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With yarn, crochet, and needle
8 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 8 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Mickey T-coaster

  • Square garlander

  • Rainbow pouch (choose color)

  • acrylic rinse scrubber

  • Heart bucket bag (choose color)

  • Coffee bean bucket bag (choose color)

  • Chloe bucket bag (choose color)

  • cherry blossom scrubber

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of knitting

Understand the design and practice with basic knitting methods, starting with simple works.

Learn how to apply techniques and color schemes

You will learn various knitting techniques and even learn how to color scheme colors.

Learn how to make Han Gil

Learn how to knit a long way in a circle and how to color scheme.

Learn how to use auxiliary materials and make bag straps

You will learn how to use auxiliary materials needed for bags and how to use bag straps.

How to apply Han Gil Long Knitting

You will learn how to hang and even learn advanced color matching courses.

Creating three-dimensional shapes using crochet

In addition to floats on a flat surface, you will learn how to apply three-dimensional shapes.


I'm a knitting tutor who met a hot dog and is living a new life.

I think I liked anything done by hand. I've had many hobbies, including quilting, leather, beads, and embroidery, but I haven't had a job that I enjoyed for as long as knitting. You can make anything with just a thread and a needleThis was particularly attractive.

As I shared my knowledge with friends around me, I learned that teaching someone is more valuable and rewarding than that, and now I'm meeting you in an online class like this!

I hope many people will join us in this great game that you can't help but fall in love with as you learn and make:)

A little prettier, a little more quality

It is a work that can be completed even if it is a light hobby, but if you start and finish it properly in a more structured way, the quality of the finished work will be much higher.

As it is a work that all of you have spent time and effort in completing, A little prettier and more finished I'll do my best to let you know so you can finish it.

I included as many techniques as possible in the eight works I will create in class. Even the work to be completed during the practice phase was prepared in a pretty and practical way!

Slowly, comfortably, and with a happy heart If you join me, I'm sure after being strong Courage to challenge any workYou're going to have it. You'll be able to apply whatever you've learned to create your own work:)

I prepared it with the ingredients I picked and selected.

I'm not going to make a work that only pops up and leaves in a cornerI have a small belief. After working for over 10 years Good yarn at a reasonable priceI've been trying to find it. I have prepared a thread for you because I was upset if it was expensive and fuzzy, or if it didn't take shape and was not finished.

Lay the foundation and challenge your first work!

You'll have time to get used to the most basic techniques step by step. Buy it in a short knitGarlander with a square motifMake, and as a circular knitting Mickey Mouse shaped tea coasterAs you open, you will learn how to connect the beginning and end.

A unique charm while matching colors with the short knitting I practiced earlier rainbow pouchAs you complete, you will gradually feel that crocheting becomes more fun.

While understanding the design, I scooped one nose, one step at a time, and made a long way acrylic scrubberLet's make one. We'll send you 10 colors, so you can finish it with your favorite color scheme!

It takes a long time to just follow a video without a foundation when creating a work, and it's hard to try another work. I hope you enjoy it slowly and practice enough with the basic works:)

Let's make a bag in earnest?

Once you've practiced enough with this beginner's work, it's time to start making a bag. I don't recommend starting a large work right away just because you know how to do it. It is important to create a small work and find a consistent nose size that suits you.

Finished with a short knitting color scheme heart bucket bagis the most loved bag I've ever made. With a cute heart and a lovely feel, it goes great with any outfit. I believe you will definitely be very satisfied after completion!

It creates the shape of a coffee bean with a long way to create a coffee bean shape, and presents fun every time you go up one step coffee bean bucket bagIt's. I'll show you how to use a leather bottom for the bottom of a bag, and I'll show you my own know-how so that you can challenge yourself in a variety of ways the next time you create an application.

In the photo Chloe bucket baggave me my English name. It's a bag with such a high level of affection.

However, it's also a difficult bag for beginners to try on their own. Of course, if you follow along well from the beginning, everyone will succeed, so don't worry!

At the end, like a bonus, fonsillon cherry blossom scrubberI'll let you know. When I was able to make three-dimensional shapes like this, I was able to improve my skills as an intermediate crochet player. If you've made all the works up to this point, you're not afraid of any of them now!

“Ah, I was good at learning how to crochet!”

Everyone can take on the challenge if they have an interest and heart. We've included all the important techniques for you, so you'll be as confident as you are at crocheting.

Through this class If you think you were good at learning how to crochet, I think I'd be happy with that.

I want you to be friends for a long time. I hope you will fall in love with the endless charm of knitting with me:)

Knitting is an addiction that doesn't hurt anyone.
Would you like to join us?



Knitting Ssem

Knitting Ssem

When I got pregnant at the beginning of my newlywed, there wasn't much I could do while waiting for my husband to leave work late. I started out as Taigyo in my 15th year, and as I was just doing my favorite job every day, I naturally had a good relationship and got to work.

I think I learned about the great happiness I feel when I let someone know what I know about them 10 years ago when my close older sisters and younger brothers naturally get together.

Knitting is an addiction that doesn't hurt anyone.

I think I'm falling in love with the world of hotness more and more as I am the only one having fun, being happy, and thinking about the next work, buying threads, and being greedy for a good needle.

Thankfully, many people came to my knitting class.

“It's so much easier to see the design”

“It's pretty, but the bag is very practical”

“Please explain well”

I feel so good when I hear a sincere compliment.

I have carefully included the most difficult parts for beginners in the lesson.

Along with classes, Brandyan's online shopping mall also opens more than two new packages a month.

I hope that as I experience and feel a lot of things, I will be happier with these things I do.

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