11 chapters · 7 hours 32 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Designing Engaging Characters

Learn how to draw your own unique and engaging characters.

Harmonious Color Palettes

Learn how to use colors appropriately with your color palettes.

Applying Lighting and Shading

Learn how to apply light and shadow to give definition to your drawing.

Transforming Ideas Into Artworks

Learn how to transform your ideas into complete artworks.

Class Summary

Have you ever had an idea for an illustration or character stuck in your head that you just could NOT figure out how to translate onto the canvas? Not know where to start or how to navigate the drawing process?

If so, this class can help guide you through each and every key step! From planning to sketching, all the way to the last finishing touches, I'll teach you all my personal tips and techniques for creating whimsical and engaging artworks that you can be proud of!

Class Takeaways

With the knowledge learned from this course, you'll be able to

  • Transform your initial daydreams and rough ideas into your very own unique character design
  • Create a full-blown anime-inspired illustration that you can get lost in
  • You will become familiar with the fundamentals of composition, anatomy, color theory, character design, and more.
  • Discover the ins and outs of bringing to life your own masterpieces that can be used for personal fulfillment, hobbies, commissions, or even a career!

This Class Is For

  • Anyone from beginners to intermediate who's eager to delve into creating anime-inspired artwork
  • Anyone who simply needs a helping hand along the way
  • Who can embrace digital art as a creative outlet to express your own unique creativity and passions

Class Requirements

  • You need to have your own 'Clip Studio' to take the class. For more information, please visit here.
  • Please Note: Students will have to purchase 'Clip Studio' application. It is not included in the course package.





Heya friends! :)

Kamochiruu here, but you can call me Kamo or Cami, whatever works best! I am a self-taught illustrator and university student.

For as long as I can remember, I've been captivated by creating art; it has served as a creative outlet that allows me to convey thoughts and concepts that words just aren't able to capture.

I've since delved into character creation and illustrating pieces that give a peek into their universe, emotions, and story.

I wasn't able to become truly satisfied with my works until years upon years of practice, experimentation, and milk-tea-fueled all-nighters that allowed me to build up my techniques and style.

Because of this, I totally understand how frustrating the art process can be! I hope to use this opportunity to help other's art journeys go along a bit smoother through guidance and advice.

So relax, grab your stylus, and come draw with me!



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