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Skills You’ll Learn

Choosing materials for me and the planet

Let's talk with me about how to choose the main ingredients for the health of the planet.

The elements that make up tasty food

Here are some tips on how to balance the flavors of every dish.

Easy to make course meals

Let's make appetizer-main-dessert with easy-to-find ingredients for course meals.

A recipe for a simple and cool meal

I'll tell you the course meals, but each dish alone is a great meal.

Plating tips like restaurant food

With a few easy tips, you can plate home-cooked meals like restaurant food.

Food and wine pairing

At the end of every course meal, we will explain which wine goes with the dish.

Course meals, with ingredients that are easily available

Let's get started right now?

Great cooking recipes feature a lot of special ingredients that you don't know where to buy them. You can make a great course meal using only ingredients that are easy to find. Using seasonal and local ingredients around us, in a close place rather than far away Choose tasty and meaningful ingredients and cook a course meal together.

The pans and pots in my house are really cool cooking utensils

You can cook all kinds of dishes without any special cooking utensils. All classes are conducted using only the basic frying pans and pots you have at home. Through this class, I want you to feel that what makes cooking really tasty is not the cooking utensils, but my hands and sincerity.

There's no right answer to cooking

Think of a recipe as just showing you one way. Cooking is all you need to do is go back this way or the other way. In addition to the materials used in the class, I'll explain in detail how and why you can replace it with various materials.. If you follow the lessons, you'll be able to build up the know-how to make your own flavors.

Wine and cocktail pairings that are indispensable for course meals

Perfect for delicious food! When you drink the right wine, the moment when the food and wine shine together is called “Mariage,” which means “marriage.” The various pairing methods I have developed while working as a sommelier at a restaurant, I'll show you the basics, step by step, about what kind of wine goes well with what kind of food.

My little kitchen is a wonderful place

My kitchen, which has a small gas stove, is not a place to show food to anyone, but a place where I make food for my precious self, my family, and friends. Fill your already gorgeous kitchen with new aromas and shapes with course meals you've learned in class. It's going to be a richer kitchen for me. Even if the food is made a little tasteless, the shape doesn't come out the way you want it to be. Please remember that the time and effort I put in for myself is even more valuable. And that value starts in my small kitchen.



mokumto table

mokumto table


It's a small space in Hapjeong-dong where you can cook together and share food together, called 'Mok Geumto Dinner'.

I'm a late cook who started cooking late while working in a New York financial district. The reason I left finance where I worked for over a decade and fell into the world of cooking and wine was because of the excitement of combining delicious food and wine. I also opened the Mokgeumto Dining Table because I wanted to share that kind of experience.

I want to share with more people my thoughts and know-how about cooking and wine, which I have organized while working as a chef and sommelier at a two-star Michelin restaurant in New York/Washington, D.C., and preparing food for me and my family at home.

You can simply cook delicious seasonal ingredients that are readily available, and fill your table nicely. Discover the joy of cooking through this class.





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