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Skills You’ll Learn

Inspire emoticons

Let's decide on an emoji concept to be created in this class

Create your own character

Let's make a character of your own with lots of love

Planning emoticons

Let's plan an emoji using the emoticons and characters you've imagined

Create an emoticon that is still stuck

Draw a planned emoji, draw a line, and color it to complete it

Create animated emoticons

Bring your characters to life with motion

Make a suggestion

Let's share the finished emoticons and suggestions

Think of a character like your own child,

I'm a Dongdong artist from Chiba Dad.

The signature character is Shiba Inu Chiba!

Hello, I'm a fellow artist working in various fields such as launching emoticons, making goods, and participating in illustration fairs. What you want in this class All about emoticonsI want to let you know in a cool way.

From an electricity-making office worker to an emoticon artist

As an ordinary employee attending a public company that made electricity, I did a job that had nothing to do with painting. I wasn't an art major either. I used to love characters “How can I draw easily even if I can't draw?”I began to seriously think about. In order to draw easily, I spent time researching using various programs.

That's how I built up my own know-how, and in the end, I successfully launched various emoticons. Now I'm changing my job to an emoticon artist instead of working at an electric company. Full-time emoji artistIt became. And now, you're watching a course full of easy drawing know-how! (Laughter)

Even now Long run In progress!

From 2017 until now Year 5We are actively releasing emoticons with. Sparkling! It's been a long run in the emoji market, which appeared and quickly disappeared.

Proven teaching skills!

동동 작가_이모티콘 승인 안내문

▶ Dongdong Artist_Emoji Approval Notice

Emoticon artist mentorI was active as! Content I taught a total of 10 mentees in the emoji class held by Multi-Use Lab. “Everything about emoticons,” I shared my special know-how one by one, from planning to proposal. Also, I was stubborn and suggested emoticons, and the results were very good.

What 4 out of 10 approvedBecause it became. I got the ability to make my debut as an emoji artist through my mentoring. This is a proven teaching ability, right?

It was hard to know how to start making emoticons!

Emoticons that are easy to draw but don't seem easy to draw!

Aren't you curious about how to draw it? I'll tell you everything!

🔎 Let's learn about Clip Studio?

While trying out all the program's features A program optimized for emoticonsThere is a program that I thought was. This is Clip Studio.

Draw a simple line like this and carefully fill every corner with color Smart programsThis is it!

I'd rather have two clip studios than two bodies (laughs)

I'll show you a completely different line~

You can change the lines you've already drawn like this or that to whatever you want. Method too One clickIsn't that surprising?

There are characters and shapes you don't know when you first open Clip Studio, and even a line of icons on the left. You don't know what to start with, and you get frustrated, right? I, too, felt just like that when I first saw Clip Studio.

But don't worry anymore! Clip Studio screen with me perfect! Be sure to turn it on! Just what you need! Because it's cool Because I'll learn 😉

Instead of learning all the features Features you can use right nowI'm going to learn.

Create your own emoticons. Are you ready to go from that far away bucket list to reality?

※ Because this class is conducted using Clip Studio Devices that can drive Clip StudioYou must prepare.

Please check the available devices by following the link below. 🙏🏻

🎁 3 special, unique, and unique features of this class

1. Unlimited commercial use OK! Operation guide provided!

I want to scrape out the most difficult parts of making emoticons in a cool way. I prepared the first of these because I thought it was the part where I drew various movements.

immediately Operation guide!

We've carefully selected the actions necessary for emoticons! It can be of great help to people who don't know how to structure these movements. Let's draw a variety of compositions while drawing my own character on the action guide.

You can use it as is!

I drew my own moves one by one, so you can use them as they are in the emoji suggestions:) The operation guide will be updated continuouslySo please look forward to it.

2. Clean line picking, even for beginners!

Draw a line, then Ctrl+Z again, Ctrl+Z...

Delete meaningless time! I'll delete it for you.

I'll show you how to draw a clean line, which was the second most difficult part when drawing emoticons. Even if you draw well It's okay if you can't draw! As a self-proclaimed program researcher, if I pick a line using my own method, they all get the same results, so leave your worries about painting skills aside for a moment Come here looking forward to becoming a goldson!

3. A live animation without any boring theories!

Isn't drawing and moving as vague as being in a different world? However, I don't think it would be fun to learn the basic theories of animation one by one...

So I prepared it!

Just Just for emoticons An easier and more efficient course where you can learn while drawing by yourself without a single theory!

In addition to these three advantages, there are many advantages to awaken, so let's try to run stubbornly by completing each lesson:)

📝 You'll learn something like this in class.

1. Decide on a concept

The time for those conversations in your head is over! A time when popping ideas spring upI'll make it for you!

2. Create a character

Character guideLet's make a cute and lovely character of my own while watching

3. Create your own emoticons

이모티콘 제출완료 이미지

▶ Emoticon submitted image

From sketch to completion As we exchange and receive feedback, we'll let you know carefully one by one! We have prepared a fun course so that you can wait longer for the next lesson than the drama that comes out next week, so please support us!





It's been 4 years since I started communicating with the public using emoticons.

At first, I tried emoticons by drawing random characters

Of course I was clumsy, and it took me quite a long time to learn each one by myself.

I think it would have been nice if there was an easy way to learn like class 101 back then

It's just that easy way for me to learn,

I'll tell you all about the know-how I've been building up over 4 years

While creating your own emoticons through this class,

By the end of the class, you'll confidently press the “Suggest an emoji” button!





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