Class introduction

Hello, I'm Jae-eun Yoon, CEO of Jeannie Nail, who has been doing unique emotional nails since 2016. At Jeannie Nail, we move away from the traditional style and create art in a style that makes use of the individuality of each individual.

I went through the previous class The art techniques taught in the spring/summer and autumn/winter nail design classes can be difficult for people who have never done nail art on their own to enjoy with self-nails. In this class, anyone who has never done self-nails can easily follow along and show how to express the uniqueness of Janny Nails. It may seem complicated at first glance, but if you follow along, you'll be able to create unique self-nails in a really simple way.

☞ If you are curious about the Johnny Nail Class, which uniquely represents spring, summer, autumn, and winter, go to the search boxJennie Nail'Please search.

▲ Plaid self-nail design

▲ Self-nail design using clear gel

Course effect

  • You can learn how to improve the persistence of self-nails.
  • You can learn a simple but unique way to self-nail.
  • In addition to formal methods, you can learn how to use auxiliary materials in a variety of ways to make art.
  • Through application, you can capture your own personality on your nails.

Recommended Class Eligibility

  • Those who want to express the unique design of Jeannie Nail on their own
  • Those who want to learn nail art that can be easily and simply enjoyed at home
  • Those who want to learn self-nails that look like they got at a shop

Pre-course notes

  • All Jenny Nail classes use Favori Gel (Favori x Non-Wipe Clear Gel). Other gels can also be used, and gel nails can be purchased from the link in the class lesson notes.
  • In this class, a total of 4 classes were produced in a series format. You can check all classes by searching for “Janny Nail” in the search box.

2 reasons why this class is special

① Using OOO

Nail art that looks like it was received in a shop

I'm going to show you self-nails that look like they got from a shop using ingredients that aren't easy to think of as nail art materials. Let's enjoy a unique self-nail with your own color through a change of thinking!

② Taking care of persistence

Self-nail know-how

I think one of the biggest differences between getting it at the shop and doing the nail art yourself is probably the persistence. In addition to a nail art design that looks like it was received from a shop, we will also tell you all the tips on how to make it last longer.

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Hi, I'm Janie Nail!


Designed for self-nails


Jenny nail

Jenny nail

Hello! I'm Yun Jae-eun, the CEO of Jeannie Nail.

I'm a nail artist who likes unique designs rather than common designs.

I would like to share my design methods and operation know-how with many people, from designs that can be easily followed to simple designs that can be done by oneself, to how to do nuance nails.


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