Using acrylic liquid and acrylic powder
8 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • Clear capsule heart parts

  • Lovely ribbon parts

  • Cute rose flower parts

  • Little Mermaid style shell parts

  • Round donut parts

  • Marbling ice cream parts

  • Unicorn parts in the Kingdom of Dreams

  • Complete art in your own style!

Skills You’ll Learn

How to handle basic acrylic

Learn how to handle acrylic and learn how to make mixes suitable for making 3D parts.

Use various techniques freely

You will learn various paz making techniques such as gradients, lines, and marbling techniques, as well as how to make convex parts.

How to improve the completeness of self-nails

You will learn how to create and upload parts that fit your own hands, and how to design beautifully.

Making cute and lovely heart motifs

Let's create a basic heart, a convex heart, and a capsule heart design that doesn't move.

Create a lovely princess motif

Let's make lovely ribbons, rose flowers, and seashell motifs that are evocative of a princess.

Making sweet sweets motifs

Let's design donuts and make marbled ice cream.

Create colorful animal motifs

I will try to make pastel yumecas and unicorns using various techniques.

Baby sleeping with cute 3D nail parts

Let's decorate your nails nicely ✨

Hello! I'm Pink Momo, who loves a cute and lovely sensibility:) I've been interested in nail art since I was a kid, and I especially loved 3D art. The colorful 3D art has a cute appeal even if you look at it again and again.

Acrylic, it's OK even if it's your first time.

'I'll teach you the basics of how to use acrylic step by step so that even those who are unfamiliar with the words acrylic or 3D art themselves can safely take the class. After faithfully learning the basics, you will be able to create your own 3D nail art by conceiving a design of your own choice.

Let's start with a proper understanding of the ingredients.

Even people who are quite interested in nail art often find acrylic difficult to handle. Whatever it is, I think the basics are the most important thing in acrylic art.

  • Description of acrylic
  • How to use materials and tools
  • Types of powders
  • Making mixes

At first, you need to get to know acrylic enough, so you can make beautiful shapes that you want later. By going through the four steps listed above, you will understand the material called acrylic and start creating basic shapes.

From basic to advanced techniques!

Making handmade parts with various motifs

< heart motif >

Cute and lovely hearts are the most popular designs in 3D art. Thin hearts, convex hearts, and capsule-like clear hearts all have their own charms. Even if you learn just one heart, you can apply it in a variety of ways.

< Princess motif - seashells >

Seashell art with a cool and refreshing feel is a design that is popular in summer. Let's learn how to make beautiful shapes in the shape of a drop of water that is perfect for looking at.

< Princess motif - ribbon, rose >

These parts are used when making art with the theme of a princess from a fairy tale. Let's literally create a lovely design with a princess motif.

< Sweets motif >

Now let's make some parts that are a little more difficult. Sweets motif design is essential in 3D art! It can be used in a variety of designs. It's really fun to create your own style with decorations of different colors and details.

< Characters, animal motifs >

The most difficult task is definitely the character. However, I think that all of you who have learned well from the basics with me can pick up and make such complicated parts. Using your own original characters will make your art even more special, right?

Design your own -

Complete your own nail art!

Now that the finished part is ready, let's put it on our nails ourselves? Using the skills I learned while taking the class, I will come up with designs and even make my own parts for my nails. The process of thinking about and creating the color and design of the parts one by one is not difficult, but it's a fun time. When the art I imagined in my head is completed on my nails, the feeling of happiness and reward is incomparably greater.

I prepared a 3D art class with Momo Pink, and a full curriculum filled with my know-how that I had saved. Express your own world that you love on your fingernails!

Expressed with cute parts
My own happiness:)

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Welcome! Let's join the 3D nail art of the cute pink Momo baby!


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Bling bling! Princess motif design


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Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello, I'm Pink Momo! I've been working as a manicurist for 13 years in Tokyo, Japan I came to Korea

I've been interested in nails since I was a kid, and I'm particularly interested in 3D art I went to a vocational school and studied professionally To spread the word about the appeal of 3D art, which is not yet common in Korea I decided to open this class

I'll show you 3D art, which is difficult even for manicurists, step by step, from the basics. Immerse yourself in the world of 3D nail art with me:)


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