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Basic macrame knot method
11 Class Projects

It takes about 1-6 hours to complete one class project.

  • Hanging Planter

  • Lace Drawstring Bag

  • Oval Bag

  • Faux Leather Line Bag

  • Magazine Rack 1

  • Magazine Rack 2 (Included if you purchase a deluxe kit)

  • Lampshade (Included if you purchase a deluxe kit)

  • Big Bag (Included if you purchase a deluxe kit)

  • Classic Peanut Bag (If you purchase an additional renaissance yarn)

  • Round Handle Bag (If you purchase an additional colorstring thread)

  • Bag Accessories (Flower decoration, strap key ring)

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the Basics of Knotting

You'll learn everything from basic macrame knotting techniques to braiding and folding knots.

Learn How to Adjust the Tension While Cutting the Rope

Each rope has a different elasticity. Thus it's important to cut it with the right tension.

Learn How to Shape Variety Types of Bag

The shape of the bag changes depending on your finishing method which is quite exciting to see the difference

Learn How to Increase the Bag Size

You'll learn my top secret tips on how to increase the size of a bag.

Learn How to Make the Right Bag Strap

You'll learn how to use different techniques to make a suitable strap for each bag.

Pro Tips on Making Lampshades

You'll learn my tips for making lampshades using the same pattern we learned during the class.

Do what you love

Gain new skills within an hour

Hi! I am a creator Ium weaving various props with macrame. I make various macrame accessories for everyday use with a variety of materials and knotting methods. For those who were having the will to make macrame accessories and bags by looking at those on social media, I would like to recommend you all your classmates to take my class. I made this class with all of my know-how and my heart, so if you'd like to focus on macrame for just an hour per day, that's enough! By following my class, you will be able to forget all your worries and stresses, and also get a gorgeous bag! :)

How is it different from your first class?

Different from the first class, I'm also going to make faux leather line bags and lace drawstring bags with a new starting method and finishing method. In addition, for a perfect output, I've prepared thoroughly to make the inside part of the bag to be neat too.

For making oval-shaped bags, tons of my tips are included on how to add lines and new techniques.

I'll also be making macrame interior accessories, such as magazine racks and hanging planters which will add a lovely touch to your living space. The most important thing about knots is to hold the center line and adjust the strength, and learning these will gradually develop your knotting skills. It is the best class to not only learn the basics of knots but also get complete, lovely work.

You can even apply more advanced techniques you've learned!

Using the finalizing skill to make oval bags, I'll also show you how to make a top part for the classic peanut bag. Your skills will grow dramatically while working on various types of bags.

Apply the starting method of a faux leather line bag for a good grip round handle, I'll teach you additional skills every time we make a different type of bag!

You can try making a lace drawstring bag by adjusting the size or adding the number of rows. If you purchase the deluxe kit, you can start making it right away without having to buy additional materials.

I'll also try to make a bag strap accessory that fits each bag. I'm also going to make a strap key ring using a string or a leather strap.

Step by step at your own pace!

I am going to explain all about macrame step by step from the basics with all the know-hows I've gained through numerous offline and online classes. Learn anywhere, anytime you want with me and it will never be hard to learn all procedures. Try making your handmade bag that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world!

Macrame props,

Why are my knots not pretty as others?

It's too hard to follow along since I cannot see all the details in the class video.
I still have three more steps but the string is not long enough :(

I've got a lot of questions like the ones above during the first class. A very small difference changes the degree of perfection of the work. I'll show you how you can hold the strings while making the basic knot. The more elastic the thread, the more the length of the string varies. In this class, I'll give you detailed tips and know-how that are hard to learn anywhere else. Even if you change the knotting habit, I'm sure that you can create better work!

I have no idea how to adjust my strength

whenever cutting the strings

While working on macrame, it feels like half of the steps are finished if we ever cut the strings properly. Sometimes you might have cut the strings too short or too long. If you ever had an experience struggling with the string lengths length, not anymore! In this class, we will try to cut the various types of threads. We will be dealing with those problems together, and we will carefully learn how much tension you should wind with the thread.

If you purchase a deluxe kit

You can create 3 more works!

We have prepared a deluxe kit so that you can buy additional threads and accessories at once. Use the techniques you've learned in class to create more works!

[Bonus 1]

Big lace bag

Peanut bag

Round handle bag

If you increase the length and number of lines in a double bag and use a different finishing method, you will be able to get a big-size lace bag. The oval bag is a peanut bag, and the faux leather line bag is a round handle bag, and you can try making it using the techniques we've learned.

Use the techniques you've learned to create a different kind of bag of your own. I've detailed the process and tips for making each bag.

[Bonus 2]

You'll be able to learn how to make a bonus magazine rack with a pattern with oblique stitching. I'll tell you in detail how to apply the skill and where you should pay attention when working on the pattern.

[Bonus 3]

You'll be able to learn how to make a lampshade that is perfect for decorating a living room sofa or dining table using the wooden pattern used in the magazine rack. I'll explain how to make it every step of the way and tell you what to keep in mind while making it.

With ium macrame,
Let's add a little happiness to our daily lifes!



Start Weaving Your Journey With Ium Macrame


Rope Types and Cutting Methods According to Its Elasticity


Make Hanging Planter Using Basic Macrame Knotting Skills


Make a Lace Double Bag


Make an Oval Bag


Make a Faux Line Bag


Make a Magazine Rack


Make Accessories Using Leftover Threads


Make Various Types of Bags and Accessories Using Techniques You’ve Learned


Congratulations on Completing the Course!


ium macrame

ium macrame

Hello, I'm Jeongsook Park, currently running my own ium macrame workshop. I have an ambient willingness to design all the accessories and bags with macrame for daily use. In this class, we'll make bags and accessories using only a few basic knotting methods that are not difficult at all. I have prepared this class, especially for those who are new to macrame to slowly follow along. Macrame is a charming craft that you can't find a way out of if you get interested in it. People who are new to macrame often say, “It's been a long time since I can focus on crafting without thinking about any stresses.” Make an hour a day, a precious time to focus on yourself.




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