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Pencil Drawing for Character Art

Anatomy might seem daunting at first, but this class will teach you the basic foundations for how to pose characters and take it to the next level by detailing clothing, muscles and expressions.


Learn to capture the perfect pose for your characters whether you draw cartoons or a more realistic anime style. This class will give you the step-by step instructions on how to improve your anatomy while applying these methods to a wide variety of characters/styles. Finally, we will go over how to stylize various clothing types and how to draw expressions. The benefits of learning even just a little bit of anatomy can help artists maintain a unique but consistent style for illustration, webcomics, or personal art.

Ever wonder how an artist is able to draw a seemingly perfect pose without a reference? This class will give you the insight on where to get started.


This is for people who want to improve their character art and anatomy. Beginners and professionals alike can benefit if they want to draw characters faster and with greater accuracy. This class will go over foundational skills that play into these themes most effectively (gesture, life drawing, etc.) before getting into personal techniques for posing characters with style.


At the end of this course you'll be able to control the flow of your character's movement with confident lines in less time. Throughout the course you can expect to sketch common character poses, break them down to basic structures, and how to make your own dynamic pieces from imagination. Draw characters with me in various prompts: action-packed, emotional, romantic, playful etc.



Amy Hung

Amy Hung

Hey there!

My name is Amy Hung and I'm a freelance illustrator and gamedev. I have six years of formal experience in fine arts and painting, having had work displayed at the Ridley Gallery in California while currently working towards a bachelor in design at UC Davis. On the side I do work for zines and recently released the demo for my passion project "A Cottage Story." I draw with the mantra of having fun, but when I committed to studying anatomy seriously in 2016, the thought of creating commercial work became more feasible.

Over time I've discovered how to synthesize and shortcut tried and true industry methods to achieve dynamic poses without constantly copying from a reference. Anatomy doesn't have to be hard, and anyone can learn my method of posing characters for anything from webcomics, animation or just for fun.



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