9 chapters · 16 hours 51 minutes
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3 Class Projects

It takes about 1-2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • The girl and the flowers

  • The kitchen and the girl

  • Girls' sleepover

Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of watercolor

You will practice watercolor techniques and painting techniques while making color swatches. You'll also learn how to insert a pen.

Illustrations of people and tips for making them look gorgeous

You will learn how to draw cute girls and flowers that make your illustrations look gorgeous.

Practice perspective and draw a background

Practice taking perspectives while drawing backgrounds for kitchens, rooms, etc.

Online course for drawing online illustrations with watercolors

Hello, I'm Kitaru Hanasaki. I am mainlyI paint with transparent watercolors and digitally.

I especially love drawing antique furniture, country rooms, and cute girls.

In this class, I will teach you how to use watercolors and incorporate your “likes” into your work.

What I want students to feel throughout the lesson isThe beauty of watercolorsandThe fun of packing one's favorite worldview into a picture.

It is precisely because I myself have been worried a lot until now,”Have fun drawingI feel just how important” is. In this class, we are proceeding with the lessons while valuing not only technical techniques, but also the “feeling of excitement,” so I hope everyone will take the course with a cheerful and enjoyable feeling.

Even beginners are OK! You can learn thoroughly from the basics such as how to use tools and how to melt paint

“I want to start watercolor painting, but I don't know where to start”

“I used paint for the first time in elementary school”

We will give lessons starting from the basics of the basics, such as how to use tools and how to paint, so that even those who say that can take the course with peace of mind.

For those who are new to illustration, it is easy to understand points that are easy to stumble upon, and for intermediate users, I will teach you not only basic knowledge of perspective, but also ways of thinking and making compositions to make illustrations more attractive.

Even if you say “paint colors” in one word, there are many ways to apply transparent watercolors.

Use a wet state and apply paint to itwet in wet, expresses shades of colorgradationsDare to wipe off the painted colorliftingetc. Also, if you adjust the amount of water, the intensity of the color and the degree of blurring1 colorThe characteristic of watercolors is that they can be expressed with just one thing.

For example, in this picture, the hair is gradated from blue to pink, and plants are mixed by hanging another color on top of the color that has been applied once. Light is expressed by creating areas on the skin and hair that are not dared to be painted.

Also, you will learn how to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for drafts, think about compositions and color schemes while looking at materials, and how to make a clean watercolor copy based on that.

As you can see, there are many techniques packed into one piece of work. As the number of techniques that can be used increases, the range of expressions that can be expressed also expands,”I'm able to draw the picture I want” The fun part of watercolor painting is that you can enjoy your senses.

I want everyone to experience that feeling, so I packed this class with lots of techniques and tricks that I use myself, and points I want to be aware of.

First, you will get a sense of color in chapter 1, and from chapter 2, you will draw actually attractive girls, flowers, etc. I use watercolor techniques in combination to create my work, but don't worry, it's a step by step process!

I want to get into the picture! “Space with a view of the world” expressed using perspective

A charming girl in a room surrounded by cute interiors.

Wouldn't it be great if you could draw the illustrations you imagine in your head?

I am”I want to get into the picture!I like illustrations that have a worldview that makes me think,” so I often draw pictures of rooms tightly packed with flowers, accessories, and frills.

What I use there is using Perth. If you know the basics of Perth and the way of thinking about getting along well with Perth, you will be able to draw the world you have imagined from various perspectives.

From chapter 3, you will learn basic knowledge of Perth and draw a picture of a room packed with your favorite worldview.

It may seem difficult just to hear “perspective,” but I will also teach you tips for drawing space and habits that increase the number of compositional drawers, so after taking the course, you will be able to improve your skills more and more with your own power.

Above all else, what I want you to value the most when drawing a picture”Taking care of what you like”. I've been fond of drawing since I was young, but there was an experience where I stopped drawing once because I was depressed by my lack of talent.

After that, I came across transparent watercolors, and I remembered the fun of drawing pictures again, so I studied on my own and became an illustrator.

There are things I can tell you only because I've taken a lot of detoursI thought so, so I decided to start a course.

If there are people who are struggling like me in the past, I would be happy if they could learn about new discoveries and the fun of drawing through this class.

It's not the end of taking the course once, and I'm teaching you knowledge, techniques, and ways to overcome stumbling blocks so that you can express your “likes” on your own even after attending the course.

Let's have fun drawing illustrations that we “like” together!

“Draw with watercolors! From “Cute Girls and Illustrations with a View of the World”Those who are recommended to take the course

■Those who are interested in drawing pictures

■Those who want to learn watercolor from the basics

■Those who want to learn how to draw attractive girls and how to think about composition

■Those who want to learn perspective when drawing rooms

■Those who want to draw illustrations with a worldview

■The one who draws an illustration but hits a wall

If you fit any of the above, then this class is for you! It's okay if you find drawing or coloring difficult, or if there are things you can't do well.

Let's have fun drawing illustrations filled with your own “likes” freely together!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all online.



Hanasaki Taru

Hanasaki Taru

Illustrator/ Artist

I draw illustrations with transparent watercolors and digital views of the world.

● What I'm good at

Accessories, rooms, plants, children, women, ruffled and lace clothes, illustrations with a world view like a story

●Main activity history/work history

Backpack brand GASTONLUGA collaboration illustration

Kusamura BOOKS Moriyama store 4th anniversary illustration

Guest artist & DM visual staff for Galleria and Open Call Exhibition “Sound the Knock”

Ikokochi won the Best Popularity Award for “Postcard Exhibition Vol.19”

Received the AnShe Shopper Illustration Contest Excellence Award

Crepe shop “chick crepe & galette” shutter art draft/flyer illustration

Don't you think drawing requires a special sense or talent?

I used to think so too. There was also a time when I stopped drawing because I was depressed by my lack of talent.

However, after I came across transparent watercolor, I was able to remember the fun of drawing pictures and the joy of expressing my favorite world. Then, “Let's try again!” I started studying painting by myself and became an illustrator.

I know the pain of being worried and depressed only because I took a lot of detours. What you need to draw a picture is a little knowledge and experience, and above all, a “feeling of enjoying what you love to the fullest”!

In this class, I want everyone to have fun and feel a “favorite feeling.”

[Creator Interview]

Q. What kind of activities does the teacher do? Please tell us a little bit about your teacher!

 I draw illustrations with a worldview by combining transparent watercolor and digital.

Q. How did your teacher get into watercolor?

 It started when I drew a children's picture diary with watercolor pencils that happened to be at my parents' house, and from there I became interested in transparent watercolors and began drawing creative illustrations.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

 I've been fond of drawing since I was young, but there was an experience where I stopped drawing once because I was depressed by my lack of talent. When I came across transparent watercolor, I remembered the fun of drawing pictures again, so I studied on my own and became an illustrator. In the process, I learned that the most important thing in drawing pictures is not sense or talent, but rather taking care of one's “likes.” I thought that there are things I can convey only because I have taken a lot of detours, so I decided to start a course.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

 We aimed for a curriculum that is easy for beginners to understand and for intermediate students to discover new things. Also, it's not the end of taking the course, and I also introduce my usual practice methods and habits that I value so that I can improve my skills on my own even after taking the course.

It is recommended not only for those who are drawing watercolor illustrations for the first time, but also for those who want to further improve their illustration skills.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

 First and foremost, I want people to feel the beauty of watercolors. Also, I want them to feel the fun of packing their favorite worldview into a picture.





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