10 chapters · 23 hours 57 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Fundamentals of Art

Learn fundamentals of art from anatomy, color, to light & shadow.

Experimental Drawing

Learn how to experiment your drawing and play with it.

Designing Unique Characters

Learn how to design your own unique characters.

Creating Dynamic Illustrations

Learn how to create dynamic illustrations from start to finish.

Reveal All How to Create Creative Character!

Fool around and find out! This course will teach you how to loosen up your approach to art and develop your own unique process. From silhouette and composition, to colors and dynamic poses, I’ll break down how I tackle character design and illustration in detail, step by step.

You’ll learn in depth how to gather references, build a visual library, utilize color theory, and analyze your shortcomings to better realize your creative vision. It’s going to get a little messy, but hey! Art wouldn’t be art without a little chaos.

If you want to learn a new skill, this course is for you!

This class is for anyone who wants to strengthen their fundamentals, widen their technical skillset, and step out of their comfort zone. If you’re looking to shake up your approach to art and learn new skills in the process, this is the course for you!

Now create your own characters and illustrations!

When you’ve completed the course, you will have better understanding of color theory, anatomy, and composition. You’ll be able to analyze art with a critical eye and study in a more efficient manner, which will greatly enhance your understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. You will also gain the ability to think laterally and loosen up the way you approach drawing to create characters and illustrations unique to you!





Nice to meet you!

My name is Yuyi, but you may also know me as HEARTMUSH. I’m a freelance illustrator who has been drawing for almost a decade. My focus in art is to create eye-catching characters and energetic illustrations that speak to the heart. I also really, really like drawing street fashion and sneakers.

I am initially self taught, and puzzled out ways to improve my art on my own, which led to a lot of trial, errors, more errors, but eventually— success! I’d be ecstatic if you’d let me share what I’ve learned about creating art with you!

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