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With a pencil
1 Class Projects

It takes about About 10 to 12 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Complete 1 pencil portrait drawing a realistic depiction of the object you want to draw using lines and light

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding pencil types and tools

Understand the types of pencils and learn how to use these tools

Understanding facial proportionality theory and structure

Learn about proportions and structures that you need to know about the basics of drawing people

Realistic feature descriptions

Learn about the depiction of features that determine a person's impression

Description of natural hair

Learn about natural hair and hair descriptions that were difficult to understand

The structure and impression of a face captured with a pencil

While learning the uses and uses of pencils that differ from dark to dark Structure and proportion of the faceLearn about How to understand differences in facial skeletons based on gender or race and draw naturallyI'll tell you about

An advanced portraiture course based on the basics

Eyes and eyebrows, which are the most important parts that determine the impression, nose, natural lips, ears, and hair, which are the biggest factors that determine appearance How to understand and express the elements that make up a faceI will learn. After practicing the basic course and getting familiar with it Three-dimensional portraitsI'll help you draw

To successfully draw portraits

The pictures below are mine Pictures drawn by students in offline classesIt's listening.

So that people who are not majors can enjoy portraits like this, The most common mistakes when drawing pictures and the most difficult points when drawing portraitsI'll point you out!

Emotions and moods of characters

Based on an understanding of the tones of lines and contrasts The character's mood changes depending on the light and angleI'll teach you how to express, and help you capture emotions and moods in pictures.

realism pencil portraits,
You can do it too!






Drawing and oil painting

This is Seo Il-hwan.

I am Scenes and stories of characters that can usually be seen in everyday lifeis captured as a picture. Moving away from the hard drawing of traditional entrance examination art, Time to draw rich colors and dense portraits with the basic material of art called pencilsI'm going to bring it with me.

Would you like to start drawing portraits with me?



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