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Why is that apartment expensive? Real estate experts' secret to 'real estate investment'!


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※ Reflects content related to redevelopment and reconstruction (as of 21.4.8)

Relating to real estate policies, content on redevelopment and reconstruction has been added to the class.

My sister next door, my coworkers, my cousins...

Let's not be envious anymore!

Doesn't everyone have this kind of experience?

  • I lived with a lot of savings because I had a higher salary, worked hard, and had no debts. An experience with nothing left
  • I don't have a real estate yet, or I chose the wrong one with a friend An experience where I was afraid that the asset gap would get bigger
  • I bought TV, broadcasting, and friends because they liked it An experience where I felt fearful that prices would drop
  • I don't know what matters or priorities, such as school districts, transportation, work, etc., and places that can be viewed by anyone are overpriced. An unapproachable and fully affirming experience
  • I need to buy real estate and I've taken classes, but I don't know what to start with I didn't know anything and it was a daunting experience

If any of these apply, so if your stomach hurts and your body hurts, We need a “real estate doctor” to solve this problem!

The first step in real estate!

The secret to real investment in an apartment

투미 부동산 컨설팅_김제경 소장 프로필

▶ ︎ Tumi Real Estate Consulting_Kim Je-kyung Director's Profile

Hallo I'm Kim Je-kyung, your 'real estate doctor. '

[Main history]

  • Urban repair business experts
  • Real Estate Advisory Committee, KB Financial Holding Management Institute
  • Tumi Real Estate Consulting operates 4 branches in Seoul and its own YouTube channel Tumi TV
  • Appeared on real estate YouTube and broadcasts such as Zibang and Zipkonomy
  • Expert panel for construction companies such as GS, Samsung, and Hyundai

Real estate, among others tenementIt is more than just one of the investment products. It is an essential part of life as one of the food, clothing, and clothing. And just having a good apartment increases the quality of life.

Stability, convenience, and economic value as a living space must have Comprehensive gift setIt's.

Also, in Korea, it accounts for an absolutely high percentage of individual asset composition.

Right here How to find and buy an apartmentI'll let you know about

It's my first home in my life...

Is there a way to find an apartment that will increase in price?

It's there!

You'll get the answers in this class. Like many existing courses, you won't end up studying the theory of real estate.

We will actually analyze the real estate location and tell you the direction of real estate investment according to the purpose, and tell you “how to choose the right apartment for each of you.”

Selling an apartment is no big deal!

It's as careful as shopping for clothing, home appliances, and cars!

When we buy a gift for a friend or something for ourselves, we think about a lot of things, such as price, function, design, etc., and compare and buy.

However, in the case of an apartment, even though it costs hundreds of millions or billions of won, they don't seem to worry hundreds or thousands of times more.

아파트 매매/전세 가격 동향 그래프

▶ ︎ Graph of trend in apartment sales/charter prices

Is that because an apartment feels a lot different from the usual shopping? Or is it because something is difficult and we just give up studying and just buy?

아파트 시세/현황

▶ ︎ Apartment price/status

If you take a quick look at apartment sales, there is a shopping mall with lots of apartments, price comparisons, and some checks.

Don't think it's too difficult!

The apartment is fine, isn't it?! and we'll help you get to it easily.

how to buy and sell an apartment,

It's so easy to let you know!

Broadcast screen">

▶ ︎ TV Chosun < Investment Uijeongseok> Broadcast screen

Here's what you'll learn with me in class 101:

4 core taxes (Acquisition tax/property tax•Income tax•Transfer tax)

Real estate concept summary (Growth rate• Profitability • Real Residence • Purposefulness)

Location analysis secrets (Rating• Accessibility, proximity to work, etc.)

The secret to choosing a complex (Advanced paper• Reconstruction•Remodeling•School Districts, etc.)

redevelopmentA taste of reconstruction and tips for multi-family residents

Other real estate and practical tips

✔ ︎ Lecture content preview

  • Real estate market and taxes

종합 부동산세

▶ ︎ Comprehensive real estate tax

장기보유 특별공제 ▶ ︎ Special Long Term Retention Deduction

  • Location analysis through data

2021~2023년 지역별 아파트 입주 물량

▶ ︎ Number of apartment tenants by region from 2021 to 2023

서울시 아파트 노후도 비율

▶ ︎ The rate of aging of apartments in Seoul

The materials mentioned above will be updated with the latest information as of the time the course was produced

If you follow the above curriculum for buying and selling an apartment, buying and selling an apartment will no longer be difficult. The field of real estate will be added to the category of everyday shopping.

Also, if you learn the entire process of buying and selling an apartment and proceed directly with the sale, profitable real estate and redevelopment that you hear a lot from people around you•Reconstruction, light•It can be seen that public auctions are just a concept derived from the basics and expanded upon.

Without saying long, with this class,

“Clear the apartment”!

Anyone can say that a particular apartment is good. By the way, why is that apartment so good? Is this the right place for my assets? Does it fall under my right to live? If you don't look closely at things like that, it could be a failed real estate investment.

Among the many real estate properties in the country,
A lecture on how to find an apartment that is perfect for your financial situation!

I'm not going to catch fish, I'll teach you how to catch fish. You can find and invest in highly competitive apartments not only in Seoul but also in the province.

Take your real estate skills to the next level with Class 101!

We will pave the way for you to arrange your own home with confidence.



Tumi Mr.Kim

Tumi Mr.Kim

Hallo I am 'Kim Je-kyung' of Tumi Real Estate Consulting.

As your real estate doctor, we do our best to help you successfully invest in real estate.

[Main history]

  • Urban repair business experts
  • Real Estate Advisory Committee, KB Financial Holding Management Institute
  • Tumi Real Estate Consulting operates 4 branches in Seoul and its own YouTube channel Tumi TV
  • Real estate YouTube and broadcast appearances such as Zibang, Groundhouse, and Home Economy
  • Expert panel appearances from construction companies such as GS, Samsung, Daelim, Hyundai, and POSCO

In this class, we will be presenting a lecture on the first step in real estate, arranging a home through the actual sale of an apartment. Thank you for your interest. Thank you



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