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A spoonful of hand knitting sense! Trendy fashion items made by crocheting


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Using a crochet needle and thread
8 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 20 hours to complete one class project.

  • cylinder bag

  • Bucket hat (11 color choices; sample color: oatmeal)

  • Basic net bag

  • Ruffle hat

  • Pattern bag (2 color choices, sample color: light beige+navy)

  • Pearl net bag

  • Mini net bag (8 colors to choose from, additional components)

  • 6 types of practice works

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn basic crochet knitting techniques that are highly useful

Learn various circular knitting techniques that will be useful when opening bags and hats.

Learn how to use various auxiliary materials

Using threads of various materials, we will deal with various auxiliary materials suitable for each material

Understanding the structure of bags & hats

I will try to create shapes by modifying knitting techniques using increasingly wider principles.

Learn how to change bag & hat sizes

Learn how to increase or decrease the size.

Great tips to use after the course!

Learn how to choose threads and accessories for each product, and how to easily get started with bags and hats.

Simplicity is beautiful in itself.

Hello, I'm Kim Sung-mi, artist of Apoco Fanfare. I like simple and simple designs. The bag, which is stacked with only a short cut without much finesse, has a very neat charm. The overall shape may be simple, but it contains my own concerns about design and materials.

The magic of reviving the mood even with small details

The mix and match of materials and the use of various auxiliary materials are special points for hand-knitted bags that seem simple at first glance. Accessories such as straps, o-rings, and metal caps are important elements that enhance the completeness of the bag! The more minimalist the design, the greater the effect when these small details are added.

While making 6 kinds of practice works

Let's improve our skills step by step.

Circular knitting is a very versatile knitting method. Since they often start with circular knitting of hats and bags, even if you learn this technique perfectly, you can apply it to various designs and level up your knitting skills to the next level.

I'm going to make 6 types of pouches and mini bags using circular knitting for practice. It's a basic step before learning the main design, but here too, I've prepared everything so that you can create several beautiful finished products that you like.

If you learn circular knitting, you will also be able to understand the principles of increasing size. You can also try making wide brims like a straw hat or slightly ruffles like a bucket hat. If you learn just a few patterns, it will be easier to express the designs in your head. Let's learn circular knitting with me that will give wings to your knitting life!

Netbag, an irreplaceable charm

At first Net bags were considered an alternative to plastic bags, but now they're more trendy than any other bag. A net bag can have a completely different look depending on the material and size. From a neutral and natural net bag to a Bling Bling Pearl net bag that will accent your look! You can complete everything yourself.

Understanding the netback structure

  • Netbag starting from the side
  • Netback using a floor frame
  • Floor to floor netbag

Let's learn the structural shape of a bag by making a net bag with different ways to get started. If you have gained an understanding of shapes through this class, you will be able to apply them as much as you want after attending the course. To make it a little easier to get started, I'll also give you tips on choosing the right yarn for your netbag design!

Let's add a pattern this time?

Adding a pattern to the bag makes the work process and finished shape even more fun. The geometric pattern, which goes well with the raffia thread, creates an exotic atmosphere. If you focus on the pattern, you'll quickly fall in love with it. The sense of accomplishment also follows when the pattern is revealed one step at a time.

I'll also give you tips on making patterns so you can apply them after the course. Make a pattern bag with your favorite pattern!

Choose threads and accessories, don't hesitate any more.

Bucket hat color: oatmeal/pattern bag color: beige+black

Through this class, we will be dealing with threads and auxiliary materials made of various materials. It will be of great help to those who are wondering what materials go well with each other and how to use auxiliary materials! Beginners will be able to choose a thread and create a work on their own after the course if they use a variety of threads, from those that are easy to handle for the first time to the difficult ones. We've also prepared a recommended room corner for each design, so stay tuned!

Handkerchiefs that will become my lifelong hobby

I think knitting is more intuitive and useful than any other hobby. When you pop it off, you get a visible result.

Of course, there are times when I want to finish it in a certain period of time, and the endless repetition becomes infinitely boring. There are times when I run into a situation where I have to solve everything by making a mistake in the early days after it's all popped up. There are times when they appear completely different even though they appear according to the pattern. However, without this kind of course, you will never improve your skills. So the most important thing is to have a mindset that doesn't get too stressed.

I'll help you enjoy a fun hobby while healing with knitting. Start a lifelong hobby with a design inspired by Apoco fanfare.

Because today's knitting is hip and cool!



Hello, I'm Kim Sung-mi from Apoco Fanfare.


Learn basic crochet techniques


Using basic crochet techniques


Making a cylinder bag


How to make a bucket hat


How to make a basic net bag


Making a ruffle hat


Making a pattern bag


How to make a pearl net bag


Tips & Know-How to Use After the Course


Congratulations on class stubbornness!




I'm Kim Sung-mi, and I work as a crochet and knit designer at a craft studio called 'Apoco Fanfare.'

When I majored in crafts and got a job as a video designer, I always had regrets about analog manual work.

In the meantime

“Wouldn't it be nice to combine what I like and what I'm good at!?”

With that in mind, I thought I should use random knitting as a business.

Knitting has been my lifelong hobby. I learned knitting from my teacher when I was in elementary school, and since knitting has been a hobby for over 20 years, I can proudly write knitting in the specialty section.

That's how I've been eating and living by knitting until now.

Until last year, I wrote a crochet book and met the students in person as an offline class.

Being able to listen to various feedback right away while conducting classes with many students helped me a lot when it comes to designing and explaining the curriculum.

Currently, I'm making designs and YouTube videos so that you can create your own through DIY kits.




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