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Using a fountain pen
3 Class Projects

It takes about 10 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Write a simple single line of English

  • Complete an English quote

  • Transcribing long English sentences

Skills You’ll Learn

Main names for lettering

Each part has a name! Learn about the main names.

The structure of the alphabet

The strokes of the alphabet have common attributes. Learn about that structure.

The shape of the alphabet

Learn more about the shape of the alphabet.

The ratio of the alphabet

I'll tell you about proportions regardless of the size of the alphabet.

The importance of angles

The shape of the text changes depending on the angle at which it is written.

When is the last time you remember carefully writing your own handwriting?

Handwriting in everyday life is simply a means of leaving or conveying information. Nowadays, I just do it with my thumbs up.

Let's spend some time handwriting together. I'm sure many of you have experienced how much healing the act of making something with your own hands is. The appeal of handwriting is also not just a record Healing through your fingertipsIt's in.

A machine with human sensibility

실제 타자기 폰트

Real typewriter fonts (source: unsplash)

Commercial English typewriters were invented in the United States, and began to be distributed in earnest by Remington in 1874. It's been over 100 years. It has been actively used since then, but is now discontinued worldwide. However, even now, second-hand transactions are carried out, and they are also used as props. Why is that?

What comes to mind when it comes to typing Unique hitting soundAnd the typewriter font itself has Vintage charm That's because.

What we can open our minds to typewriter fonts is a font created for machine writing (a typeface created to be written by hand is a script), but in it Human sensibilityThat's because it has.

Writing on a typewriter looks mechanical and cold at first glance, but if you look closely, the ink sometimes doesn't stick well, and the height of the text may vary slightly. It's machine-written, but it doesn't leave much of a feeling as if it were handwritten.

Fingertips that resemble the sophistication of a machine

It's not easy to melt typewriter fonts into handwriting as they are. The text is also much smaller than I thought! However, even if the font is slightly crooked or the font size is slightly different, you can see that the typewriter's sensibility is imbued with it when you finish it.

By the end of this lesson, we'll be able to use typewriter fonts anywhere we can write by hand, such as simple notes, diary labels, thank you cards, bookmarks, etc. Even if you don't print it yourself! Everything will be very unique just by adding handwriting.

Learn the shapes of the letters and complete the alphabet.

Each part of the alphabet has “SERIF”, “COUNT”, etc. designationsI have one. It's easier to understand their common attributes and forms if you need to know their names, right? Main names, alphabetic structure, and formI'll find out until.

The ratio of the alphabetYou'll also learn about. If you know the proportions of the alphabet, the shape won't be crooked even if you write it big or small. No matter what size you write, I'll tell you the golden ratio for beautiful writing. Also, angularI'll tell you about One of the most important parts of English calligraphy is the angle. This is because the shape of the text changes depending on the angle at which it is written. The typewriter font is complete! Let's take a look at the angle.

Typewriter Font written by hand! Let's master it together.





Hallo I'm writing under the name @hi_fooo on Instagram. I like to write square letters on paper. Nowadays, when I only write on a keyboard, I started with a vague idea that I wanted to write handwriting well, and I came across an art field called Calligraphy, and I want to share with many people the joy I gained from writing various types of letters with various tools.



Hand of hi fooo

Hand of hi fooo

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