5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half to complete one class project.

  • natural stone design nails

  • Nuance Nail+ Mirror Nail Application

  • mirror nail

  • icing art nails

  • sea design nails

Skills You’ll Learn

Key points to make it last longer

Start with long-lasting gel nails with preparation!

Nail art that makes it easy to look high

I'll tell you how to easily do professional-looking nails on your own.

Various three-dimensional art using gel nails

Ocean and natural stone design, jewelry design, moon design, etc.

Art for the left hand (the one who does not have the dominant hand)

We have prepared a design for the left hand with a sense of unity.

Start a long-lasting gel nail with preparation

In this class, you can learn tips for longevity and various three-dimensional arts using gel nails.

You can do everything from simple to difficult art on your own!

In this curriculum, you can create a total of 5 works, from those that are easy to do to slightly more difficult art, including methods and applications.

Art for the left hand (for those who are not dominant) is also available. I think art is difficult for people who aren't dominant, so I combined them in a simple design while providing a sense of unity so that even beginners can draw easily.

Learn the tricks of beautiful art without using jewelry or parts

If you can apply the art you learned in this class, you can apply it to various colors and designs depending on your ideas.

We have prepared sea designs, natural stone designs, jewelry designs, moon designs, etc. that were popular with many people.

It is a curriculum where you can decide on a design according to various situations, from simple ones to those with a lot of art.

By all means, please learn nail art techniques in this class and apply them to make your own favorite nails.

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Preparation basics


Let's do art using mirror nails


Nuance nail+mirror nail art application


Let's make a natural stone design


icing art design


Let's make an ocean design






Kaori Ishiguro

Kaori Ishiguro


[Creator Interview]

Q. Please tell me the characteristics of your nail art!

A. I think there are a lot of nail art that feels like the ocean. I also love designs that look like they're using jewelry or parts without using parts. There's no need to worry about parts falling off or getting caught, and you can express any design, so I think you can enjoy a variety of art depending on your ideas.

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I want people to be happy to feel the fun of nail art and the excitement and excitement after completion. I think nails give every woman confidence and happiness. I would be very happy if you could create and feel the happy power of nails with your own hands.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. I want to make it a curriculum that both those who think “it seems difficult, I can't do it” or “there's no way I can do it,” and those who love nails can enjoy it. I hope they can teach me each one carefully and in an easy-to-understand manner, so let's enjoy nails together!

Nails have a mysterious power that makes women sparkle. I will do my best so that everyone can feel it too! We would like to deliver nails that will make you happy every day, so thank you for your support until the end!


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