Gaining basic knowledge about color
4 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • KS Chart Production: A Clear Understanding of Color Theory

  • Color ring production: directly color the right color

  • Tone Chart Production: Understanding Brightness and Saturation

  • Skin tone chart making: Learn the principles of skin tone

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic skills to understand colors by completing a chart yourself

Brightness, saturation, color system? Let's clearly learn the basics of color that seemed difficult!

Deeper color world, accurate personal color theory

Along with the theory of the four seasons, you will learn the tones and colors that match each season.

That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complexion comparison draping test

Let's compare your complexion through 40 draping cloths carefully selected by Dust and Bang!


Choose the best foundation, lipstick, shadow, or blush you have!

How to style for each situation with the color that suits you

When you want to give them a sense of trust? When making a presentation? I style it based on personal colors.

Class summary! Life photo shoot

Create a picture of the clothes, makeup, and background in the color that suits you.

Find your own color that you didn't even know existed.

Hello, I'm Dustinabang. Personal color expertI worked for a cosmetics company for 7 years. The color that best suits someone keenly Because I did the job of catching them, now more than anyone else Accurate diagnosisWe are doing it.

I'll tell you everything for your beauty.

The client's unique Finding, enhancing, directing, and photographing beautyI'm helping you until. I'm running a YouTube with that process, and I'm communicating with 30,000 subscribers.

Why would I make a hillbilly choice without knowing where it is?

The sense of color is not innate RaisingThis is it. No matter how much I looked at personal color content, if I didn't know what color I had, the color I chose If it was unknowingly sloppy?! Actually, I may have lacked a basic understanding of color. In other words, once you understand color The right choice for a lifetimeThe fact that you can do it!

In this class A basic theory of colorI'll let you know. You can learn all the basic theory of color that people preparing to become colorists must learn! If you study color theory such as brightness, saturation, tone, and KS standards Choosing in line with trendsYou can do it too. From theory to practice! Let's start with Dust and Room.

Is the personal color described above?!

Absolutely not. The color and tone that suits each personThere is, and I can tell you that the synergy that comes from matching that color and tone is enormous!

When I'm taking a photo, choosing clothes, or buying cosmetics, I think, “I think it's fine, but what's the problem? I've lost weight, but why does my face look swollen?” About these concerns Clear answers in personal colorYou can get it with.

This is the person who took the personal profile and photoshoot after diagnosing the personal color.

From head to toe!

Create an atmosphere that's perfect for you.

유튜브 '먼지나방' 채널의 얼굴 톤 별 헤어 컬러 추천 콘텐츠

Recommended hair color content for each face tone from the YouTube 'Dust and Bang' channel

유튜브 '먼지나방' 채널의 계절별 톤에 따른 아이섀도우 추천 콘텐츠

Recommended eyeshadow content based on the seasonal tone of the YouTube 'Dust and Bang' channel

In this class, I found a personal color that suits me, Harmoniously from head to toe We have prepared a curriculum that you can apply to complete your own style.

STEP 1. basic knowledge of color, Master of the Triad

STEP 2. In a personal color The theory of the four seasons and sense of color Mastering

STEP 3. Comparing colors and my Personal color locating

STEP 4. Of the cosmetics I have Best products Picking

STEP 5. Wear clothes of the color and tone that suits you makeup master

From understanding the most basic color, to choosing clothes, to mastering makeup So that you can use it right now I'll help you!

Warm tone?! Cool tone?! More than that personal color

다른 스타일로 연출한 유튜브 채널 '샒의 삶'의 홍세림님

See-rim Hong from the YouTube channel 'Life of Chum, 'directed in a different style

In the process of understanding from the basics and applying it to me, I take the time to deeply explore not only which color is warm tone or cool tone, but also what kind of face tone it is and what kind of atmosphere it suits. Going beyond the criteria for selecting cosmetics A time to define and get to know all of my colorsIt's going to be.

We guarantee the best curriculum.

Until now, I have organized the most popular course content while attending offline classes, lectures, etc. Once you learn and know it, it's a personal color you can use for a lifetime! I know myself properly and apply it properly to various situations.

The secret of personal color revealed by dust and room! When choosing cosmetics, dyeing, and buying clothes Never fail It will be.

The more you know, the more fun personal colors! Immerse yourself in the world of personal color with Dust and Bang, who have been responsible for the personal colors of many people based on their long experience!

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Welcome, I would like to introduce you to the Personal Color Class!


Let's learn about color first! Basic knowledge of color, master the trilogy


Learn about the deeper world of color, the theory of the four seasons of personal color and the sense of color


Diagnosing your personal color by comparing colors


Choose the best cosmetics you have


Apply items based on personal color


Style it with colors and tones that suit you, and take pictures of your life!


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello, photographerpancreas Personal color consultantI'm Kim Ji-hyun, CEO of Munja-bang Stography, who works as!

People often compare beauty to jewelry. This means that gemstones have a high value, which is partly due to the scarcity of gemstones, but also because of the craftsmanship involved in reinventing gemstones as jewels.

The main work of the Stoography Studio is also like a master craftsman who works jewelry.

At Stography Studio Based on personal color To help clients find their own beauty From personal colors to styling and photographyIt plays a role in helping you in detail up to.

After graduating from the Department of Visual Design, I joined a cosmetics company where I worked together in design and marketing, and I was able to have various experiences during the 7 years I attended the company. In particular, as I often went to commercial shooting sites, I often took my own sketches.

Then I suddenly realized that the right color and tone for a person is very important! Combining personal colors, cosmetics, styling, and photography It made me think about stography.

There are a lot of studios that shoot personal photoshoots, but the only place that wants to capture customer stories based on personal color is Duna Nabang Stography.

Rather than simply setting the same concept and taking a picture like a factory, we aim to capture all the beauty of the client in a single photo.

I think everyone basically keeps their own beauty. However, in most cases, they don't find that beauty or forget it. I want my clients to transform from pupae to butterflies through me:)



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