Skills You’ll Learn

Using Nail Care Tools

Learn how to take care of your nails using cuticle nippers, pushers, and oil.

Creating Nail shapes

Learn how to use a nail file to create your favorite nail shape.

French Nails and Solid Color Nails

Learn how to get clean edges when making french and solid color nails.

Marble Nail Art

Learn how to create cute, galaxy-themed, marble nail art!

Adding Gemstones and Parts

Learn how to create handmade parts and apply it on your nails.

Designing the Nails You Want

Learn how to design and create your own style of nail art.

Nail Art Photoshoot

Learn the different techniques to take a good photo of sample nails

Watch a Fairytale Unfold through Your Nail Art

Hello, I’m Pyunvely, a nail artist that portrays the princesses of my childhood through nail art. ღ

I love cute and lovely things. Inspired by anime characters, cute props, and drawings that I saw as a child, I work on nail art design. It's so fun and exciting to be able to capture my favorite stories on something as small as nails using my imagination!

From the Basics of Nails to Finished Nail Art,

You Can Do it Alone!

In this class, you will learn the entire process of nail art, from the basics of nail art to full-stone nails with high levels of quality. I will help you to make a nail of your own design and style like me! Not sure what you’re going to learn?

STEP 1. Basic nail care for healthy nails and high-quality art

Taking care of your nails before starting nail art is important. It is essential to keep healthy nails for more perfect nail art!

STEP 2. Meticulous base work, solid coloring, and French coloring

If you have done the pre-work, I will also tell you how to get a thorough base work, the solid coloring method, and the Frenching method. It’s okay if you’re new, I’ll teach you everything you need to know from the very beginning techniques.

STEP 3. Infinite art techniques

1. Design Concept / Sketch

Shall we devise a design first? Inspire yourself with your favorite images or objects, determine your concept, and begin. It will make everything much more fun and you’ll have created something you really love!

Disney-inspired design inspired by animations

2. Marble Art

Galaxy marble art

Stone-like marble art

Learn about how to create a marble effect on your nail art. You will walk away from the class with a knowledge on how to create marble nail art using light colors and dark colors, and how to use the marble technique to create nail art with a cosmic feel! If you know the methods, you can apply it in your own style. It's not as hard as you think if you follow me step by step.

3. Handmade parts, gems, and other small decorations

Decorations will make your marble art more exquisite. Express your art more brilliantly with glitter and glass film. Make your own handmade parts using various Swarovski jewels, Stone, and Studs. I'll also show you how to overlay the decorations so they don't fall off or get ruined.

4. Self nail challenge

You will also have time to complete a self-nail with your own hands using the marble art techniques, marble nails, and decorative arts you've learned so far! Even how to remove the gel without damaging the nails!

5. Make your work stand out more! Photography, directing, and correction

Once you finish your own nail art, I will show you how to take photos of your nails so you can show off on social media. I will tell you how to use props and how to correct and edit the photos you took :)

Design lovely nails like the shining princesses from your childhood memories!

Nail art with Pyunvely.

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Welcome to Pyunvely’s Nail Art Class


Preparation for Gel Nails


Basic Nail Art Techniques


Basic Marble Nail Art


High Quality Marble Nail Art


Make Your Nails Glow


Inserting Handmade Pieces and Stones


Creating Your Nail Art Style


Nail Art Photography


Preserving Your Nails


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!




Creator Pyunvely


Hello, I’m nail artist Hyunyeong Pyeon, also known as Pyunvely.

I love lovely and cute things! I want to be a nail artist who can capture emotions and stories on even the smallest nails :)

Nails are small, but when I'm on a trip, when I need a refreshing change, or when I want to celebrate a wedding or a special day, it's so happy and appealing to be able to give someone happiness in those precious moments :)

There are people who love the art that I do, and it gives me strength and happiness. I want to share this little happiness with you while sharing how to do something I love.



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