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A basic set of tools is required.
15 Class Projects

It takes about 35 minutes to 50 minutes (including 10 minutes of setting time; time varies slightly for each task.) hour(s) to complete each project.


  • National Certificate 1 Assignment - Natural Makeup

  • National Certificate 1 Assignment - Wedding Romantic

  • National Certificate 1 Assignment - Wedding Classic

  • National Certificate 1 Assignment - Hanbok

  • National Certificate 2 Assignment - Greta Garbo

  • National Certificate 2 Assignment - Marilyn Monroe

  • National Certificate 2 Assignment - Twitter

  • National Certificate 2 Assignment - Punk Makeup

  • National Certificate 3 Assignments - Leopard

  • National Certificate 3 Assignments - Korean Dance

  • National Certificate 3 Assignments - Ballet

  • National Certificate 3 Assignments - Division of Labor

  • National Certificate 4 Assignments - Eyelash Extensions

  • National Certification 4 Assignments - Media Beard

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic makeup

Before the full-scale course, we will first learn the basic techniques of makeup.

Makeup National Certificate Practical Skills 1 Assignment Patterns

Learn about Natural Makeup, Wedding Romance, Wedding Classics, and Hanbok in Assignment 1.

Makeup National Certificate Practical Skills 2 Assignment Patterns

Learn 2 tasks of Greca Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and punk makeup

Makeup National Certificate Practical Skills 3 Assignment Pattern

Learn 3 tasks of leopard, Korean dance, ballet, and labor division.

Makeup National Certificate Practical Skills 4 Assignment Pattern

Learn about eyelash extensions and media beards in task 4.

Korea's largest makeup artist producer

What “Art Stage 1992” teaches

Know-how to pass a national makeup certificate

If you are preparing for the makeup national certification practical part, please come here!

We will teach you all the necessary courses in order to pass in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner.

Have you ever searched various sites while preparing for a national makeup certificate?

Most of them are hard to follow, and you've probably been confused about whether this method is right for you.

It's a class for a national certificate
Why wasn't there such a proper lecture?

  1. Because the techniques covered in the certification exam have very different characteristics from regular makeup You must understand the test correctly.
  2. Of course, instructors must have rich makeup experience and know-how, Mastered experience in teaching test subjects is essential.
  3. What is the makeup national certification class It's very different from normal daily makeup, so it may seem difficult from the beginning, but about this It's hard to find courses that prepare systematically.

In order to pass any exam, you need a textbook that tells you the facts.

Also, students are not told in textbooks Other details for acceptance A teacher who explains kindlyThis is necessary.

Differences in lessons made by differences in experience

I'm Park Hye-sun, director of “Art Stage 1992".

On the foundation of 30 years of makeup education, I have carried out various projects, including Seoul Fashion Week, and compressed the information I have accumulated in the field.

In addition, we created a national makeup certification (practical skills) class by selecting only the essentials.

  • Here are just the key points you must remember.
  • We'll start with basic skills that are easy for beginners to understand.
  • It is a systematic curriculum that compresses the know-how of the past.
  • We promise careful feedback.

Systematic curriculum with reliable instructors

# STEP 1. Basic makeup skills

If you are preparing for an exam before a full-scale class, I will explain the basic skills you need to know.

It's easy to miss, but we'll lay a solid foundation for the most important basics.

# STEP 2: Assignment 1: Beauty Makeup

Let's look at examples of beauty makeup, which is the first task of the Practical Skills Certification, one by one.

Wedding romantic makeup
Wedding classic makeup
Hanbok makeup

<Photo: Wedding romantic makeup>

# STEP 3: Assignment 2: Makeup for the Era

Let's look at examples of makeup from the era, which is the second task of the Practical Skills Certificate, one by one.

You will learn how to proceed with makeup using the characteristics of typical keywords of each period.

Greta Garbo
Marilyn Monroe

<Photos: Greta Garbo, Twiggy, Funk>

# STEP 4: Assignment 3: Character Makeup

Let's look at examples of character makeup, which is the third task of the Practical Skills Certification, one by one.

I will only tell you the key points about the characteristics that each character should use.

Korean dance

<Photos: ballerina, leopard>

# STEP 4: Task 4: eyelash extension and media beard

The fourth task of the Practical Skills Certificate Learn more about eyelash extensions and how to apply a media beard.

eyelash extension

Media beard

  • Those who want to obtain a national makeup certificate
  • Those who wish to take online courses because they cannot take offline classes compared to their certification
  • Those who want to obtain a certificate as a self-taught student

A must-have makeup country notice to become a makeup artist!

In order for you to pass, I have prepared a class that includes all of my 30 years of experience.

Just trust me and follow me!



Art stage 1992

Art stage 1992


Korea's largest makeup artist producer

I'm Park Hye-sun, the director of “Art Stage 1992.”

Originally, I studied art. However, when I entered college, I was fascinated by makeup, so I graduated from an American university in Korea, completed a makeup school, and then went to Paris. At that time, there was no place in Seoul where I could learn makeup properly.

After studying makeup in Paris in 1999, I admired MAKEUP FOR EVER BRAND ACADEMYI joined the company in, and since 2011 Director of AMOREPACIFIC HERA ACADEMYI worked as, and since 2018 Current <Art Stage1992> AcademyI have been able to operate.

During that 30-year career, I The most advanced scene in the industry, including Seoul collection director, advertising magazine shooting, and corporate lecturesI've been working in, and at the same time, I've been trying to make sure that my makeup lessons always support the latest trends required by such sites.

On the basis of my long makeup experience, I have carried out various projects, including Seoul Fashion Week, added information from the field, and also conducted lectures, and created a makeup national certification (practical skills) class by selecting only the essentials that were essential for the exam.

The course is detailed enough to tell you the difference between even the smallest lines, but it is very easy to understand. We will help you successfully pass the first course to become a makeup artist and become a true professional who can support many people in more diverse fields through your own makeup based on this.

We hope that everyone who attends the course will become makeup artists, and we will continue to communicate with you. I will always do my best to be your true mentor.

Thank you

channelphs 채널박혜선

channelphs 채널박혜선



leeruda3150 (수염분장 이루다)

leeruda3150 (수염분장 이루다)

아트스테이지1992 아카데미

아트스테이지1992 아카데미

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