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Skills You’ll Learn

Time to feel my body Feel my self

You can feel how tense your current physical condition is through vibrations.

Singing Ball Meditation

Understand how to train consciousness through concentration and awareness through singing balls.

Delicate observation

Learn to observe the tensions present in the body through step-by-step concentration.

Allow Allow

Let go of all judgments and stay in everything that happens through permission

Memories of the Body Memory of Body

Learn about negative unconscious emotions imprinted on the body.

Life without bias Zero Life

Learn how to live an unbiased lifestyle free from tension.

73% of modern people have insomnia, maybe you too?

Singing ball meditation that removes even the cause of tension,

Indulge in a restful night's sleep every night!

I can put everyone who met me to sleep at once Magical toolsI have it. And this class is your hidden Get rid of the tension completely, all of you Even the cause of why you get nervous You can figure it out! Isn't that exciting?

Would you like to meet a magical class that will allow you to have a good night's sleep every night?

What is Singing Ball?

Shall we listen to that sound briefly?

▶ ︎ Listen to the singing ball! 2 minute short singing-ball meditation

▶ ︎ 30-minute long breathing singing-ball meditation

Singing ball Abundant vibrationsIt's a special instrument that has. These vibrations have specific frequencies, and slow and abundant vibrations cause changes as they are transmitted to the cell layers of our body. It's also one of my magical tools for changing cellular tension most rapidly in the world. All of you Just lie back and relaxYou can listen to my magical comment along with this sound of Hago.

If I'm unknowingly nervous,

If you want to live a comfortable daily life without being nervous!

I don't want to be nervous either, but at some point, I feel nervous.
Can you relieve the tension that has already been imprinted on a physical level?

Hello! I'm Chen Xia, the Singing Ball Master. I run the Zen Therapy Natural Healing Center, Meditation leaderTeach, and various Meditation programsWe are developing it so that modern people can easily use it.

This class is designed so that you can experience the fastest and easiest tension relief TRSMI'm going to join the (Tension Reduction Singing Bowl Meditation) program. Meditate First-time usersThey can also be followed by anyone 8-week self-meditation programIt's.

I've never meditated before,

Is it possible to do it alone?

Meet the mind through the body

What is your body like right now? Step by step through the body, you will see how many different tensions there are, and you will be able to reflect on your hidden mind. This A very relaxing meditationIt will proceed with. Let's meet “me” with the relaxing sound of a singing ball.

This program is fine-grained Understand the causes of tensionDo it, body and mind How to relieve imprinted tension from a cellular levelYou will learn and experience. You will also learn how to release the emotions imprinted in your body that cause tension through meditation.

It's about getting rid of the root causes that make you nervous. But these huge things happen in a very simple way. All you need to do is just listen to So-Lee!

Check Point 1. What will I experience?

  • I was able to feel so comfortable in my body! You will have a refreshing experience.
  • You will understand the causes of tension.
  • You can escape insomnia and indulge in a good night's sleep.
  • You can experience a relaxed life without tension.
  • You gain strength to maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships.

Check Point 2. Do I have anything to bring?

If you can lie down comfortably and listen well, you can join us anywhere, anytime. whereupon If you prepare speakers, you will be able to take classes in an optimal environment. It's even better if you have a headset. Also, be sure to take the class in a place where you can lie down comfortably!

Anyone can get started

Here is an introduction to the 8-week curriculum.

In this class, I'll give you a brief explanation of the curriculum you'll learn. You can take the course over and over as many times as you like during the given course period and try to understand all of the curriculum.

1 week Feel my self

You can feel how tense your current physical condition is through vibrations.

2 weeks awareness

Understand how to train consciousness through concentration and awareness through singing balls.

3 weeks of sores

You will learn how to observe fine tensions in the body through step-by-step concentration of the body.

4 weeks allow

Let go of all the good and dislike judgments, and just stay in everything that happens through complete acceptance of zero status.

Follow for 5 weeks

By focusing on one stimulus, we experience choice and experience.

6 weeks Memory of Body 1

We experience negative unconscious emotions imprinted on our bodies, resolve them, and reflect back on the intertwined relationships.

7 weeks Memory of Body 2

I experience the positive unconscious emotions imprinted on my body, look at them, and reflect back on the relationships I'm obsessed with.

8 weeks Zero-remind

In a zero state without bias, you can reset all sources of tension, learn how to make new choices, and gain a fresh perspective on the relationships around you.

The various feelings we experience in our lives,

Let's digest it with the sound of a singing ball.

What is the tension in our body Various emotions we experience in our livesIt occurs as they accumulate without dissolving. In other words, “undigested feelings” cause you to be nervous. Let's look at the cause of tension in a more three-dimensional way, and if we approach the cause of tension again at the level of the body, it is easier to find and digest the cause.



Cheon Sia

Cheon Sia

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