6 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • ivy pattern

  • roses

  • gerbera

  • Suzuran

  • Strawberries

  • ribbons and daisies

Skills You’ll Learn

how to draw flowers and fruits

Learn about various flowers and fruits such as roses, gerberas, lily of the valley, strawberries, and daisies.

Nail Art Basics

Learn basic lines and palettes, and draw on nail tips.

Applications and Combinations

You will learn how to draw base colors, ribbons, etc., and design tips.

In the world of plump nailsWelcome!

I'm Natsuko Kawase, a manicurist.

Hello! My name is Kawase Natsuko and I run a nail salon in Dogenzaka in Shibuya. 21 years of experience as a manicurist! I have been a certified instructor by the Japan Manicurist Association, offline salon work, etc. I will make use of my many years of experience as a lecturer and tell everyone about it.

Let's have fun and dye your fingertips into a romantic garden! This class is specially prepared for manicurists who want to improve their abilities and those who like self-nails.

We carefully select designs that are very popular at salons, and we will deliver tips for various brush touches and plump nails.

Let's dye your fingertips into a flower garden!

Do you like flowers? But if it blooms, it will scatter someday, so it's sad, isn't it? Let your favorite flowers bloom at your fingertips anytime of spring, summer, fall, and winter! I'll give you tips on how to create your own secret garden, full of flowers and fruits, and the more you look at it, the more wonderful it is.

We have prepared a variety of flowers and fruits, from ivy patterns that are great for combinations, to roses, gerberas, lily of the valley, strawberries, daisies, etc.

After completing the course, how about combining your favorite flowers and enjoying the garden at your fingertips?

Kawase Natsuko's Skills You Can't Learn Anywhere Else

It's difficult to draw delicate lines. Or, how do you draw a clean line? I was able to pack answers to my concerns such as these into this class.

I will tell you exactly how to draw delicate flowers, how to touch a brush that is different from others, and how to make cute, plump art.

The range of art will also expand, and we have prepared preparations so that the finish will be more beautiful and the overall quality will improve!

Teach art tips and level-up tips from a professional manicurist

I will tell you clearly, easily, and happily with my long experience of salon work for manicurists.

We will specially reveal tips on how to make art even more beautiful with a slight difference. I'll tell you the basic method of applying a plump art base, and tips for creating various expressions, such as a sense of touch.

Manicurists can improve the degree of perfection of the treatment and provide a service that is one step higher to customers with plump art skills!

Self-nailing people can also improve their skills and learn new art while challenging nails. You should be able to enjoy self-nails even more than before!

Doing the art you've learned this time on the nails of people around you and gifting them with a smile is one way to enjoy it.

For manicurists! Tips for original design and salon work

We've also prepared a special lesson for manicurists!

Customer service is one of the important points at nail salons, isn't it? I'll give you tips on customer service that you can't listen to anywhere else. Using my own experience working at Tokyo Disneyland and Puroland, I will reveal tips for creating a fun and healing time for both customers and myself.

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The basics of how to draw clean lines. ivy pattern art


How to draw a plump rose


How to draw petals that leave handwriting, gerbera art


Application of proper use of pen pressure. Combine flowers and leaves to create lily of the valley art


Challenge the fine leaves and details. Strawberry art


Level up. Applications and combinations I've learned so far


Design tips, salon work tips




Natsuko Kawase

Natsuko Kawase

It changes so much when you draw the details beautifully! I want people to like art more and more and enjoy it.

I would be happy if the range of art proposals to customers will expand not only for self-nails, but also for salon work, and everyone will be delighted.

By the time I finish creating my work, my art skills will improve, and I'm thinking about classes where people will love plump art, so please take a look.

Creator Interviews

Q. How did your teacher get into nail art?

A. I've loved drawing since I was little. Before I became a manicurist, I worked at a theme park, where I was in charge of a nail art corner, and it started when I became interested in the nail world.

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