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Skills You’ll Learn

Major and basic principles of accounting

First, we'll learn the most essential principles that underlie accounting.

Financial accounting for disclosure

Find out what it takes to read published financial statements.

Accounting for cost and management purposes

Using accounting information can also be useful for internal management purposes.

Tax Accounting and Comprehensive Income Tax Basics

Did you know that accounting is also used to calculate corporate taxes and income taxes?

“What should I learn? Of course, you have to learn accounting first.”

“You must understand accounting and know how to read the nuances of accounting”

World-class investor Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) said to investors.

Along with saying that if you don't know how to read and interpret accounting, that is, financial statements, you shouldn't choose the stocks you want to invest in yourself.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of “accounting” countless times.

What the hell is accounting, so I'm trying to make my mouth dry and emphasize the importance of accounting?

Accounting is the language of business.

Not knowing accounting is like closing your eyes and wandering in search of a destination.

This is because accounting is the universal language used in the business world.

So what's the problem if you don't understand the language of accounting?

“Will I be able to survive in the future if I just work hard at work?”
Kim OO (37 years old, employee)

“I wouldn't have invested in such a company even if I thought I could only look at financial statements...”
Park OO (42 years old, stock investor)

“First of all, I thought it would be anything if I just started a business,
From financing to tax reporting to cost management... It's so hard.”
Kim OO (33 years old, startup CEO)

“If you want to get a job, everyone has to do the economic department, so...
I tried to read the Keizai Shimbun, but I couldn't understand it...”
Choi OO (25 years old, Joon-sang)

If you don't know accounting like this, you'll miss important corporate information, and you'll also miss out on opportunities.

And there are people who are in a similar situation to all of you right now.

These are the employees of Park Hoe Company!

I would like to introduce the Bakhoe Company family!

These are members of Park Hoe Company who will be taking classes with you! Please greet them with a round of applause! 👏👏👏

박회컴퍼니의 식구들_ 차장 박침

▶ ︎ Family members of Park Hoe Company_ Deputy General Manager Park Chim

The era of eating and living with only major knowledge is over.

Accounting is a shortcut to becoming a T-shaped talent recognized by the company!

“If you want to survive in this tough world, you have to keep learning.”

Contrary to what it might seem, Deputy General Manager Park Chim is always keen on self-development.

I think it will be difficult to be recognized in the future if I only do my job well, so I want to create competitiveness through accounting.

Recognized by everyone, starting with accounting 'T-shaped Talent'I will be reborn as!

박회컴퍼니의 식구들_ 부장 박개미

▶ ︎ Family members of Park Hoe Company_ General Manager Park Gae Mi

If you don't know, you'll be ruined.

Those who want to survive in the wild stock market, learn accounting!

“If it explodes once, you'll beat the company that day!”

Manager Park Gae Mi dreams of financial freedom with stocks.

I started investing in stocks at random to escape my paycheck, but all I got back was a blue light full of screens.

Now that I've learned accounting, I also read financial statements Proper value investmentI'm going to challenge!

박회컴퍼니의 식구들_ 인턴 박민지

▶ ︎ Family members of Park Hoe Company_ Park Min-ji, an intern

Understanding the company is basic, so accounting is essential.

Accounting is the easiest way to make yourself shine!

“If you want to get a job in the liberal arts department, you need to have a double major...”

Minji, the youngest intern, opened an economic newspaper for the first time in her life to get a job.

For her who doesn't know accounting, the terms and concepts she sees for the first time are strange.

Right now, I can't properly understand the financial statements of the company I'm applying for.

eventually The flow of the worldIf you want to read, you must learn accounting!

박회컴퍼니의 식구들_ 카페사장 박겁휘

▶ ︎ Family members of Park Hoe Company_ Park Geun-hui, CEO of the cafe

The world of entrepreneurship where everything you touch leads to accounting.

All sought-after bosses do 'accounting'!

“Is that why you want to do business without knowing accounting?!”

President Park Geun-hui entered the world of entrepreneurship with big dreams.

Although it was the beginning, the reality is grim for a novice boss.

Since I'm worried about eating and living day by day, I need to fill out various tax returns and books.

A situation where proper analysis is necessary for the future.

Through accounting Strategies for survivalI will arrange it!

Accounting is not difficult and boring.

Basic accounting is easier, more fun, and faster than anyone else

In this way, I met the members of Park Hoe Company who will study with you in the future. How's it going?

Are you happy to have colleagues who can join you in a strange way of accounting? I'm really glad 😉

However, there may still be people who feel that it is far away, and I would like to share with those people what a famous accounting expert once said.

After all, people only need to “read” the world through accounting.
Because accountants like me take care of the writing?

That's right. Things we can and need right away, in other words “How to read accounting”I'm going to learn.

There's no end to trying to know everything, but if you read it, it's better than you think.

There's no reason to hesitate any more, right?

We invite you to the world of accounting, the fastest way to take you to a new world!

It's easier, more fun, and faster than any other course!

(But who is that famous accounting expert? Actually, it's me, haha.)



Accountant Dongik

Accountant Dongik

Hello, Hoerin, everyone!

I'm Accountant Park Dong-Ik, who will guide you to the world of accounting.

My first experience with accounting was in my first semester after entering college, when I was just twenty years old when I didn't know anything.

I still have vivid memories of why I was so unfamiliar with accounting for the first time, and even struggling to follow lessons in English.

Maybe now you all feel the same way as me when I was twenty years old, right?

It wasn't until I had a better understanding of accounting after a lot of trouble that I came across the phrase “accounting is the language of business.”

Accounting has become a very useful and powerful tool for me because I treat accounting in the same language as Korean rather than a “complex discipline dealing with numbers.”

Many people around me have stepped into accounting through me.

My brother who works in a public company, a junior who majored in aviation, and even my girlfriend who works in marketing.

Now, beyond my surroundings, I would like to share this good accounting with more people.

It focuses on content that is really easy and can be used right away.

The accountant is a very charming guy.

There are many places to use, and many places to look for.

From reading economic newspapers and DART disclosure materials from major companies to actual business use, accounting will take you to a new world.

How about it. Ready to join us?

※ Career matters

(Former) CEO of a social venture startup

(Former) Ilshin Accounting Corporation Business Expense Settlement Team

(Current) Worked in the Audit Division of BIG4 Accounting Firm, Certified Public Accountant in Korea

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