Skills You’ll Learn

How to style natural waves

Learn natural foot wave styling with a magic loom

Halted foot thick wave styling

Learn how to do natural waves with an iron.

Half-leg styling

Why was the half-pack only weird for me? We will reveal a method for half-bundled hair that suits the head.

About the class

How do you stop styling your feet? Have you ever seen a celebrity and had your hair cut off and regretted it, or you didn't look pretty no matter what kind of styling you did because it's commonly referred to as that?

I'll show you how to style beautiful feet on your own at home without a new cut or perm.

Through this class, you will be able to use volume and self-styling that suits your face shape and head. Become a self-styling expert, including diverse and detailed hair styling, bundles, and upstyles that suit your TPO.

Course effect

  • You can improve the image with hair volume and styling that matches the shape of the face and head
  • You can create a variety of stoppage styling without having to go to the store
  • You can learn current know-how from a real Cheongdam-dong idol hair shop stylist
  • Can create hair styling suitable for t.p.o

Recommended target

  • A person who doesn't know how to fix a hairstyle
  • A person who realizes the word hair sucks and has facial boredom due to a medium length that touches the shoulder, stretches out, and doesn't look pretty
  • People who are growing their hair and want to know about various styles for interrupted feet
  • People who want to know the secrets of idol hair styling with interrupted legs, such as waves, bundles, and fixation

What makes this class special

Overcoming a giant, the secret of celebrity styling

Stop walking, people call this length a beggar zone.

However, the stop foot may be the most beautiful length depending on how you style it.

How do idols' halted foot styling touch their shoulders and not stretch? The length doesn't look long, how did you do the ponytail?

It's strange for me to do a half-bundle on my own, but I'm sure you've been curious about celebrities on TV who do half-bundle styling and how to add volume.

In fact, depending on the shape and shape of the idols' heads and faces and the styling mood they want to wear that day, where to use volume, what height to put on, and how to remove fine hair will vary.

We've included various styling know-how to overcome grogginess in the class, so please pay attention to the class if you are growing your hair or are at a loss after a cut.

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Learn about self-styling from a hair stylist who specializes in idols in Cheongdam-dong


A variety of hair styling for interrupted hair to overcome ambiguous lengths




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