gel nail tool
18 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Grabbing various shapes

  • cuticle care

  • Callus removal

  • Gel removal

  • Torn nail repair

  • Curved nail repair

  • Thin nail repair

  • Shape change repair

  • Precoidosis repair

  • Full coat nail art

  • French, gradient art

  • Brown sugar latte marble art

  • leopard art

  • Check nail art

  • silk extension

  • Tip extension

  • Foam gel extension

  • Polygel extension

Skills You’ll Learn

1. The Essentials of Nail Art - The Basics

Learn the basics of nail shop coloring, from base to full coloring, the difference in details

2. All About Nail Shaping - Repair

Everything about nail surgery, a procedure essential for practice!

3. Preparation

All about nail preparation and pre-treatment - care, pretreatment, removal

4. All About Nail Shaping - Extension

Know-how to extend both hands in 30 minutes is essential for practical work!

For someone like this

Required classes

✅ From prospective directors to job preparedness students, if you want to definitely improve your basic skills!

✅ If you are a manicurist, pay attention to the points of shape and the principles of care!

✅ I recommend it to manicurists who want to learn techniques used in practice

To make it easier to follow

A thorough explanation of the points!

  • I'll tell you step by step, over and over again so you don't get embarrassed by the explanations that pass by in an instant!
  • We will inform you not only the names of the products used in the class, but also the prices.

네일 프리퍼레이션 Class

▶ Nail Preparation Class

Beginners and experienced people

Helpful class!

  • From easy-to-understand explanations to points I never thought of,
  • If you want to be a competitive shop, you have to be different!
  • The only way to improve your skills is to watch and practice over and over again.

This curriculum

You can take the course all at once!

  1. Preparation: All about grooming
  2. Nail repair: all about nail shaping
  3. Nail Art Classics: Basic Art
  4. Nail art classic: nail extension

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vuka Class

vuka Class

Online classes for hairdressers

This is a viewer class.

Hallo I'm the director of Citi Nail Lina.

We will reveal the basics essential for starting a nail shop, including detailed know-how.

Based on my long experience as a lecturer, starting a private shop, and getting a job in a large shop, I created a basic training course to point out the questions of all manicurists and points they didn't know before, and to be a springboard for better shop management and employment.

In this course, you can further improve basic treatment techniques at nail shops and learn new art techniques through the principles and applications of art.



뷰카클래스 - 미용인 성장 시크릿

뷰카클래스 - 미용인 성장 시크릿
SupportOffice hours: M-F 10:00-16:00 (KST)
1201 North Market St. Suite 111, Wilmington, DE, 19801