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Galaxy Tab S7 | Class for the creative self with S7+

The most creative me,

“My daily life in my diary”

I'm on YouTube I'm Park So-mi, a creator who creates and records diaries, who works under the channel name 'Som Diary'.

What does a diary mean to you?

For me, I think a diary becomes a memory for me in the distant future, and also a foundation for me to look back and grow one step further. Also, if really small pictures and images are combined with text, the way of expression increases, so I can get rid of boredom, and I think I can only think about myself while decorating.

Drawing a heart

Galaxy Tab S7+ Life

In this class, first I'll show you how to keep recording in your own style using the delicate S Pen and note shelf that writes like my own. Also, if you use Auto Sketchbook to add your own drawings to your records, you'll be able to discover a new aspect of yourself that I never knew existed!

Furthermore, use the multitasking function of the Galaxy Tab to open Auto Sketchbook and Samsung Internet on the same screen You'll also learn how to search for the image you want to draw right away, and draw along with it, and how to quickly search for and import the photos you need while writing a diary on the notebook shelf.

Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ and

Drawing “Me Like Me” together

It's a daily routine that repeats itself, but what do you record?
Let's start with the little things first!

In the same situation these days, more and more people are spending more time at home, right? There are probably many people who think about writing a diary even though they are in the same situation every day. But if you think about it, we've been writing everything down in a diary since we were kids!

What did they eat, who they played with, and what was the weather like I'm just trying to write it down while thinking about the time when I wrote everything down, even if it's a trivial thing. After writing these down one by one, you'll naturally see the flow of your diary as your day is organized!

Accumulating memories by turning them on

A small record

It would be better if you don't just write, but also make and paste your own stickers, decorate them in a different way through the photos and images you've taken, and leave memories together.

If I get into the habit of constantly recording, I think one day I will grow one step further and become a different person. I hope my class will also be a valuable page in your records.

People who grow through small but precious records,
This is a cotton diary.





Galaxy Tab S7 | S7+

Work Hard, Play Playback

Another window showing you and my daily life

Work&Play introduces the Galaxy Tab S7, the strongest performance ever to support everything. Freely express your thoughts and inspirations with the amazingly new S Pen, Samsung Note, and various Creation apps, and get work done quickly and accurately in an optimal work environment such as a PC with Samsung DeX and keyboard book covers. With an upgraded 120 Hz screen and 4 AKG speakers, you can enjoy your own content in a realistic way. Meet your own daily life unfolding on a tablet screen now.

My daily life, my world

Large-screen display that shows the image as it is

Smoother and smoother screen movements

Thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen responds instantly to your fingertips as you move. Watch the fast-moving screen without interruption.

An S Pen that's more than a real pen

You can write and draw like a pen with vastly improved response speed, a soft nib that reflects your font, and a comfortable grip even when you hold it for a long time. It can be easily attached to the side and back of the tablet with strong magnetism, and even has an air gesture function, so it's more than just a real pen.

Galaxy Tab S7 | with S7+
Discover who you are!

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