Using pencil and photoshop
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete one class project.

  • attractive face

  • Eye features (eyes, nose, mouth)

  • hairs

  • My ideal character's upper body

  • Illustrations that capture the character's personality

  • Character ID photo and postcard

Skills You’ll Learn

How to write Zen

Learn about line writing methods such as pressure, angle, and contrast

Understanding faces

Time to learn more about the proportions and proportions of a face and draw

Elements of the face: eyes

About how to draw eyes, which is the most important part of determining a person's impression

Elements of the face: nose, mouth

Learn how to draw a natural and beautiful nose and lips

My own character

Learn about painting and deformation while creating your own characters

About the basic functions of Photoshop

Learn about basic tool usage, shortcuts, brushes, layers, and more

Using Photoshop to color using the feel of a hand painting

Learn how to transfer a sketch and color using the characteristics of hand painting

Hi, I'm Sup, an illustrator.

I'm Subin, a painter who draws characters and characters. I was an ordinary otaku student who loved and followed manga since I was a kid. If you look at the life record book, I was a kid who used to write cartoonists and illustrators in the Hope for the Future section since elementary school. Seeing that I'm working as an illustrator with this dream come true is amazing and strange.

While watching Produce 101 get excited, I Idol plannerI thought it would be fun to let people in the world choose their own boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, it would be nice to move, but it's a part that can be replaced by painting and imagination..! Being a person who is only on paper, there is no controversy, no flaws... It was a huge advantage to be able to have a happy relationship among characters who are just good-looking and deceitful.

I've loved manga since I was a kid, so I've been constantly drawing my own characters in the driving range. Decide on a name, where do you live, what kind of job, what kind of personality do you have, what kind of clothes you wear, and what kind of trivial habits... If you decide and draw something like this Animated characters One was completed. For me, this was like a puppet game, a role-playing game.

What was such a small game of my own came to the point where people liked my characters and even made ID photos. Treat them like real people, and every time you see them imagine the stories of the characters It was exciting and fun. So I'd like to do that with all of you.

What kind of coloring do you do?

The most common question I heard while running a picture account was, “What kind of coloring do you do?” It was. I think the reason I get this question a lot is because my paintings feel like hand painting, watercolor, and colored pencils. But the correct answer photoshop! In this class, I will teach you in detail about “digital coloring methods that make use of hand painting” that many people are curious about.

How do you create the feeling of “hand painting”?

No matter how much you color with Photoshop, if you still want to create a “hand painting” feel Nearly 70% completeness at the sketch stageI have to pick. In order to make a well-finished sketch, there are many important parts that seem trivial, such as the angle at which you hold the pencil, the strength to apply force to the tip of the pencil, and the thickness of the line. For those of you who are unsure about where and how to write beautiful lines, I'll definitely give you some tips.

Attractive characters and

The personality that completes the character

One of the reasons why you love my paintings 'Real Theme' I think there are a lot of people who are women. I'm going to learn how to create that kind of live-action feeling, that is, a comic feel similar to a real person. A character is a deformed form of a real person, so you need to know the elements of a real person to be able to draw a character well. You'll also learn more about the factors related to human facial proportions and features.

If you just draw a face, you can't say that the character is complete. Just like real people all have different personalities and styles, so do the characters. You'll take the time to set up every detail of the character, taking advantage of each person's personality. The motif can be my own person, or it can be my favorite celebrity. If I give characters the part that I usually feel excited about by others, I'll be able to create more exciting and three-dimensional characters. Maybe rather than painting This part might be more fun:)

I hope it's not a hard and difficult drawing, but a fun time to learn as if we were doodling together in class. By the end of the class, one by one, the handsome and pretty characters will be stuck in the back of their phones as ID photos!

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Welcome to the ideal drawing class!


Line: line


Face: face


Eye Nose Lip: eyes, nose, mouth


Hair: hair


Character: character


My Favorite Character: Choi Ae Kae


Photoshop: photoshop


Color: Color level 1


Color: 2 levels of coloring


Tips for drawing richer pictures


Congratulations on your stubbornness




Hello! I'm Subin, a painter who draws characters and characters. They almost always call me Sub:)

I was an ordinary otaku student who loved and followed manga since I was a kid. If you look at the life record book, I was a kid who used to write cartoonists and illustrators in the Hope for the Future section since elementary school. Seeing that I am working as an illustrator with such a dream come true is once again amazing and strange.

I think there are probably many people like me who love painting. When I put together two graffiti that I used to make a noise, it became a personality, a picture, and an illustration of my own. It's always fun and exhilarating to express what I imagine with pictures. And it's even happier if a lot of people like it. I think it's better to start slowly by drawing something I like rather than thinking too hard about an illustration.

I always have to doodle when I draw! and unfold the driving range. When I think about drawing something huge, it's rather burdensome, and I hate drawing. I always emphasized “graffiti” in previous classes. I try not to forget the feeling and feeling I had when I was a kid and scribbled on a practice field.

Paper boyfriend.. (You might be a paper girlfriend) It might be funny and childish in a way, but I think creating a character is quite fun and meaningful. That's probably why a lot of people love and love manga. I make my characters with the idea that they will live somewhere. When I create a character like this, I definitely feel like I'm the creator myself. Wouldn't it be enough if I was happy and happy about anything? haha.

Have fun drawing as if we were doodling!


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