12 years in parallel with Dantascalping trading and medium- to long-term investments.

최고 수익률 133.36%

▶ Highest yield 133.36%

Based on 12 years of practical investment experience, 3 efficient investment methods compared to time investment with a steady compound profit (Medium- to long-term investments in growth stocks, public offerings, and index indices) I would like to introduce you to.

If you also establish your own trading principles based on my know-how, Employees who have a main job will also be able to make a steady profit. Zhu Lin will tell you the medium- to long-term investment secrets he has built up over 12 years with an easy-to-understand explanation.

📈 Stable and relaxed <medium- to long-term investment> lectures

✅ Easy medium- to long-term investment secrets that make a profit if you wait even if you pass it on

✅ Know-how to find sports that can rise to the right in the long term

✅ How to determine contests that are bound to rise

✅ An easy investment method that has been proven over a long period of time and simplified

From middle school students to special lectures by parents of full-time investors who taught me about investing through economic education!

  • Especially in the case of medium to long-term investments, it is possible to invest efficiently compared to the time invested.
  • I would like to tell you the secret to selecting stocks that you can be sure to wait even if they are inherited, and how to make a stable and leisurely investment.

25-year medium- to long-term investment of “proven talents”

We'll show you strategies and practical know-how!

월간 대학생리그 순위결과 1위

▶ 1st place in the monthly college student league ranking results

[22nd KB Securities Live Investment Contest University Student League 1st place]

[Some of the parents' accounts that had an investment return of 4.5 billion or more in 20-21]

If you look at the big trends in the market and focus on medium- to long-term investments, you can minimize risk and protect your precious investment funds.

📍 I will tell you how to find sports that can rise to the top in the long term,

📍 We will show you how to invest stably and leisurely, rather than investing in a hurry with anxiety.

As time goes by, the value of cash falls, and prices are bound to gradually rise. Therefore, “investing” is essential in life, and since investing in stocks is a highly cashable investment method that is particularly easy to cash out, it is necessary to learn properly when learning and apply it to practical investment.

Pursuing steady compound interest

After all, it's the most profitable way.

If you take the time to take the course hard, I and my parents will be 12 or 25 years together You can listen to 37 years of experience in just 8 hours and reduce unnecessary trial and error in actual trading.

If you make a profit from compound interest for 10 years at about 26% a year,
The assets will increase approximately 10 times after 10 years.

I am confident that if you practice trading by applying the lecture content through practical trading based on what you have learned, you will have the ability to make a stable and steady profit.

This course To be the “beginning” of a new turning point in your investment life, We will prepare a full class structure! Thank you



King Ant

King Ant

Hello, it's called “Red Popularity,” a large erudite ant that runs a YouTube with 25,000 subscribers.

[History of popularity of the Great King Ant, who eats erudite food]

🏆 Ranked 1st out of 7561 students in the Korea Investment Securities University Student Mock Investment Contest

  • Achieved a yield of 172% in 2 months

🏆 Kakao TV and Netflix <Ant is still appearing in Chapter 5>

  • Achieved 133% yield in 2 months

🏆 An active investor in the 12th year who started investing in stocks when he was a junior high school student

[History of the parents of the Great King Ant Hong Inki, who eats erudite food]

🏆 Equity investment income of 4.5 billion or more in 20-21 years

🏆 An active investor in the 25th year who started investing in stocks in '98

Until now, I have been investing in stocks for 12 years and have mainly invested in short-term and long-term investments in parallel. In particular, since I have been investing in stocks for a long time with a focus on long-term investments, I was able to show the timing of short-term trading, and in the process, I was able to establish a principle of making a steady profit through trial and error.

✍ Danta Scalping Trading Course

✍ Medium- to long-term investment lectures

Investment principles and short-term, medium- to long-term investment secrets not disclosed anywhereI'm going to reveal it in the above two lectures.

I'll apply all of my know-how. You can look forward to it! I'll see you in the lecture.

학식먹는 대왕개미

학식먹는 대왕개미

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