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Skills You’ll Learn

Diet goals suited to my physical condition

I'll show you how to properly understand your body and set accurate goals accordingly

Stress-free diet

The most difficult diet while dieting! Here's how to find a diet that's right for you without stress.

A theory that understands the principles of motion

We will start by understanding the basic principles so that even with one movement, it is possible to stimulate the correct area. Feel every muscle movement in your body

Whole-body circulation cycles that build physical strength

It's fine even if you don't have good physical strength. I'll show you how to build physical strength with full body exercises

Upper body obesity, lower body obesity escape

Stop eating an unbalanced diet! Learn how to do split exercises to balance the upper and lower body

The magic of lowering body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass

I'll show you how to reduce body fat percentage and increase muscle mass with a total of 6 weeks of diet programs

Supplementary exercises responsible for the beginning and end of a workout

Learn how to warm up, stretch, and supplement your workout to double the benefits of your workout

How to maintain a steady weight

I'll show you how to make it a habit so that it will be the last diet of my life

I will share the last diet in my life

I'm JJ, 970,000 YouTuber

Hello, JJThat's it! I started out as a normal fat person who was clumsy when it came to exercise Fitness evangelistUntil it becomes. I'm a fitness creator who communicates with you all the processes you've gone through while building your actual body.

Current cumulative 10,000 people or more I am doing home training with online members, 9710,000 people or moreI'm doing exercises on YouTube with Jelin of. I couldn't include it on YouTube in this class 101 Systematic bodybuilding routineI would like to open all of them for each parking lot. Those who want to go on a diet for the last time in my life! Get started with me I'll reveal all the secrets to a diet that lasts a lifetime without failure, without yo-yo.

Real exercise proven by eye

I wasn't slim to begin with. 8 years ago, I weighed 70 kg. In order to keep my body healthy, I did a variety of exercises in my own way. However, no matter how hard I tried, there were no dramatic changes. Then Appropriate exercise method for a woman's bodyI came to find, and as a result of exercising steadily, it is as it is now Firm and healthy bodyI was able to make it.

Exercise isn't just about losing weight. In order for exercise to change body shape, it is necessary to understand the correct movement and division of muscles. Step by step from the basics, I'll show you how to use and focus on the parts of the body you've exercised and how to focus on them. It's not an exercise you can easily follow on the internet, Intense home training with core know-howMeet.

With a simple prop

Easy and convenient at home

Can I exercise enough without using equipment? Does exercising alone at home work? Can you follow along properly? Don't worry about that. It's quite possible at home. In this class, we will provide an optimal sense of weight that is most suitable for home training plateswith dumbbellsWe will show you an easy and simple way to exercise at home using.

옳은 자세와 잘못된 자세

▶ Correct posture and wrong posture

Exercise properly while feeling every muscle in your body with your bare body or props. We will teach you in great detail, from how to self-check your posture with a mirror, how to correct an incorrect posture, how to deal with feeling in other areas, and how to apply various movements so that even beginners can easily follow along. The habit of exercising on your own at homeI'll be with you so that you can listen to.

Stop eating an unbalanced diet

Balance my body

An abs exercise challenge that you can follow while lying down

With a total of 6 weeks of curriculum, I will teach you how to exercise properly according to your physical condition. Every week, the exercise method is programmed step by step, so if you follow me from beginning to end, you'll see dramatic changes. In the order of theory - exercise - Q&A, I will help you understand and do it properly even if it is a single exercise.

Week 1: Whole-body circulation

In order to exercise properly, developing physical strength is the most important thing. Develop basic physical strength and strength with a full body workout before engaging in a serious, intense workout.

Weeks 2 and 3: Making the upper and lower body ratio

Even with the same weight, there is a clear difference depending on the ratio between upper and lower body. For those with a developed upper body, I will tell you how to exercise a uniform ratio so that those with a developed upper body can focus on the lower body, and those with a developed lower body can focus on the upper body.

Weeks 4 and 5: Focus loss

Once you've trained your body to a certain extent, it's time to focus on losing weight. Let's manage our diet a little more thoroughly and lose weight together through high-intensity training.

Week 6: Body Shaping

Shall we try body shaping now? I will show you how to exercise to focus on making use of the lines so that the lines of my body can be maintained from the shoulders to the waist.

Eat bread and eat dessert

New concept diet

Didn't you just starve because you were dieting? Tired of eating the same things every day: chicken breast, salad, eggs, sweet potatoes, etc.? In this class, we'll teach you how to manage your diet without stress.

Adjust your diet by difficulty level to suit your situation and your own taste. We will reveal all the diet tips so that you can achieve your goals, such as what is the most appropriate amount of tanjan ratio, what kind of food to eat, etc.

The most important thing

The habit of exercising every day!

I promise you an exercise program where you can feel motivated while having fun learning, rather than a difficult and difficult exercise. I will help you get interested in exercise from beginning to end so that you can feel rewarding from just losing weight, but from changing your body and improving your habits through exercise.

So that dieting is no longer boring and difficult,
For the last diet of my life, let's start together:)



Salon de Fit

Salon de Fit

Fitness creator, lifelong dieter! From being born rich to Wannabe Body, I'm now Wannabe Body. Since 2014, I'm going to share with you the know-how that has shaped many women's bodies as the representative of the women-only gym salon de Fit:)





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